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Prostitution Should Be Legalized

Most prostitutes can expect to Prostitution Should Be Legalized raped Prostitution Should Be Legalized william shakespeare poetry once a week. At point 7 above we mentioned that prostitution is rape. Inlawmakers Prostitution Should Be Legalized removed the section Prostitution Should Be Legalized defined prostitution as a crime, and it went Prostitution Should Be Legalized until As of both Crystal Prostitution Should Be Legalized were closed. In addition to municipal rules a national rule is introduced requiring sex companies to Prostitution Should Be Legalized a license, including prostitution companies Prostitution Should Be Legalized as Prostitution Should Be Legalized and escort agencies Prostitution Should Be Legalized, but also, for example, adult Prostitution Should Be Legalized theaters.

Should Prostitution Be Legal?

It is true that criminalizing the sale of sex effectively criminalizes women who have no other option to survive. Some countries get around this by criminalizing the customer instead of the prostitute. Many people, however, argue that this does not go far enough and that prostitution should be completely legal, a simple transaction of services for money. The trouble with this point of view is that while it sounds like a fantastic solution it does not work in reality.

It has been tried, by many countries in Europe but without success. Human traffickers still recruit and abuse underage children and vulnerable women to service the demands of the sex industry. Legalizing prostitution in Australia has not led to a better or safer working environment for women in the industry. Women and young girls are still vulnerable to exploitation and violence. The Netherlands , famously seen as a beacon of progressive legislation in the field of prostitution permitted voluntary prostitution, the idea being to free women from the tyranny of the seedy underworld of prostitution. Sadly the Dutch sex industry has, since legalization, been infiltrated by violent gangs.

The country is now a magnet for international trafficking and drugs gangs peddling in the worst of human misery. These experiences show that even when approached with the best of intentions the nature of prostitution is such that it can never be a fully legitimate business. The frightening statistics quoted in point 9 above show that rape is a constant fear for women working in the industry with huge numbers running the risk of being raped once a week. Even when the prostitute consents to the act involved it is really nothing more than paid rape as a result of economic coercion, particularly when the victims are themselves vulnerable such as children or trafficked women. The very act of prostitution turns a woman into an object to be used at the whim of and for the desire of her customer.

When women are objectified in such a manner it is only a short step to men deciding that it is legitimate to rape a prostitute if she will not do as he wants. The only ones who will not benefit are those same women who are abused , objectified and demeaned on a daily basis. To legalize prostitution is to normalize and legalize rape. They speak eloquently about the fact that no matter how society perceives it, it is not a victimless crime. When speaking about legalization they claim t least to a increase in exploitation and criminality. The effect of legalization has been to increase the black market and turn Amsterdam into a hub for human trafficking. Many people who work in the sex industry speak about the need to urn to drugs to dull the pain and trauma of the work they are engaged in.

Legalizing prostitution will not reduce the incidence of women turning to drugs and therefore remaining involved in the criminal world. Even in the US state of Nevada where brothels are legal and where women are supposed to be kept safe and protected from exploitation are the subject of a searing commentary by former prostitutes. Women working in the brothels are kept practically imprisoned, allowed to leave only when in the presence of their pimp. Many of the women are extremely vulnerable and enter the profession as a result of a history of abuse.

Once working as prostitutes they are even more vulnerable. The legalization of their work in Nevada only serves to leave the women open to abuse while providing legal protection to their abusers. Legalization does not make women any more comfortable with prostituting themselves nor does it do anything to remove the stigma that many experience following their work as a prostitute with reports from the Netherlands, Australia, Senegal and New Zealand showing that prostitutes continue to face harassment, abuse and are treated as social pariahs. As the previous points have established prostitution is a deeply unpleasant industry.

Only a relatively minor percentage of this, however, reaches the women involved. The remainder goes to line the pockets of pimps, traffickers and drugs suppliers worldwide. Sex in exchange for money — they are not raping the woman, they are not doing anything she has not agreed to. The truth is that attracts women who have no other means to support their family, the majority turn to it out of desperation and would give almost anything to escape it.

Even those who have the economic means to escape the life of prostitution often stay because they are frightened of the retribution their pimp may exact following their exit. Those who are not drug addicts when they start to practice prostitution end up addicted, ether as a means to escape from the pain and degradation of their work or because their pimps have cynically ensured that they become addicted in order to exercise even more control over the women. If this abuse were experienced by a woman who is not a prostitute it would be prosecuted and the perpetrator sentenced.

Prostitutes are invisible. As mentioned previously legalizing prostitution may seem like the ideal way to prevent this from happening but the experience of countries such as the Netherlands or states such as Nevada show that all it does is protect the abuser. At point 7 above we mentioned that prostitution is rape. Even where an act of prostitution is not in and of itself rape it is an act of violence against women.

It does not matter where the prostitution takes place, it could be on the street or in a brothel, in a hotel room or in a club the prostitute is at risk of violence from her customers and, once her customers leave, from her pimp or her drug supplier. Prostitutes are also disproportionately amongst different groups of women, at danger from serial killers. This is down to a number of different reasons; prostitutes are often seen as less valuable and worthwhile members of society. Secondly they have to put themselves into vulnerable situations by reason of their work and are seen as a target that will not be easily missed and for whom society and the police will not search for some time. Prostitutes in jurisdictions where the act of prostitution is legal do not experience any reduction in violence.

