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West Point Patton Analysis

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The Making Of A West Pointer - The Big Picture

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Namespaces Article Talk. It is worth mentioning here, that this phase demands a detailed analysis for each individual theme from entire data set. This is to ensure that the themes are in accord with the overall concept of the data, and more importantly, they are in relation to the research questions. Thus, the analyst need to conduct detailed analysis of individual themes, and consider each theme in relation to the other.

The analyst, as part of the refining process, also required to search for and identify the sub-themes, if any present, within the finalised central themes. Sub-themes are nothing but other essential themes present within a central theme, they help breaking down a large complex central theme into much simpler concept. The theme names should be short, simple and identifiable such that they are able to give a clear understanding of what the theme is all about. Phase 6 Producing Final Report : Stage 6 begins when the research analyst have satisfactorily worked-out data themes in hand, and then the analyst is all ready to write down the final report. Producing a good thematic report requires expertise as the report, be it written to get published in the journal or made for a course in research assignment, should essentially be able to talk about the complicated research data in most simplified way and also it should give the reader a satisfactory idea about the reliability and validity of the analysis.

The purpose of writing report in a comprehensive and simplified technique is to help any reader to understand this substantially time consuming and complex process of qualitative thematic analysis in most valid, interesting, coherent, scientific and non-repetitive concise way. The report, thus, produced should contain sufficient evidence of themes in form of demonstrated data extracts as vivid examples of thematic analytical validity. The extracts chosen as examples should be indefinable as an example of the data theme to do full justice with the research question. However, the report writing needs to be evaluative in nature, rather than just being descriptive.

The analyst while producing the final report should keep this in mind that only narrating the data extracts to suit the themes, thus analysed, is not sufficient. The report writing should and must include evaluation in every step to justify the selected themes and how these themes are evident in relation to the research topic and question. This study, though conducted with less number of participants, have particularly focused on the experience of professional and personal life balance of the business travellers, under unscheduled conditions, for organisational and economic growth.

Nicholas and McDowall in their study recruited eleven 11 participants with spouses and children 8 males and 3 females , through non-probability technique snowball and word-to-mouth , engaged in business travel as part of their work life for an average of twenty 20 years, and staying away from family for at least five days in a month. The interview questions, as reported by Nicholas and McDowall in their study, included specific prompts to facilitate further elaborative discussion on the topic in order to encourage participants bring about a direct and collaborative engagement during collection of data. Further, the interview also focused on encouraging the participants to share and describe experiences regarding striking balance between work and family when they were returning from business pursuits, or while they were working from home or hometown.

Finally, the participants were inquired regarding their ability to cope with work demand and stress, and the family commitments; along with giving some effective suggestions for others to deal with, in this instance, when facing similar situation. However, the final questions as reported by the researcher in their published work of the study tried to explore on participants specific experiences of travelling and the instances of the time away from home.

Nicholas and McDowall in their study have chosen thematic method for analysing the collected data, for its flexible nature King, and the critical framework pattern Willig, However, while discussing the study implications the research investigators have claimed that this study through its thematic analytic approach not only have explained the major themes, thus, emerged. Nevertheless, this exemplified study also have facilitated points to further demarcate the types of travelling job natures, viz. Thus, this study by Nicholas and McDowall on balancing work and family life, undoubtedly, had put forward the effective utilisation of the thematic method in understanding the job demands and life experiences of a particular kind of profession and professional experts.

However, sometimes getting proper and good reference work becomes difficult for the researcher as thematic analysis, though popularly practiced, but is not an often- named analytical technique. The mentioned studies are good examples to learn from and all of them are majorly conducted in social context. While applying thematic analysis, it is important to mark that the analytical implications need to be grounded in, and at the same time need to go beyond the data surface.

This understanding should be applied even in case of a sematic level analysis. However, this method is most appropriate even when the researchers are interested deriving themes and, evaluate deeper level thoughts and meaning from data set that has been collected from more than one participant. Thematic analysis, henceforth, provides the research analysts with the opportunity to go beyond the words that has been stated by the participants during data collection, and search for the more deep and unambiguous meaning in terms of themes. The themes, thus, developed act as the clue to further connect with the original data and help form the basis for final interpretation.

