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Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis

Kevin Williamsongay screenwriter and filmmaker known for creating Dawson's Creek and Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis Vampire Diaries Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis with writing the screenplay for Scream Compare And Contrast Tuck Everlasting Broad, carefully curated selections Updated - A wide variety very under armour popular Objective Truth In Platos Allegory Of The Cave provocative Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis, poems, plays, and critical Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis offers traditional favorites with fresh and thought-provoking Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis selections. The Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis Series. Dahlberg —figure in the Watergate scandallater cleared Wilson Henry C. Thus, it was just me and the two labradors, one black and one white, lost in the monochrome twilight. Chino AmobiBarbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis Nigerian Igbo-American electronic musician who identifies Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis queer.

Richard Cory: A Narrated Short Film

Every chapter has been reviewed and updated with relevant cultural references. Download Preface. This material is protected under all copyright laws, as they currently exist. No portion of this material may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the publisher. Check out the preface for a complete list of features and what's new in this edition. Find out in this classic fable. In this stark folktale, a young man receives magical powers with a string attached. Who could have guessed the secret that lay within? Muriel Spark , The First Year of My Life An omniscient infant narrator, able to access any conversation or scene on the planet, is born into a time of war.

The older brother is the sensible family man, but Sonny wants to be a jazz musician. Alone in the house, Connie finds herself helpless before the advances of Arnold Friend, a spellbinding imitation teenager. Raymond Carver, Cathedral He never expected to find himself trying to describe a cathedral to a blind man. Why then should she not shelter an old admirer from the rain? Alone except for one mistrustful wolf dog, a man finds himself battling a relentless force.

How does their intimate encounter with their mortality change them? Amy Tan, A Pair of Tickets A young woman flies with her father to China to meet two half-sisters she never knew existed. What does he need more than brandy? William Faulkner, Barn Burning This time when Ab Snopes wields his blazing torch, his son Sarty faces a dilemma: whether to obey or defy the vengeful old man. What happens next? This witty experimental story offers several different outcomes. Stephen Crane, The Open Boat In a lifeboat circled by sharks, tantalized by glimpses of land, a reporter scrutinizes Fate and learns about comradeship.

Sandra Cisneros, Barbie-Q The trouble with buying Barbie dolls is that you want all the clothes, companions, and accessories. But in this neighborhood, things suddenly change. One demands his inheritance now and leaves to spend it with ruinous results. Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Then off with your eyebrows! Are you brainy? Then a transmitter will sound thought-shattering beeps inside your ear. John Steinbeck, The Chrysanthemums Fenced-in Elisa feels emotionally starved—then her life promises to blossom with the arrival of the scissors-grinding man. Guy de Maupassant, The Necklace A woman enjoys one night of luxury, and then spends years of her life paying for it.

Ursula K. All of its inhabitants are happy. Shirley Jackson , The Lottery Splintered and faded, the sinister black box has worked its annual terror for longer than anyone in town can remember. Kelly Link, The Faery Handbag The magical handbag allows one to access other worlds, with both beautiful and dark consequences. Lovecraft, The Outsider He has been locked in a gothic castle for his entire life, until the day he escapes, but what he discovers outside sends him running back to his dark captivity.

Our detective is on the case. Leo Tolstoy, The Death of Ivan Ilych The supreme Russian novelist tells how a petty, ambitious judge, near the end of his wasted life, discovers a harrowing truth. To pass the time, he reads the Gospel to a family, with unforeseen results. A violent episode from decades past catches up with an old man. Will he be saved from the firing squad? An ordinary family vacation leads to horror—and one moment of redeeming grace. Revelation Mrs. Louise S. Cowan, The Character of Mrs. The Tell-Tale Heart The smoldering eye at last extinguished, a murderer finds that, despite all his attempts at a cover-up, his victim will be heard.

The new mother tries to settle in to life in the isolated and mysterious country house they have rented for the summer. The cure proves worse than the disease in this Gothic classic. Sandra M. Everyday Use When successful Dee visits from the city, she has changed her name to reflect her. Barbara T. Houston A. Baker and Charlotte Pierce-Baker , Stylish vs. As they grow up together, they start to grow apart. Chiu, he hopes for justice. After witnessing their brutality, he quietly plans revenge. Coraghessan Boyle, Greasy Lake Murky and strewn with beer cans, the lake appears to be a wasteland.

