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Theme Of The Ministers Black Veil

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Analysis of The Minister's Black Veil by Nathaniel Hawthorne and the Nature of Secret Sin

These Satanic Rituals are powered by the people Goodman Brown had once known to be the most religious. The veil is seen as symbolic with sin, because the minister has started to wear his sin on his face. He is shunned from the town, as people start to grow uncomfortable in his presence. The veil is a constant reminder of their sins as well. A pastor in a small town in Connecticut delivers a speech of a secret sin wearing a black veil. The townspeople immediately begin to gossip. Some people say he's mad while others say he's covering his shameful sin. After the sermon, a funeral is held for a young lady who recently passed away.

Hooper decided to stay for the funeral and continues to wear the black veil. The people then begin to judge him for wearing this mysterious black veil. Even though most of the townspeople start making assumptions about Mr. Hooper and his black veil, he doesn't want others to question why he wears it. Even though Elizabeth tries her best to find out the reason why Mr. Hooper never takes off his veil, she gives up and There are certain characteristics, symbols, themes and characters that make it a part of American Romanticism literature. Those characteristics and parts that make up an American Romanticism piece, those items are presented in this essay.

So, in this parable, there are only a few examples of specific characteristics which make a story or piece of literature a part of American Romanticism. The typical characteristics of American Romanticism stories, are the value of feeling and intuition over reason, the value of the imagination over reality, civilization is bad Nature is good, educated sophistication is bad, youthful innocence is good, individual freedom is important,nature is the way to find God, the idea that progress is bad, also, most settings are in exotic locales or the supernatural.

Some examples from the text are,However, in The Minister's Black Veil, the characteristics of American Romanticism present are, the connection to the supernatural, the belief that individual freedom is important, and the value of feelings and intuition over reason The minister openly chooses to show that he is a holy man, but evil is still present in his life. The veil symbolizes the evil that he has chosen to live with. To a certain degree the devil consumes both men in the literature. Barry 16 Hawthorne never reveals what The story is symbolic to a mystery that everyone hides and this ends up creating a barrier between them and others.

The black veil is the symbolism he uses and it could represent secret sins or crime, the mediocrity of Puritan culture or Mr. The black veil could represent secret sins because Mr. He had such effectiveness that the people felt as if the sermon was directed to them personally, people attributed this to the veil. The veil could also be a symbolism for the Puritan culture and how closed-minded and mediocre they were. This is because in However, Edwards theme was more effective. This is because he used several intense, fear inspiring words to drive his very point across.

His theme was that without god we would go to hell. Throughout, this parable Edwards used intense, powerful and hand to understand dialect. Nothing that you can do, to induce God to spare you one moment. In addition in both Hawthorne and Edwards writing they shared similar themes. Both of these themes were about sin and how everyone has a secret sin but without God we would all go to hell because of theses Throughout the parable, Hathorne continues to use symbols to create the theme. Hawthorne portrays romanticism by utilizing Mr. Hooper who chooses to wear a veil until death. The Puritan community feels uncomfortable seeing Mr. Hooper wearing the black veil, but Mr. Hooper believes everyone should wear one, thus creating American Romanticism.

Although the Puritan Neither of his characters felt as if they have sinned or show any remorse for their victims or actions. All that is seen is part of his mouth and chin Emmett. He wears this veil while giving his first sermon to teach his congregation about how everyone has secret sin. As the veil increases in power, so does the accompanying gaze, as focused as the gaze of the mesmerist, which similarly increases in power. The gaze both creates and is created by the image as it becomes an icon. All remain frightened and terrified and shudder in his presence Emmett And even on his deathbed there is one more person, the Reverend Mr.

Clark of Westbury, who asks him to remove the veil and leave no shadow on the purity of his memory. In the final paragraph Hawthorne uses the word veiled three times and the phrase veiled corpse twice. And in order to achieve that vision, Hawthorne has created a text that reproduces the many attributes of a mesmeric trance in its increasing intensity of gaze, its susceptibility to strange influences and sympathies, and its description of the awful power seemingly inherent in images become-icons Idol et al Such an experience exists as a kind of warning or self discovery on the part of both reader and writer. As such it precedes the moral and ethical complications and contradictions that occur as a result of the consequences that follow this process.

The subtext of this short story precedes the complex moral questions for which he has become justly famous Idol et al To wrestle only with the moral and ethical questions that he raises would be to miss the true force and focus of his fiction. In sum, themes of guilt, alienation and isolation are expressed through the symbol of veil used as a material object and spiritual barriers between the characters. All rational explanations, observations, and interpretations about the veil fail to provide a final understanding of it. It remains a mysterious emblem both throughout the story and at the end of it, half-created by and half-creating the ritual of gazing that the text has embodied.

The author discovers the psychological compulsion within human perception that compels us—characters, narrator, readers—to worship powerful objects and images. However much the Puritans rely on creeds, logic, and language to control and interpret these images, no sermon or pulpit will ever fully be able to accomplish that task. Boone, N. Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature , 57 : Emmett, P. Idol, J. Cambridge University Press, Need a custom Research Paper sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you?

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Read More Throughout both stories, one sees the theme of secret sin and hypocrisy. That just makes his pupils turn from his teachings and throw them in the trash, My Professional Experience if the teacher himself doesn't Theme Of The Ministers Black Veil by his teachings, why Theme Of The Ministers Black Veil the students. In both Theme Of The Ministers Black Veil they become Benito Mussolini Fascism Analysis downfal of otherwise good men. Hooper's occupation?