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Fentanyl Research Paper

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Fentanyl is now the #1 Cause of Opioid Overdose Deaths

Now, the U. Fentanyl is a prescription painkiller times more powerful than morphine. The drugs come in a patch form which is boiled down until there is nothing left. She has been doing it for the last two years because she feels desperate and upset about her life and this drug gives her the feeling of relaxation. The purpose of this paper is to. Opiate Addiction Opiate abuse and addiction destroys the lives of many people. These drugs are generally used for pain management, but are often misused and abused. This research paper will define the action of opioids, drug categories, withdrawal symptoms, and treatment options that are available. Opioids Opioids are prescribed to treat moderate- to-severe pain following surgeries, individuals with chronic pain, cancer patients, or for dental pain.

These drugs alter the perception and response to. The death penalty is a very debatable topic, both sides seeing two different views of putting people to death because of crimes they committed. People who are for the death penalty have an opinion that someone killed someone and they should be killed because it could save more lives, or that they. Jason Smith was like any other child, with a good family, a caring father, a loving mother, and a younger sister. They had taken in his friend just to give him a better life.

He also had that one problem relative that all of us has in one way or another. His uncle Mark was a heroin addict, and where he derived the name for his book. Most recently. Fentanyl Research Papers Words 1 Page. A drug has become very popular on the street and you might have had it before. Over the last year a medical drug called Fentanyl has started being made by drug dealers. Normally Fentanyl is used in hospitals as a powerful painkiller so it may have been used on you before. However, fentanyl like most painkillers is highly addictive and dangerous.

In fact, Fentanyl is times stronger then the commonly known painkiller Morphine. A little while back; enough Fentanyl was seized in a New York drug bust to kill 32 million people. So now America has declared a national emergency. Get Access. Now, we have been advised to wear a respirator and goggles because fentanyl is very, very toxic. And many of these cooks have died just by inhaling it. These cooks work without protective equipment. And they believe in a myth here that drinking beer will disable the high that comes along with being close to the heated substance. This man, who we are calling Pedro, is one of the first links in a chain that sends fentanyl from Mexico to the United States. The further the product travels, the more valuable it gets. Fentanyl has proven to be a diabolical game-changer for the cartels.

It's inexpensive. It can be mixed into drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine and other opiates. Right now, as fentanyl is stronger than anything, a little fentanyl can make 11 pounds of black goat, and it is stronger than the poppy flower. That's why people gave up on heroin, it's way cheaper with fentanyl. So many people are dying of fentanyl overdose. So, do you feel somehow responsible, since what they are consuming is made here? Well, it is something that the one who consumes decides on his own.

Drugs are bad and addictive. Consumers are aware that the effect doesn't last long, but they cannot go without it. Although they know that it is wrong, it is addictive. So many died for a few pesos. We all like money. There are people who aspire to have better things, but the big money is not made by us. It's made by others. Many workers have no other job. It's a hustle. Many in the region are self-taught chemists working in a low-tech multimillion-dollar operation.

These men used to be farmers until their home state became the stronghold of the powerful Sinaloa cartel, once run by this man, Joaquin Guzman, nicknamed El Chapo. Writer Ioan Grillo explains that fentanyl and synthetics are easier to produce than crop-based drugs like heroin or cocaine. You just buy some precursors, you mix it up in a lab, and you have got your drug. So the profit margins are massive on synthetic drugs. Also, you can do this anywhere. So this has really changed the geography of organized crime as well. We can find labs all over the country. You can see labs for synthetic drugs on the outskirts of Mexico City. You can see labs right on the border with the United States.

With El Chapo serving life, his three sons, known as the Chapitos, or Little Chapos, were left to run the criminal empire. Back in , the Mexican military arrested one of them, but was forced to let him go, after the Sinaloa cartel barricaded the city of Culiacan and overpowered the soldiers. And it not only means that criminals can get away with murder, and you have some states where you have a 98 percent impunity for murder, which means the cartels develop this power as the alternative version of offering security.

We reached out to Mexico's Department of Justice, but we were not granted an interview. Some of Mexico's biggest drug bosses were from Sinaloa state. The capital city, Culiacan, remains a safe space for criminal families to live in peace. This is not an upscale neighborhood. It's actually a cartel cemetery in Culiacan and a reminder of the deadly cost of the illicit drug business. Many who lie inside these tombs were once top players. Their final resting places are equipped with party rooms, security systems, surveillance cameras, and air conditioning.

The drug business has generated so much violence that there is a cult of death here. Its icon is Santa Muerte, or Saint Death. I have never been afraid of death, I know that I am going to die one day, and she is going to take care of me. I know she will take me away, but I don't know where to. Sinaloa is also home to narcos that manufacture fentanyl pills inside homemade labs that are run by chemists, like this man.

He says he is always alert, as too much exposure to fentanyl, even in pill form, can be deadly. The same pills can fetch about 10 or 20 times that price when they hit the streets of America. The pills are marked M30, M20 and M M30 carries 30 milligrams of fentanyl. The other has 10 milligrams. Some inferior pills aren't clearly marked, but these are the good ones, the M A few years back, he made OxyContin pills, another opioid painkiller. But, today, he only makes fentanyl, which is much stronger and deadlier. Since fentanyl is added into almost every drug in the illicit market, it helps explain the cost of over 90, overdose deaths last year in the United States.

The cartel chemist says the spike in overdose deaths is the fault of local dealers in America who change the original dosage. Look, it has been known that there are many problems in the U. People are dying. What happens is that people take our product and they put more stuff into it. Then they modify it. The pills are wrapped in carbon paper and tape. The tape protects them from sniffing dogs. The paper hides them from X-ray machines. Before they are exported, they are tested. A pill that has the right amount of active ingredient has a faint smell of popcorn. The chemist gave us a peek at how they hide drugs in the back of cars that are sent north to America.

I ask them if this car will cross the border or if the drugs will be transferred to another vehicle. According to the U. Customs and Border Protection, the vast majority of fentanyl goes into the U.

Before they are exported, they are stuck oliver jeffers. Fentanyl Research Paper also: Gray death. It is unclear whether Fentanyl Research Paper gas used also Fentanyl Research Paper other chemical agent s. Normally Fentanyl Fentanyl Research Paper used in hospitals Fentanyl Research Paper a powerful painkiller so it may have been used Fentanyl Research Paper you before.