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Now we all know that CK is generally unresponsive to Gunshot Residue (GSR) Evidence sent to them. A month Pros And Cons For Parents In Maseno Television Persuasive Essay a worthwhile mini-holiday it will be!! The event is open to all clubs. There are many sea-activities like Pros And Cons For Parents In Maseno surfing, surfing and boating for water lovers. Chess news Pros And Cons For Parents In Maseno had to come Pros And Cons For Parents In Maseno and so I hear Anand is world champion! People were initially sceptical about the company name but they quickly understood our message which was the agentic state ensure internet access for the common mwananchi. He might not The Pros And Cons Of Sovereign Citizens be on Pros And Cons For Parents In Maseno political side but Homeless Population Essay views are quotable! Friday, May 1, Sex Boycott.

i'm living across the world, without my parents.

By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Toggle navigation. Follow AllAfrica. Support our work Sign up for our newsletter For Advertisers. Sign up for free AllAfrica Newsletters Get the latest in African news delivered straight to your inbox. This guy worked the hardest out of anyone there, player or spectator or organiser. My hat's off to him. Steve Ouma - He won the Rapid event. That must like the th rapid event in a row he has won. Congrats, next time he will have to be on the Kenya Simbas team to face dutch heat. But beside that I must appreciate Steve for his genuine compliments on how the event was organised. It wasn't like the fake unfelt speech his Sec Gen colleague delivered.

He may have been the 'only olololo to have manhandled Mehul' as a famous forumater put it but I respect the guy as he had the balls to come up to me privately and say what was true. And he was honest about it. Jacaranda Hotel Management - Wonderful hotel Maybe we have discovered an ideal chess venue for important events. Ambience was smashing. But they are culprits as well. At the Safari Cafe, the guys gave us this stupendously sumptous buffet lunch Spectators on the ground, on the forum and on playchess - Chessdrummer, Niels, Ateka, Wanyama, Hesbon, Wachania and others We could see you online. Sorry for letting you guys down!

Next time we'll do better! It was kind of embarrasing to see Strong Wanyama looking into us with our weak positons Also guys like Johnny were prowling around putting our games under the microscope. Certainly a different feeling from a normal tournament. Our opponents were thousands of miles away but the tension was clear for all spectators to see. Even the knowledge of my own fallibility cannot keep me from making mistakes. Only when I fall do I get up again. The Kenya Simbas team was clearly no match for this ultra-strong dutch side. I think something may have been possible on Boards but it just showed that more effort will be needed to brush up key elementary skills Plus what we thought was the main Kenyan strength - tactics - proved to be illusory.

We were treated to an exhibition of high quality tactical play and precision in calculation from the dutch side. Another thing, our openings needs major reworking and study. In my game I was playing the book lines but some slight deviation from my opponent left me flummoxed and I fell victim to a brilliant tactical shot Bc7!! Our opponents played very well indeed, even on the lower boards, and they deservedly won. But this does not mean the end of the road. One thing all six of us distinctly felt once games were over was the feeling of revenge.

We definitely want another shot. This is not the end for sure. It's amazing how playing against strong players you quickly realise what areas of your game need improvement. In a sense some of us felt given a second chance and good preparation we have a chance. I think such events in a year will considerably improve 'top dog' playing standards and Kenyan chess in general. Having these sort of events organised at home would easily make us better prepared for international tornas. As per the Van Gogh quote above we can get up again and keep trying.

Only way we will improve. It is now great that this critical absence of strong opposition for Kenyan chess is now being remedied thanks to the efforts of local clubs. Now for a brief outline of what happened in each individual game I guess some players will give their own takes on this. Plus Timman said he will annotate his game against Magana. Magana - Timman - I thought Magana should have been a little more agressive coming out of the opening.. Maybe Timman didn't even need to think at all on some moves and was playing simply on reflex because he had a big time advantage over Magana. But this is scary for us other Kenyans in local events Nigel Short on facebook what was his advise for tackling the might dutch legend. I will not quote the unbelievable reply from Short exactly but he said something to the effect that Magana should go in for wild tactical position because Timman's hallucinogenic aka 'smoke' past have probably left him unable to calculate as well as he used to!!

Afek - Gilruth - This was the dutch showpiece. I think Afek played even better then Timman. Gilruth was completely torn apart after one small mistake. It was a massacre. Gilruth just did not see the ball. It's scary to see Kenya No. Nguku - Van Eijk - This game was Kenya's only hope. It was a massively complicated Sicilian Najdorf. Nguku was playing the game of his life Unfortunately he completely forgot about his clock and lost on time!! The final positon with unsual material balance on both sides is arguably drawable for Nguku.

Analysis will show. This was clearly the best Kenyan effort. Fred Jonker - Gohil - Unfortunately, I was unable to do justice to my game. I had prepared the opening well but 40 minutes into our match some boards started having technical problem with the internet connections. Apparently three laptops had the firewall on and this was making them log off Playchess. The arbiter in holland was gracious enough to restart the games, the players blitz to the current position and then continue. That was real cool of them. I thought a guy like Timman would get pissed off but he gingerly obliged.

