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What Were The Effects Of Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina: Timeline of a Tragedy

On August 29, New Orleans was destroyed the most along with its neighbors Mississippi and Alabama. Hurricane Katrina was ranked as a category 3 storm. The winds were strong enough to wipe out millions of power lines. It would be days, maybe even weeks before families get power back. Katrina is known as one of the worst natural disasters of all time. There go all the belongings, hard earned earnings, and life savings floating down the street. Who is to blame? Is Global Warming the reason behind Katrina?

Some scientists believe that because hurricanes need heated water from the Atlantic Ocean to form, that global warming could be the main factor of this disaster. It is obvious that Hurricane Katrina caused total destruction to the towns in the southwest region. Katrina created massive amounts of flooding in New Orleans. Due to this, Katrina left many section of the city submerged in water. Houses were completely destroyed; no one had any where to go. Some parts of the roof were blown off. This place did not have the proper requirements to hold all these people therefore had to seek for help.

During this time tourism was on a decline. Mardi Gras is a time of festivity and to celebrate with the family. There are always many parades, carnivals and many people dressed in costumes. Many people did not want to celebrate because of all the deaths but they celebrated just to know that their city remains alive. Unfortunately many people were injured causing families to tear apart. Some parents had no way of figuring out where their children were. The U. According to Hugh Kaufman, an EPA senior policy analyst, environmental regulations in place to prevent the types of discharges that occurred during Hurricane Katrina were not enforced, making what would have been a bad situation much worse.

Recovery efforts first focused on plugging leaks in levies, clearing debris and repairing water and sewer systems. Officials cannot say when they will be able to concentrate on longer-term issues such as treating contaminated soil and groundwater, though the U. Army Corps of Engineers has been deploying Herculean efforts to physically remove tons of contaminated sediment left behind by receding floodwaters. Ten years later, massive restoration efforts are underway to reinforce the coast's natural defenses against large storms. Yet every spring, residents living near the Gulf Coast keep a wary eye on the forecast, knowing that a new, freshly brewed storm might bear down. With hurricane seasons potentially influenced by increasing ocean temperatures due to global warming, it should not be long before the new coastal restoration projects are tested.

Edited by Frederic Beaudry. While no two disasters are the same, looking at differences between past and present disasters can help us to better understand what is needed to prepare for future disasters. Given the scope of the emerging impacts of Hurricane Ida, we see that while this is not a repeat of a Katrina disaster, questions are being raised about the effect of climate change and the resiliency of lifeline infrastructure like electricity. When Hurricane Katrina made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane in , its associated storm surges were among its most significant impacts.

The levees that separated New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain failed. In looking back at Katrina, forces of nature were not the only causative factors for the disaster. Human-caused circumstances, such as a history of economic and engineering decisions that over time replaced natural coastal wetland buffers against storm surges with a kilometre long industrial canal, were in part to blame for the disaster. In addition, numerous disaster response debacles complicated the immediate aftermath of Katrina. The disaster exposed racial- and class-based segregation that resulted in disproportionate disaster impacts being felt by racialized populations.

What started as a natural disaster played out more like a complex humanitarian emergency. As the aftermath of Hurricane Ida continues to play out, it remains to be seen if the disaster recovery and the economic losses will approach those of Katrina. Ida had a slow path of inland movement with highly destructive sustained winds of kilometres per hour for eight hours over a kilometre long path through portions of Jefferson and LaFourche parishes.

In , Katrina crossed a cooler water column in the Gulf of Mexico as it neared the shore, weakening it from a Category 5 to a Category 3 storm at landfall.

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