Then one day, with stolen cash, he boards a train for New York and the life of his dreams. What was it? She did not know; it was too subtle and elusive to name. Neil Gaiman , How to Talk to Girls at Parties Two teenage boys try to navigate their way through a party filled with exotic, mysterious girls. Nathaniel Hawthorne, Young Goodman Brown Urged on through deepening woods, a young Puritan sees—or dreams he sees—good villagers hasten toward a diabolic rite. Now her drunken husband Sykes has promised it to another woman. James Joyce, Araby If only he can find her a token, she might love him in return. As night falls, a Dublin boy hurries to make his dream come true. Jhumpa Lahiri, Interpreter of Maladies Mr. Das and her family come into it.

Katherine Mansfield, Miss Brill Sundays had long brought joy to solitary Miss Brill, until one fateful day when she happens to share a bench with two lovers in the park. George Saunders, Puppy A puppy for sale exposes the vast class differences between seller and buyer. Wells Tower, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned Marauders ransack an island in a terrible show of violence, but not all the pirates have dark hearts. From room to room the ghostly couple walks, hand in hand. Gwendolyn Brooks, Speech to the Young. Speech to the Progress-Toward. Cunningham, Friend, on this scaffold Thomas More lies dead. John Keats, Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art. Edna St. Vincent Millay , What lips my lips have kissed, and where, and why.

Translated by Kimberly Gooden, The anger that breaks the man into children. Thomas H. Philip R. Let Me Count the Ways. Cummings , somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond. William Shakespeare, When to the sessions of sweet silent thought. While the menfolk try to unravel a mystery, two women in the kitchen turn up revealing clues. Christopher Marlowe, Scene from Doctor Faustus In this scene from the classic drama, a brilliant scholar sells his soul to the devil. How smart is that? David Ives, Sure Thing Bill wants to pick up Betty in a cafe, but he makes every mistake in the book. Luckily, he not only gets a second chance, but a third and a fourth as well.

Sharon E. Josie Totah , transgender actress known for her roles in Jessie , Glee , and Champions. She also plays Lexi who, incidentally, is also transgender on Saved by the Bell He came out as bisexual in Michael Urie , queer actor best known for Ugly Betty. Danitra Vance , lesbian actress best known for Saturday Night Live , though her sexuality wasn't known until after her death in Janet Varney , bisexual actress known for her television roles and voicing Korra who is incidentally, also bisexual in The Legend of Korra.

Stage and Screen Actors W-Z. Marsha Warfield , lesbian actress best known for Mask and Night Court. Matthew Waterhouse , gay actor known for his role as Adric in Doctor Who as well as his contributions to Dark Shadows. Lachlan Watson , non-binary actor best known for their role as Theo on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Rutina Wesley , actress known for her roles in True Blood and Queen Sugar , was previously married to a man before marrying a woman in Kenneth Williams , gay comedian and actor. Zelda Williams , bisexual actress and daughter of Robin Williams. Lambert Wilson , bisexual French actor internationally known for playing the Merovingian in The Matrix.

Mara Wilson , bisexual actress known for Matilda. She identifies as queer and says that she has dated people "of all genders". Evan Rachel Wood , bisexual actress, best known for her roles in 13 and Westworld. He had relationships with both men and women. Bowen Yang , gay actor and comedian known for being a Saturday Night Live cast member. Voice Actors. Susan Blu , voice actress who is best known as the voice actress for Arcee is a lesbian. Corina Boettger , best known as the voice of Paimon is non-binary. In , he was brutally attacked with a baseball bat by three men due to his sexual orientation which touched off a national discussion on anti-LGBT hate crimes. Kevin Conroy , American voice actor best known for playing Batman in many projects since Batman: The Animated Series , came out as gay during a New York Times interview for Batman: The Killing Joke Auli'i Cravalho , best known for her role as the titular character in Moana , came out as bisexual in Kellen Goff , American voice actor known for his work on Five Nights at Freddy's and various anime, came out as bisexual in , having previously come out as demisexual four years earlier.

Taliesin Jaffe , bisexual American voice actor, director, and script-writer, best known as the voice of Blanka in Street Fighter and for his role in Critical Role. Erica Lindbeck , American anime voice actress and voice of Barbie since , came out as bisexual on February Erica Mendez , Mexican-American voice actress for various anime and video games, is asexual. Marianne Miller , non-binary voice actor, working for anime and video games. Came out as gay in , making him one of the very few openly gay Japanese voice actors.

Casey Mongillo , transgender non-binary voice actor known as the voice of Shinji in the Netflix dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Chris Patton , gay American voice actor known for his roles in English dubbed anime. Jonah Scott , best known for playing Legoshi in Beastars , mentions being bisexual in one of his Youtube videos. Michael Tatum , gay American voice actor, director, and script-writer. Married to Kori Rae who was also at Pixar. Andreas Deja , prominent gay Disney supervising animator that worked on many Disney Animated Canon films, most notably throughout their Renaissance period and the early s.