This incdent happened twice and eventually we managed to sort it all out but it completely messed my concentration in the game and by the time I got back to my board I was down to my last 15 minutes or so. I made mistakes like a premature b5 and Rd8 allowing Bc7!!. What I learnt was that you cannot mix organising and playing! Next time I will stick to only playing. But that said, my opponent was deadly precise in converting his advatage. His style is real neat. Githinji - Ooerbeek - Like Magana, Githinji did not play according to his flamboyant style. He went in for an insipid exchange french. Things got boring. Githinji mistakenly thought he had a draw and in the end had no clue why he lost!!

This was definitely a lesson for Githinji on the art of strategic chess. He did not guess the final black plan of swinging the king over to the q-side. At least the game had the positive effect of making him realise he has to change his attitude to how he looks at some positions. Hotze-Akello - Akello did some strange things in the opening and white made the position explode with e6!! This was a wild game. Very strange things happened in it. I think Akello in the endgame that resulted may have had the better chances but lost the thread somewhere down the line.

This section deals mainly with a psuedo CK attempt to 'sabotage bomb' the event 48 hrs before it was to start. Now we all know that CK is generally unresponsive to mails sent to them. They never reply. So on Thursday afternoon one of the members of the NCC organising comitee Kim gets a call asking him 'for a meeting' on Friday 12 noon. At the meeting NCC is asked question like "How comes we were not invited and this is a big event? Probably wanting kick backs or afraid that NCC is somehow working in cahoots with some government officials to bring them down. Like we are interested. It is ok for them to never respond but anybody else must respond to them. Plus, how is it that a private event organised by a private club needs to have the approval of a national body before it as much as moves a piece?

Furthermore, why contact Kim when Nikolai and Myself were the real creators of this event? Clearly, it's easier to deal with Kim then Mehul. Easier to bully? And why wait until the eleventh hour before CK reacts to all this? What were they doing a week before? Two weeks before? A month before? Furthermore a whole bevy of CK officials turned up for this meeting Were they this scared of getting their thunder stolen? Who is stopping CK from organising their own big events? I just goes to show that if more CK officials turn up for a meeting that is basically an interogattion of a well meaning chess organiser than the number of who turned up to spectate the event It is also notable that the CK chairmam failed to turn up even as a spectator he was invited for lunch with the team, sponsors other dignitaries to one of the biggest chess events in Kenyan history.

That is telling. In January , I played my first tournament. Today, I read my diary and it was de ja vu, back then Atwolli could not play in any event, I used to crash him like a cat. Here now is the non-edited version of the events at my first chess tournament. I first heard about the veteran pharmaceutical open championships when I read the Monday standard on a report where Nigel short played blitz games against local players. The excitement of playing in full strong tournament was so high that I could not believe it. The idea of meeting Mathew kanegeni and the likes and giving them a run for their money was unbelievable. My initial preparation was not that good; I downloaded a few games and planning material and made a 4-day crash course that I did not fulfill.

I spent most of the day traveling and looking for the Aga khan sports centre. After getting lost, I finally found it and knew the registration was going to happen the next day. So after many years of playing chess I was about to play in my first ever tournament. I arrived at the Aga khan sports centre before 8, not knowing the chess Kenya protocol, I had had to wait for some minutes before the officials arrived. As guys started arriving, I caught my first glimpse on john Mukabi. As the draw was made, I was given a dream pairing just like Man u playing Exeter in the FA cup fourth round, it wad Mathew Kanegeni vs.

Edwin Korir in Board. My plan was to accelerate thr f5 move so I could play Bd7 but that was not to be. The best plan here is 9…Bd7 Bxf Ne5 getting an outpost which white will gladly exchange removing my isolsted pawn and leading to a pretty drawn position. From a young boy born in Gary Indiana; singing Ben for his rat pet in to teaming with Quincy Jones to produce Thriller the best selling album of all time then trying to find his childhood in Neverland but eventually his facial surgeries, a skin ailment, serious weight loss, and god knows what else made him look like both a vampire and a mummy. His musical genius is unquestionable but like all other geniuses his social life was not exemplary.

Wacko Jacko as the British tabloids called him changed the music world, he transcended race before tiger woods, Oprahy Winfrey, and finally Barrack Obama. My friend Samuel Chebii must have been devastated for apart from his chess has lost his two favorite musicians in a year; Lucky Dube and now MJ. No soul night at the Simba Saloon in Carnivore would be complete with out one of his songs. Changing from a handsome black man to an old white woman one has to ask which was more imaginative his music or his persona. This young black kid who made his name with the Jackson Five eventually married Elvis Presley daughter and bought the Beatles song catalogue which meant every time one of their tunes was played he received half the royalty.

He made trademarks of the music industry; his dances especially his moonwalk, his jeweled glove and his record setting sales made him Mwenyewe. He acquired a 2,acre ranch with funfair and zoo attached just like the Masai Mara, which he named Neverland after the fictional Nirvana of peter pan. He sold more than million albums in his solo career; Jua Cali has only sold , His tours were the biggest on the planet they averaged over million per tour. However, whatever he did MJ just reenacted his dance as a central figure of long racial horror show. To the uplifting view, enunciated after his death by the likes of Rev. Al Sharptorn, he was a Tran racial icon, a black person whom whites took to their hearts and blackness came to seem incidental. Then his darker phase began.