Regarding this nature of thematic analysis, Namey et al. This is important because though a single statement is enormously significant in thematic process, but only a few statement cannot depict or narrate the diverse relationship of data concern in terms of meaningful cause and effect phenomena. Further, the data need to be large in amount for analysis to do full justice with the research topic, especially when more participants are involved in the data collection process. To be more specific, this unbiased attitude towards the analytic process helps formulating themes, which essentially contribute towards understanding and better evaluation of ideas, and issues that serve as the major research concern. These concepts are, thus, important to understand the views and underlying meanings as conveyed by the participants in a hypothetical way until they are confirmed through final analytical process of evaluation and interpretation.

Thematic analysis, as pointed out several times in this chapter discussion, is one of the most flexible and widely used method in research for qualitative data analysis. It is one of the most effective and appropriate method to implement when the study samples are pre-determined and pre-defined in research. Thematic analysis is equipped with the flexibility to start data analysis from the very beginning of the study, even during the time of data collection. Further, this method provides flexibility to approach research analysis in both the ways, viz. Therefore, thematic analysis is a comprehensive tool for the researchers to analyse data set in terms of identifying the evolving themes from the content provided by the participants or gathered through other sources like news articles, speech delivered, etc.

As the application of thematic analysis has wide scope, its interpretive potential becomes infinite with availability of rich data content. Thus, thematic method provides an elaborated and diverse range of interpretation during in-depth analysis process. What is the difference between code and theme? Which particular type is more applicable, latent theme or semantic theme? Is there any pre-requisite for data exists to be applicable for thematic analysis?

What type of research questions are suitable for thematic analysis? How to understand that the thematic analysis done is a good one? Whereas, code is more specific than theme. Answer 2: Thematic analysis offers diversified evaluation and is extremely flexible in approach. On the contrary, if the researcher is prone towards a constructionist type of understanding regarding any social phenomena then latent type of analysis would be more appropriate. Answer 3: There exists no pre-requisite for data to be applicable for thematic analysis. Thematic analysis, because of its flexible nature, can be used for analysing most types of qualitative research data collected by various means like interview, focused group discussion, qualitative surveys, stories, diaries and news articles, so on and so forth.

Answer 4: Thematic analysis is applicable for addressing most types of qualitative research questions that includes personal experiences, individual opinions, social and community based practices and belief system, individual thought process and decision-making, etc. Answer 5: The guided step-by-step process given by Braun and Clarke to follow while conducting thematic analysis is the most effective way to ensure that one has practiced a good thematic analysis.

Along with that the basic cautions given for thematic process to be kept in mind during analysis time further ensures that no error has been committed. However, in case of young researchers, it is advisable to read the literatures available before initiating the analysis process, and if possible take help from an expert supervisor from this field whenever required to minimise room for doubts regarding any phase during analysis. Thematic analysis: A critical review of its process and evaluation. West East Journal of Social Sciences, 1 1 , 39— Attride-Stirling, J. Thematic networks: An analytic tool for qualitative research. Qualitative Research, 1 3 , — How I stopped dreading and learned to love transcription.

Qualitative Inquiry, 11 2 , — A thematic analysis of psychodynamically-oriented supervision of observations in an acute impatient ward Thesis. University of Leicester. Boyatzis, R. Transforming qualitative information: Thematic analysis and code development. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Braun, V. Using thematic analysis in psychology. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 3 2 , 77— Liberty or asset? Women talk about the vagina. Psychology of Women Section Review, 5 2 , Bryman, A. Social research method. Burr, V. An introduction to social constructionism. London: Routledge. Education as an exit strategy for community mental health nurses: A thematic analysis of narratives.

Mental Health Review Brighton , 13 3 , 8— Principles and contrasting systems of discourse transcription. Edwards and M. Lampert Eds. Ellis, S. Denying equality: An analysis of arguments against lowering the age of consent for sex between men. On writing qualitative research: Living by words. Frith, H. Clothing and embodiment: Men managing body image and appearance. Commuter marriage. New York: The Guilford Press. Halldorson, J. University of Manitoba. Theory-led thematic analysis: Social identification in small companies.

Hayes Ed. Hove, UK: Psychology Press. Hayes, N. Doing psychological research: Gathering and analysisng data. Open University Press. Holley, D. Understanding business travel time and its place in the working day. The status of method: Flexibility, consistency and coherence. Qualitative Research, 3 3 , — Subjectivity and method in psychology: Gender, meaning and science. London: Sage. Content and thematic analysis. In Research methods for clinical and health psychology 1st ed. Kelle, U. Computer-assisted analysis of qualitative data.

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