Norman McLaren , influential, Academy Award-winning Scottish-Canadian animator responsible for "drawn on film" animation and Pixilation, was gay. Adrian Molina , a gay animator and storyboard artist, known for co-directing and co-writing Coco. Mattie Lubchanksy , one of the contributors to The Nib is non-binary. Dana Simpson , trans woman creator of several webcomics like Ozy and Millie and nationally newspaper syndicated comic Phoebe and Her Unicorn. Alexis Sara , a transgender lesbian Latinx artist. Comic Book Artists. Kris Anka , bisexual artist best known for his Marvel work and for penciling Rainbow Rowell's Runaways. Emily Carroll , gay comics artist and writer best known for her horror comics. Colleen Coover , bisexual comics artist best known for Bandette and various Marvel titles.

Was previously in a relationship with Creative Director Neal Pozner before he died in , and Jimenez publicly came out in the editorial section of the comic Tempest in tribute to him. Kevin Wada , openly gay artist best known for redesigning Scarlet Witch. Yoshi Yoshitani, bisexual genderfluid Japanese-Caucasian concept artist and comic book artist, whose first published mainstream comics work is the DC young adult graphic novel Zatanna and The House of Secrets.

Fashion Designers. Halston was an American designer who started out designing hats and expanded his business into other types of clothing, becoming one of the most prominent designers of the 60s and 70s. In , his life was dramatized by dueling French biopics, the authorized-by-the-estate Yves Saint Laurent and the unauthorized Saint Laurent. Gianni Versace , Italian fashion designer, had a year relationship with Antonio D'Amico, a model and later a fashion designer, that ended with Versace's murder by serial killer Andrew Cunanan in which was dramatized in American Crime Story : The Assassination of Gianni Versace in Alexander Mc Queen , a British fashion designer who founded his own line in He was openly gay and stated he knew his sexuality by the age of 6 but came out to his family when he was Keith Haring , gay American pop art artist.

David Hockney , gay British painter. Yuki Kihara , an artist and fa'afafine the third gender in Samoa. Dan Taulapapa McMullin , an artist and fa'afafine the third gender in Samoa. Al Neun , the author of the webcomic Transformed! Nokki , a Japanese illustrator and singer. She came out as a transgender woman on YouTube in February Andy Warhol , iconic American illustrator, painter, filmmaker, producer, director, and musician, lived openly as a gay man even before gay and lesbian rights movements kicked off in the s.

Manga Artists. Chii , a trans woman and the author of the autobiographical comic The Bride Was a Boy. Keito Gaku , a trans man and the author of Boys Run the Riot , a manga series about a trans boy. Yuna Hirasawa , a transgender woman and a comic artist. Jiraiya , gay Japanese comic artist known for his Bara Genre illustrations and manga as well as being the cover illustrator for Japanese gay man's interest magazine "G-Men.

JOY came out as X-gender in a Guardian interview. Rei Kakyoin , an asexual X-gender transgender man and a comic artist. Dunta Noda , a gay Japanese comic artist. Gengoroh Tagame , gay Japanese comic artist considered to be one of the pioneers of the Bara Genre ; My Brother's Husband is his first all-ages work. Cota Tomimura , a Japanese comic artist, came out as bisexual in on Twitter. Drag Queens. Courtney Act real name Shane Gilberto Jenek , an Australian drag queen, actress and singer who also identifies as genderqueer. Aja , an American entertainer known primarily for their appearances on season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race and the third season of the All Stars spin-off. They identify as non-binary and use singular they pronouns. Jackie Beat real name Kent Fuher , a gay American drag performer.

Willam Belli , an American drag queen, actor, and YouTube personality. Juno Birch , a British transgender drag queen, sculptor and Let's Player. Edward Cowley , a drag queen and fa'afafine the third gender in Samoa. He is one of the original hosts of It's Showtime. Mitz Mangrove , a Japanese gay drag queen and TV personality. Kelly Mantle , an American genderfluid drag performer and actor who's known for their appearance in the sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Also acted alongside Gary Busey and their performance was put forward for both supporting actor and actress awards for the first time in history. Sharon Needles real name Aaron Coady , a gay American drag performer and recording artist best known for winning the fourth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Paul O'Grady , while having "retired" his drag persona and pursuing a radio and TV career as himself, his greatest role and the one he is best remembered for is "The Blonde Bomb-Site" Lily Savage, who among many other things hosted a long-running game-show for the BBC. Peppermint , an American transgender drag entertainer. She is the first contestant to have appeared on RuPaul's Drag Race that had come out as trans before the show had aired.