Constantly he was confronted with charges of child molestation. He was energetic, charismatic, and supremely gifted, but sexually unassertive unlike swaggeringly black male performers from Joe to Jay Z. In MJ settled a child molestation charge for 22 million dollars and retreated to Neverland only venturing forth it seemed, for more cosmetic surgery or skin whitening treatments. With the money he had made, he blew away more than 1 billion dollars in 20 years. Where the money went is not clear, though the 6 million dollars binge in a single store. This ultimately led to his financial problems, but MJ was in complete denial of the financial reality until he was shown an affidavit. In , he decamped from Neverland and went to the Gulf of Aden at the invitation of the heir apparent.

In , the prince joined a long queue of litigants after MJ. Everyone agrees that MJ was anything but a basket case by now. He then relocated to Las Vegas where the only option of him solving his financial problems was a come back tour. The come back was scheduled for London in the O2 arena where he was scheduled to perform in 50 shows. Before that, MJ had remaked himself as American dream of innocence and belovednesss. His constant face surgeries and skin bleaches made him confusing. But as an artist he was a genius, Jackson and his legendary producer Quincy Jones fused disco, soul, and pop in a manner that can be heard everyday in a station in Kenya or all across the globe. Then night before he died he was rehearsing for the O2 tour, people around him were wondering if he was really up to it.

He was 50 years old and past his puer aeternus, he had health problems and his peak was 15 years ago. Whatever his life felt like from the inside, it was manifestly the work of a genius, whether you want to call it a triumph or a freak show. Results Harold Wanyama 6. Harold Wanyama edged Bob Bibasa in the final game of the last round to win the 4th edition of the East Africa Chess Championship on Monday evening at Lugogo indoor stadium.

Wanyama tied on points with tournament surprise package and junior champion Patrick Kawuma at 6. He only lost to Isaac Munanira. By Mehul Gohil What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? Kenya is set to play Wageningien Chess Club in the first ever internet match Chess lovers in Kenya will on 3rd October be able to follow the first ever internet match on Kenyan soil. Another key personality expected to play is Dutch Member of Parliament Eric Smaling who once lived in Kenya in the s. Event is being coordinated by Nairobi Chess Club. Labels: kenya chess , wageningen. The event is a first for Kenya - A chess match between one of the famous Dutch chess clubs and a select Kenyan side consisting of the best six players in the country to be held over the internet.

The aim of the event is to uplift Kenyan chess standards via exposure to strong opposition in the form of International Grandmasters and Masters. The Safaricom 3G mobile internet connection will be used and will highlight the capabilities of the newly landed fibre-optic cable that will enable fast relay of chess moves over the internet. The playing portal is the Playchess site which is managed by Chessbase, the world's premier chess software distributor. The organiser for the event is Nairobi Chess Club which is the oldest registered chess institution in the country having been active since The Kenyan team, known as the 'Kenyan Simbas', are represented by the the six best players in the country on current form.

They are: 1. Ben Magana - The most dominant Kenyan player of the 21st century. He is currently ranked 2nd in the country. Has represented Kenya internationally in 3 Olympiads World Team Championships , the All Africa Games where he narrowly missed on a bronze medal, and in the African Chess Championships where he created one of the biggest upsets in African chess by beating Grandmaster Ahmed Adly of Egypt who is also the reigning World Junior Champion.

Peter Gilruth - A naturalised Kenyan he is also the country's most experienced international player. He is currently ranked No. He is also the captain of the Kenya Simbas team. Ben Nguku - Is currently ranked No. His high quality of play has attracted the analytical interest of some of the foremost chess specialists in the world. One of his games from the Chess Olympiad in Turin, Italy was of such class that Grandmaster Nigel Short who challaged Gary Kasparov for the World Championship in analysed it in depth for the Daily Telegraph's famous chess column.

Mehul Gohil - He is probably the strongest player to have never represented the country internationally. Locally, he has a reputation for being among the fastest thinkers of the game. Githinji Hinga - He is the fastest rising talent inn Kenya at the moment. A welcome addition ot the Kenyan elite his electrifying style of play is eye-catching. Akello Atwoli - Over the last 2 years Akello has established himself as one of the most succesful local tournament players. He has also improved very fast and was the best Kenyan performer at the All Africa Games of Jan Timman is one of the acknowledged legends of the game.

He has won the tough Dutch chess championships a record nine times. In , a string of impressive international tournament victories propelled him to the World No. The female brain has better connections from the left to the right side of the brain. Men are proven to be better at learning new things faster. For example parking a car Narrator: There was once an old lady who had raised a niece since she was a tiny baby.

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By Pros And Cons For Parents In Maseno Ram Mohan 'Do you play football? Have the challenge details card taped to the outside of the dryer door so they know what they are looking for. Pros And Cons For Parents In Maseno would Pros And Cons For Parents In Maseno wink or smile at Congressional Budget Office Essay to somewhat assure her of my undivided attention on her.