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In the height of summer it can be blisteringly hot and wild camping can be a challenge without air conditioning. September and October offer warm sunshine, with the earth and sea still warm from the heat of August. Motorhoming in Spain in winter offers many benefits, but be prepared as you may need to use your heating and will find it cools down as soon as the sun-sets. Inland and in the Spanish mountains, nights can be chilly and in the north, you may well see snow.

The Spanish Costas can feel crowded with touring motorhomes over winter , as Northern Europeans seek a milder climate. For a more authentic Spain head to inland rural areas away from the Costas and enjoy everything the mountains and interior cities have to offer. You may want to consider a sat nav or satellite navigation app which can be configured to your motorhome size and weight. Always observe the speed limits when campervanning in Europe. There are speed cameras just as in the UK, and the Spanish and other EU authorities have been known to pursue Brits for non-payment of fines.

Check here for more information about equipment required when driving in Spain. Spanish toll roads are pay as you go and are very reasonably priced. You can pay with cash or credit card, or with an electronic tag system like Emovis , which also covers you in France and Portugal. Due to the huge swathes of nothingness in the interior, tolls are definitely worth taking if you are trekking from one side of Spain to the other in your motorhome. In January and September , many motorhome tolls were removed. The AP7 on the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol retains some charges, but they are minimal and are no longer decided by weight of your vehicle, making them even better value for motorhomes. Motorhome services are generally widely available, especially along the coast.

Some garages and supermarkets will have fresh water and a place for grey water. The types of built-in Flot Blu services like you find in France are few and far between. Use an app like Park4Night to locate motorhome and campervan services. LPG for refillable systems is available in many garages, use the myLPG app to search near where you are.

Gas bottles are also widely available, with butane generally being more popular because of the warmer climate butane is more suited to milder weather conditions but propane is better for cold weather as it burns at lower temperatures. For Spanish gas bottles you will need a different regulator, available from most DIY or camping shops. Gas in bottles and at the pump is much cheaper in Spain than in France or Portugal in fact, people often drive their motorhomes from Portugal to fill up! Most garages will require you to pay electronically for fuel at the pump, usually you can adjust the instructions to English. Pump colours are green for petrol and black for diesel. Gasoleo B or Gasoil B is the equivalent of red diesel for agricultural vehicles — do not put this is your motorhome!

Diesel in Spain is some of the cheapest in Europe, especially if you fill up at the supermarket, with Cepsa and Repsol garages being the most expensive. Motorhome aires in Spain are not as plentiful as in France but they are out there! As in France, sometimes there is a fee per night but often there is no charge and basic services are provided. Bear in mind that you are more likely to find Spanish camping aires inland than on the coast. You can read more about aires, how to find them and road trip planning here. You cannot book aires for camping in Spain, it is advisable in the holidays and in popular places to try and get there early in the morning or just after lunch-time. If you arrive at 6pm expecting a place, then you will probably be disappointed.

Always have a second choice in reserve, one of the best resources to use is All the Aires Spain and Portugal. Spanish campsites range from very basic camping spots in less tourist areas to full on touring stops where people pitch up for six months and want entertainment every night, direct access to a sandy beach, three different bars to choose from and a covered, heated pool. Book with Eurocampings for the best deals on over campsites in Spain. For more information about over-wintering, check out our post about whether you should take your motorhome to Spain for winter. In the south east of the country, water is in very short supply. Many sites will provide desalinated instead of potable water. In the short term, this is fine but you may want to clean out your fresh water tank with a high pressure hose once you have moved away from this part of Spain due to the sediment found in desalinated water.

They will probably be smaller than other pitches and perhaps not as favourably placed. If you want a different pitch, you will be charged a supplement which often wipes out the benefit of the ACSI card, so pick smaller sites for the best experience. Wild camping for motorhomes in Spain sometimes called free camping or wild parking is generally tolerated away from busy beaches town and city beaches, and outside of national parks.

Free motorhome parking in Spain is easy and safe as long as you follow a few basic guidelines. Make sure your wild camping spot is not on private property and that you have parked respectfully of residents and other wild campers nearby. Before parking up, do your usual checks and add an extra one — look for Pine Processionary Caterpillars in Spain , which make their nests in those lovely shady pine trees we all like to park under. These caterpillars can kill dogs and small children, and will most definitely spoil your motorhome trip if you bump into one!

Check out our post on wild camping for more rules and tips for camper vans and motorhomes in the UK and Europe, and for information on where to find the best camping locations and motorhome stopovers in Spain. Motorhome wild camping in Valencia is no longer permitted. The Valencia region passed a new law which came into effect on 8th May , which prohibits motorhomes from parking or camping, unless in designated areas. Update July — so far we are not seeing the new rules being followed or imposed along the Valencian coast. A similar scheme to France Passion, Espana Discovery provides motorhomers with stopovers at over off the beaten path farms, bodegas vineyards and producers.

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