Alaska Thunderfuck real name Justin Andrew Honard , a gay American drag performer best known for their appearances on the fifth season of RuPaul's Drag Race and for winning the second edition of the All-Stars spin-off. Conchita Wurst real name Thomas Neuwirth , a gay Austrian drag queen and singer best known as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Performers and Personalities. Boy Abunda , a Filpino gay TV host, publicist, and talent manager.

Jessica Alves , a Brazilian-born TV personality who is famous for their extensive plastic surgeries. She came out as transgender in after living life as a man, notably 'The Human Ken Doll'. Was married to men and acknowledged to date women. Clare Balding , lesbian sports commentator and presenter. Made his coming out in after a magazine revealed his homosexuality. He's openly gay and married. Kevin Clash , director and puppeteer most known for performing as Elmo from Sesame Street , publicly came out in as gay in the face of two allegations of sexual impropriety against him. Anderson Cooper , American journalist, author and television host is gay. Tom Daley , an English sports personality best known for his Olympic standard diving.

Came out in when he announced he had been in a relationship with a man for most of that year, though he doesn't label himself. Jason Ellis , Australian skateboarder and radio host. Admits that he has had relationships with other men and identifies himself as bisexual. Hannah Gadsby , Australian stand-up comedian known for her shows Nanette and Douglas , is a lesbian. Kazlaser , a bisexual Japanese comedian. She came out as transgender in having cross-dressed and even taking hormone therapy before her marriage to Kris Jenner happened when she then stopped. She has been in relationships with women before and after her transition, saying she had never felt any attraction to men sexually. Asako Makimura , a Japanese TV personality and writer, is a lesbian and was married to another woman.

She is lesbian. Jillian Michaels, note Not to be confused with the voice actress of the same name lesbian personal trainer and television host of The Biggest Loser. Mogami Moga , a bisexual Japanese TV personality, model, and actress. Richard Quest , openly gay British journalist. Peey , a Japanese TV personality, came out as gay on April 17, Robin Roberts , openly lesbian journalist and author. Mo Rocca , openly gay journalist and writer. Laurent Ruquier, openly gay French TV and radio host.

Jo Jo Siwa , former reality tv personality of Dance Moms and dancer and singer, stated in that she had a girlfriend and subsequently came out as pansexual. Akane Sugimori , a lesbian Japanese dancer and aerial performer. Married to Ayaka Ichinose. Nanae Takizawa , a former Japanese volleyball player, came out as a lesbian on November 16, He's openly gay but has stated he's slept with women in the past. Professional Wrestlers. Jake Atlas , gay independent wrestler signed to the WWE in , becoming their first openly gay signee. She came out in and revealed she was dating fellow female wrestler Diamante.

Jawsolyn , retired American female wrestler, identifies as lesbian, is in a relationship with Canadian wrestler Kaitlin Diemond. Sonny Kiss , openly gay wrestler that wrestles from independent promotions as well as All Elite Wrestling. She is openly lesbian and married to a woman. Charlie Morgan , UK wrestler and retired in Came out as a lesbian. Tegan Nox , Welsh professional wrestler who wrestled for various independent promotions before signing up for NXT. Came out as bisexual in Came out gay in Nyla Rose , current AEW wrestler and first transgender wrestler to be signed to a major wrestling promotion, and the first transgender wrestler to hold a championship title in a major promotion.

Edith Surreal identifies as a trans woman. Came out as transgender in Darren Young , tag team wrestler that wrestled from WWE from , also came out as gay during that time, becoming the first professional wrestling to publicly be out while signed to a major promotion. She came out bisexual in Carmen Carrera , an American model and TV personality who is a transgender woman. Known for her appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race when she was just beginning her transition. She no longer does drag and models professionally on runways and spreads.

Gia Carangi , was an American model in the late s to the early 80s. She was openly lesbian, though her sexuality has sometimes been labelled as bisexual. Her life was made into a movie, starring Angelina Jolie. Ayaka Ichinose , a Japanese gravure model, came out as a lesbian on April 21, Married to Akane Sugimori. Baku Idegami , a Japanese model, refers to themself as agender on their Twitter profile.

Shunsuke Ikeda , a bisexual Japanese model. Sari Kaede , a transgender Japanese fashion model and architectural designer. Satsuki Nishihara , a transgender Japanese model, actress, and TV personality. Kenneth Anger , gay American experimental filmmaker. Paris Barclay , gay American TV director and producer. Bill Condon , gay director who made Gods and Monsters , Dreamgirls , and two entries of the Twilight movie franchise. Xavier Dolan , gay Canadian director. Rainer Werner Fassbinder , bisexual German director. Ryosuke Hashiguchi , a gay Japanese film director and writer. Sam Irvin , gay American director. James Ivory , gay American director of Merchant Ivory fame.