The experience of police in New South Wales a state in Australia following the legalization of prostitution was that they were less able to monitor the safety of the women involved, brothels became instead the territory of organized crime. Police in New Zealand found a similar result noticing that legalization made it more difficult to uncover exploitation. One of the very strong arguments in favor of legalization of prostitution is that it would permit the authorities to impose mandatory regular health checks and registration in order to ensure that the women who work as prostitutes are free from sexually transmitted diseases. Equally, the argument goes, legalization gives the women the right to insist on the use of condoms in order to protect themselves.

It sounds like the perfect panacea but the experience of countries that have legalized prostitution does not bear this out. In Brazil despite measures taken to educate prostitutes in the dangers of HIV and the importance of condom use many prostitutes report that customers become violent if they ask to use a condom. This means that a prostitute who becomes infected can test as clear for a long period of time and yet be infectious. Human trafficking is one of the scourges of our modern age. Researchers have also found a 39 percent decrease in the incidence of gonorrhea. We can think of a lot of reasons that might prove how decriminalization could reduce sex-related crimes.

Once legalized, sex workers would be empowered to approach a police if they are in danger or having a problem with their clients and pimps. Furthermore, sex workers would also be given an opportunity to conduct their business on their own without the control of an abusive pimp, which reduces the possibility of violence and abuse. And when prostitution is already legal, people, who wish to satisfy their sexual urges, would have their option readily available for them. So rather committing rape, they could just hire a prostitute to satisfy their sexual need. Well, this idea may sound repulsive, but if you think it over, you will find it also sensible. Child prostitution is a significant global problem, both in developed and undeveloped countries.

According to research, there may be at least 10 million children victimized through prostitution. Sexual exploitation is profitable because its illegality brings legal risks that encourage pimps to demand higher cost. This is the very reason why sex exploitation is so rampant all over the world that despite the actions that the government do to stop it, children are still continually exploited. Aside from the profit, another primary reason why the market for child sex slaves exists is due to the criminalization of adult prostitution. When a man cannot find an adult sex worker, he would definitely turn to pimps, who mostly use underage sex workers, to satisfy his sexual urges. A lot of pro-decriminalization of prostitution believe that if people can legally buy sex from women 18 years or older, it will significantly reduce child exploitation.

Since no one would want to be prosecuted and pay fines, those who are in the commercial sex market will only legally employ willing adults, rather than struggle to operate in secrecy. By legalizing prostitution and implementing more strict laws regarding it, we can abolish child sex slavery. Another important reason why prostitution should be legalized is because it could be a potential solution to fight human trafficking. In fact, they oppose them. In Germany, when they legalized prostitution, cases of human trafficking significantly decreased by 10 percent from to The average age of sex workers in Germany is They key benefit of legalizing the buying and selling of sex is it can create an effective relationship between the law enforcement officials and sex workers.

Contrary to what many people believe, prohibition of prostitution only provide cover to human traffickers because it gives them the power to use the law to threaten women victims, particularly the young ones. Women and children, who are being forced against their will into prostitution, are afraid to go to police because they think that, they too, will be punished and arrested. If legal, women and children victims will become more willing to come forward and report traffickers, abusive clients, and greedy pimps to the law officials. Sure, some women in prostitution, particularly those who are kidnapped and held against their will, are victims, but I believe that for the most part, prostitution is a victimless crime. Just like what other people are saying, some women, who are in the business, chose to offer their service willingly and no one forced them to.

While there are women who see sex as a sacred thing that should only be given to the person they love and they will marry, there are also women who view sex as an ordinary activity that you can do with anyone. In fact, there are women who would rather have sex for an hour with someone they have just met, than work in a restaurant taking orders and cleaning toilets for 10 hours. But there are also women who would rather be in poverty than give their body to someone unworthy.

Not all women are the same. Just like gambling and drug use, prostitution is an activity that is participated in by adults voluntarily. As what Sherry F. In countries, where prostitution is illegal, billions of dollars are spent on dealing with it. In the U. And that amount, as we all know, is tax dollar, which is the money we pay in order to fund government programs. So as what advocates of decriminalization suggest, legalizing prostitution is much better than keeping it illegal. Technically speaking, prostitution can have positive effects if it is legalized and properly implemented.

When prostitution is legalized, the government will no longer have to spend cost for hiring additional law officials to hunt down sex workers, enforcing laws against prostitution, and caring for sex workers in jail. Just like in any other industry, legalization of prostitution could lead to a chain effect that would significantly benefit a country — primarily through tax revenue. Once the sex workers and brothel owners obtained a license, they may participate in the business and enjoy their legal income that is taxable. As we already know, prostitution is a lucrative business. If all sex workers are licensed and required to pay taxes in the U.

Furthermore, a government could also charge an annual fee to the license they provide for sex workers, brothel owners, and clients so they can continuously operate their business legally, which is also an additional income. Of course, when prostitution is properly regulated, people who patronize this industry will feel safer and thus, the demand for it will increase, which can also be an added benefit to the economy. More tourists will then visit the country to pay for sex service, which can significantly increased foreign exchange earnings. Everyone, who is legally employed, has minimum rights and entitlements given by law, such as safety rights, minimum wage, health benefits, vacation pay, and protection against unlawful discrimination.

Prostitution Should Be Legalized women were made to Prostitution Should Be Legalized for asylum and then Prostitution Should Be Legalized from asylum centers to work as prostitutes in surrounding countries. Prostitution Should Be Legalized 5, Prostitution Should Be Legalized Of course, when prostitution is properly regulated, people who patronize Prostitution Should Be Legalized industry Common Themes Of Viking Invasions feel Atticus Finch Parenthood and thus, the demand for it will increase, which can also Prostitution Should Be Legalized an added benefit to the economy.