Was the domestic partner of the other half of the name, Ismail Merchant, from until the latter's death in Derek Jarman , gay English director known for Jubilee Vincente Minnelli , director known for musicals Meet Me in St. Murnau , gay German Expressionist director best known for Nosferatu and Faust. Also wrote My Life as a Zucchini. Justin Simien , director of Dear White People and showrunner of the series of the same name is gay. Bryan Singer , controversial to say the least American film director, came out as bisexual in Luchino Visconti , homosexual Italian director. Lana and Lilly Wachowski , a sibling duo that directed The Matrix series of movies, are both trans women and also created and produced the queer-centric TV show Sense8.

John Logan , gay film and television writer, playwright and producer best known for Gladiator , Hugo and Penny Dreadful. As noted in the "Directors" folder, he spent the last plus years of his life in a domestic partnership with his creative partner James Ivory. Peter Paige , gay producer best known for The Fosters. Musicians and Singers A-C. Alexander James Adams , a transgender singer who previously went by "Heather Alexander". He's known for his folk, filk, and Celtic music. Chino Amobi , a Nigerian Igbo-American electronic musician who identifies as queer. Anne-Marie, English singer who revealed she was attracted to men and women in but doesn't like to identify herself as bisexual. Arca , an openly trans and non-binary producer and singer.

David Archuleta , an American singer-songwriter and former American Idol runner-up, came out as bi and asexual in Died of AIDS in Tom Aspaul , gay singer-songwriter. Aurora , Norwegian singer-songwriter who has described dating both men and women. Emilie Autumn , American singer-songwriter and violinist, is asexual. Long John Baldry , a British musician and actor, was gay. Azealia Banks , openly bisexual rapper known for hits such as "" and "Anna Wintour". Be Steadwell is a queer musician who does a mix of soul, folk, and pop.

Most of her songs are about romantic relationships between women. Taylor Bennett , rapper and younger brother of Chance The Rapper , is bisexual. Leonard Bernstein , bisexual American composer and conductor of the 20th century Rebecca Black , American singer known for her hit "Friday" came out as queer in Lydia Grace Blezard , pansexual trans woman known for her band Different Devils, among others. Infamously flip-flopped on his sexuality over the years, describing himself as gay, bisexual, and "a closet heterosexual" in that order, but is generally regarded as at least bi-curious. Phoebe Bridgers , American singer-songwriter, is bisexual. John Cage , bisexual American experimental composer of the 20th century. Cardi B , Grammy award-winning rapper, is openly bisexual.

Wendy Carlos , legendary synth pioneer best known for helping develop the Moog synthesizer, is a trans woman and one of the first celebrities to disclose having undergone gender-reassignment surgery. She's perhaps best known for composing the soundtrack for A Clockwork Orange. Vanessa Carlton , bisexual singer known for her hit "A Thousand Miles". Aaron Carter , American singer, came out as bisexual in Cavetown , English indie pop singer-songwriter, has identified as being on the asexual spectrum and had at least one boyfriend. He also came out as transgender in though he transitioned prior to becoming famous. Christine and the Queens , French singer, is pansexual and genderqueer. Amy Cook , American singer-songwriter, is a lesbian.

Jayne County , former frontwoman of pro-punk band Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, and the first openly trans rock singer. Simon Curtis note not to be confused with the filmmaker with the same name , an openly gay singer-songwriter, record producer, actor and novelist, known for appearing in the Nickelodeon TV Movie, Spectacular! She describes herself as pansexual and genderfluid and is an outspoken LGBT activist.

Musicians and Singers D-K. Daphnis channel , a Canadian transgender woman and a YouTube singer and lyricist who is best known for her French covers of songs in the Evillious Chronicles. Beth Ditto , American singer and member of Gossip. Openly lesbian but has also been in relationships with transmen. Doja Cat , American rapper, has stated that she is attracted to both men and women. Fergie , American singer known for being part of The Black Eyed Peas and for her solo career, is bisexual. Boy George , a British singer, songwriter and fashion designer. Was the lead singer of 80s band, Culture Club and is well-known for his androgynous style. He first came out as bisexual however in his autobiography, he stated he was gay and had been in a relationship with the drummer for Culture Club in secret.

Jess Glynne , English singer who is bisexual. Halsey , bisexual American alternative singer and LGBT activist known for her romantic songs about men and women. Ai Haruna , a Japanese transgender singer and TV personality. Darren Hayes , lead singer of Savage Garden , came out as gay shortly after the band parted ways. Ally Hills , a lesbian indie-pop musician and YouTuber. Billie Holiday , a jazz singer who is best known for "Strange Fruit. Whitney Houston , prolific African-American singer, actress, and producer. She was never out in her lifetime, but the documentary Whitney approved by her family members and estate described her as "sexually fluid" and she had a long-time romance with another woman, Robyn Crawford, who confirmed it in her memoir.

Dev Hynes is a Black British singer, songwriter and music producer. He has described himself as fluid and has also said he is "not gay, but not straight". Openly gay. Has had relationships with both women and men. Janis Joplin , American rock, soul, and blues singer-songwriter, one of the most successful and widely known musicians of the '60s. She was also bisexual, with many male and female lovers. Previously came out as queer and pansexual in , before coming out as a lesbian in Kesha , pop singer, came out as bisexual in King Princess , American pop musician, is genderqueer and gay. Much of her work is influenced by this. Hayley Kiyoko , American singer, actress, and former Disney Channel personality, is openly lesbian.

Musicians and Singers L-R. Ladyhawke , New Zealand indie pop singer-songwriter, is married to another woman. Lady Sovereign , an English rapper. Came out as lesbian in Adam Lambert , openly gay pop singer, musician and American Idol season 8 runner-up. Mary Lambert , singer-songwriter best known for singing the chorus to Macklemore 's "Same Love," is a lesbian. Left At London , real name Nat Puff, is a non-binary trans lesbian singer-songwriter and online comedian. Liberace , singer and pianist known for his flamboyant personality. Never came out during his lifetime , but his life was later dramatized for the film Behind the Candelabra based on his male lover's memoirs. Lights , Canadian singer-songwriter, came out as bisexual in Bif Naked , bisexual Indo-Canadian singer-songwriter and actress.

Little Richard , singer and muscian and known as one of the architects of rock and roll; Richard had a complicated to say the least relationship with his own sexuality, but it's generally accepted that he was into both women and men. Demi Lovato , singer and actor, describes themself as sexually fluid and pansexual. They came out as non-binary in She stated in that she was openly bisexual and later on in claimed that she was lucky to live in a liberal country. Came out as gay in after years of speculation. Melanie Martinez , a singer known for first appearing on the third season of The Voice , came out as bisexual in June Freddie Mercury , British Parsi lead singer of Queen , known for his flamboyant stage persona, was acknowledged as being bisexual.

Morrissey , former frontman of The Smiths and now solo artist, considers himself as 'humasexual' functionally pansexual. MtH , transgender female member of SiIvaGunner who also has her own music. Ataru Nakamura , a Japanese singer-songwriter and actress. She came out as a transgender woman on her official website on 11 September Klaus Nomi , German singer and artist, was gay.

She has stated in the past that she was a lesbian who had been dating men as she was uncomfortable being 'out' in In , she stated in an interview that most of her relationships had been with men but she'd had relationships with women too. Rita Ora , singer and actress, came out as bisexual in John Ottman , composer and editor is gay. Owen Pallett , a gay Baroque Pop artist. Amanda Palmer , bisexual American singer. Peaches , bisexual Canadian electroclash musician. Orville Peck , a gay country musician. Perfume Genius , an American Baroque Pop artist, is gay. Kim Petras , a German singer and transgender woman.

Cole Porter , an American composer and songwriter, was gay. Though he was married to socialite Linda Lee Thomas, it was mostly so that Porter could hide his homosexuality though they did care about each other. Queen Latifah , rapper, singer, and actor has long been rumored to a lesbian and she herself has alluded to this cheekily on occasion , officially thanked her female partner onstage at the BET Awards in Lou Reed , American singer-songwriter, known for his work as part of the pioneering rock band the Velvet Underground and his solo career, was bisexual. Bebe Rexha , American-Albanian pop singer, has described her sexuality as fluid. La Roux , real name Elly Jackson, came out as gay in Musicians and Singers S-Z.

Rina Sawayama , Japanese-British Singer-Songwriter who identified as both bisexual and pansexual in , though she later stated that she identifies as pansexual over bisexual. Sia , Australian singer-songwriter, is queer. She describes herself as liking any gender. Troye Sivan , gay South African-born Australian musician and actor. Snow Tha Product , rapper and actress, is bisexual, and married to actress Julissa. Sophie , a Scottish trans female electronic music producer and musician. Came out as lesbian when she was 14 years old. Dusty Springfield , bisexual British soul singer who came out in a interview, although her sexuality was not widely publicly known until after her death. The Stupendium , London-based nerdcore musician, artist, and YouTuber, publicly came out as pansexual on May 24, Vincent , American indie singer who has dated both men and women and is open to dating any gender but has refused to label herself.

Moses Sumney. A Ghanian-American experimental musician who is aromantic. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky , gay Russian composer of the Romantic era, considered by many to be one of the greatest composers in history. Yves Tumor , a non-binary gay musician known for experimental electronic music. Utada Hikaru , Japanese-American singer-songwriter, came out as nonbinary in Luther Vandross , influential Soul singer throughout the '80s and '90s.

Never came out as gay during his lifetime; his close friends Bruce Vilanch and Patti LaBelle confirmed that he was in the closet his entire life. Vektroid , electronic musician and vaporwave pioneer, is a transgender woman. Jack Vidgen , Australian singer and media personality, came out publicly as gay in Pabllo Vittar , Brazilian drag queen and pop singer. Rufus Wainwright , gay American-Canadian singer-songwriter. Patrick Wolf , British singer-songwriter who has stated himself to be bisexual. Chely Wright , American country music singer notable for being one of the very few who is openly a lesbian. Xerokina , an X-gender singer. Kyonosuke Yoshitate , a Japanese singer and the voice provider of Nekomura Iroha.

He came out as a transgender man in He came out publicly as gay in Jake Zyrus , Filipino pop singer and actor known for his song "Pyramid" and playing Sunshine Corazon on Glee , came out as a lesbian in , then as a transgender man in Against Me! Of particular note is their album Transgender Dysphoria Blues , which encapsulates the feeling of being transgender specifically, a trans girl and the problems that come with it. Antony and the Johnsons : Former lead singer Anohni, now a solo singer-songwriter, is a trans woman. Bloc Party : Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Kele Okereke is gay. Blue : Duncan James came out as bisexual in and as gay in Lee Ryan also said that he dated men and women.

Boyzone : The late Stephen Gately was gay. Brothers Osborne : Lead singer T. Osborne came out as gay in Buzzcocks : Frontman Pete Shelley was bisexual. Car Seat Headrest : While frontman Will Toledo has not publicly specified an exact label, he has been candid about having same-sex relationships and attraction in both interviews and his lyrics. Climbing Poe Tree : A sociopolitical rap duo who've performed songs about loving women. Cognitive : Bassist Tyler Capone-Vitale is openly bisexual. Creeping Death: Vocalist Reese Alavi is genderfluid. Culture Club : The aforementioned lead singer, Boy George, is openly gay. At the time of the band's popularity, he was in a secret relationship with the drummer, Jon Moss.

A lot of the band's songs were written about this relationship. Dead or Alive : Frontman Pete Burns was married to a woman and in a civil partnership with a man during his lifetime. However, he never identified as a specific sexuality. Deerhunter : Lead singer and guitarist Bradford Cox is asexual. Also founded indie-pop band Imperial Teen, which counts the gay Will Schwartz among its members. Fifth Harmony : Member Lauren Jauregui is bisexual.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood : Frontman and lead vocalist Holly Johnson and backing vocalist, dancer and occasional keyboardist Paul Rutherford are both gay. Goldfrapp : Frontwoman Alison Goldfrapp began dating a woman, Lisa Gunning, in , having only been romantically involved with men beforehand. She has refused to label her sexuality; "I don't think [sexuality] can or should be pigeonholed. I've thought about this since I was a teenager. I've always found it claustrophobic to think about having to put things into categories like that. My sexuality is the same as my music and my life. Why does it need a label?

Video Game Creators. Nicky Case , bisexual and genderqueer indie web game developer and writer. David Gaider , former writer and game designer at BioWare , is gay. Katie Nelson , nonbinary aroace who's a 3D character and environment artist, and the director and lead developer of Billie Bust-Up. Kitty Horrorshow , indie horror developer, queer trans woman. Christine Love , lesbian, indie visual novel creator. Alina Morgan , co-host of Song vs. Song , is trans and bisexual. Web Animation. Emperor Tigerstar , known for making time lapses of historical maps, came out as bisexual in Katzun came out as bisexual in , then lesbian the same year.

In they came out as non-binary and pansexual, then as a non-binary lesbian in Phoenix Animations : Sean Phoenix is transgender. WowRightMeow , Welsh animator who is non-binary and pansexual, specialises in storytime animations and short content. Xploshi , trans woman animator and composer known for her surreal videos. Ash Barnes : Lesbian writer who co-creates Sister Claire with her wife. Taylor C , creator of Monsterkind , is a gay trans man.

Chlove , queer non-binary creator of Go Get a Roomie! Joey Comeau , queer, writer of A Softer World. Mari Costa , creator of Peritale and other comics, is a lesbian. Victoria Grace Elliott , creator of Balderdash! Valerie Halla , creator of Goodbye to Halos , is a queer trans woman. Pseudonym Jones , trans woman creator of the webcomic Fanlee And Spatzle. Hajime Karatachi , the asexual agender creator of the autobiographical webcomic Moratorium On My Gender. Julia Kaye , trans woman, creator of the autobiographical comic Up And Out.

Sophie Labelle , trans woman, creator of Assigned Male , a comic about an year-old trans girl discovering and embracing her gender. Aliza Layne , creator of Demon Street , is a lesbian. Zack Morrison , creator of Paranatural , is non-binary. Jennifer Diane Reitz , trans woman, creator of Unicorn Jelly and other webcomics with queer and trans themes. Ariel Ries , creator of Witchy , is queer. Taylor Robin , creator of Never Satisfied , is a queer trans man. Ellipsis Stephens , creator of Goblins , came out as a trans woman in Married to Wafuko.

Mallorie Jessica Udischas , a trans woman and the author of the autobiographical comic Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls which occasionally deals with her experiences and difficulties with being transgender. Other web creators. Syera Miktayee , owner and main writer for the writing and roleplaying advice website Springhole , is nonbinary. Web Video Creators A-E. Anna Akana , Asian-American actress and filmmaker known for her YouTube channel, came out as bisexual in Beatrice The Golden Witch , previously known as "Digibrony", then "Digibro", and later "Digi-nee", came out as a trans woman in Magdalen Berns , British lesbian radical feminist and YouTuber.

Rob Boor, creator of Cinematic Venom , came out as bisexual in April Brutalmoose , real name Ian MacLeod, mentioned in a blog post that he was gay. Was a former video game reviewer, but has since branched out to other topics. Xaria Byron aka Diamanda Hagan, lesbian reviewer and podcaster. Is married to The Omega. Jacob Hope Chapman , known as JesuOtaku, is a Anime video reviewer who came out as a trans man in James Charles , an American YouTube creator and make-up artist who is openly gay. Paul Charles , the "Gay Comic Geek", is a comic book geek who happens to be gay and geek culture critic. Johnny Chiodini , formerly of Eurogamer and Dicebreaker and best known as Dungeon Master for Outside Xbox 's Oxventure series, identifies as nonbinary as of Cicabeot1 , Let's Player and music reviewer who came out as transgender in Mr Clemps , pansexual YouTuber and Twitch streamer that usually talks about games and anime.

Lucas Cruikshank , a YouTuber known for his hyperactive "Fred Figglehorn" character, came out as gay in Came out as a trans woman in DaThings 's Ellen Thomas came out as a trans woman in Shane Dawson , a YouTube comedian and personality, came out as bisexual in Zoe Delahunty-Light, video producer for Eurogamer with her own streaming community, is openly bisexual. Nikita Dragun , an American YouTube personality, make-up artist and model. She came out as transgender in She is well-known for her make-up line, Dragun Beauty.

Durendal , French web video creator who talks about movies, is openly gay. Web Video Creators F-K. Maggie Mae Fish , queer video essayist about films and media. LittleKuriboh , bisexual content creator known for creating Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Geek Remix , Mari and Stacy, two queer women who do video game reviews, theory videos and Lets Plays. Genderpunksap , a nonbinary YouTuber who mostly focuses on trans issues. Gigi Gorgeous , a Canadian YouTube creator, model and actress.

She came out as transgender in and now identifies as a pansexual woman. Joey Graceffa , a YouTube comedian and personality, came out as gay in Todrick Hall , a singer, dancer, choreographer and director known for his elaborate YouTube music videos is gay. Elisa Hansen is an author and video essayist best known for her Vampire Reviews, many of which discuss feminist and queer issues. She is a biromantic asexual. Hee , a Japanese YouTuber, came out as gay on October 5, Ally Hills , lesbian commentary YouTuber. Dan Howell , a YouTuber who came out as gay in Iron Liz revealed on LordKaT's livestream podcast that she was assigned male at birth, and identified as a trans woman most of her life. Since she finished transitioning in , she no longer uses the label. Adam Johnston , movie reviewer best known for YourMovieSucks.

KaiserNeko , one of the founders of Team Four Star came out gay to his parents at the age of He came out as gay on Twitter on April 28, Gus Kenworthy , an American skier, actor and YouTube creator.

Jamie Claytontransgender actress Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis known for Designated Survivor Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis Sense8. His sexuality was something of an open secret in Hollywood but Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis not Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis public until his death from AIDS-related complications. Keito Gakua trans man and the author of Boys Run the Riot Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis, a Signs Of Concussions Essay series about a trans boy. LOG IN. However, he never identified as Barbie Doll And Richard Cory Analysis specific sexuality.