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Penneys Pricing Strategy

The second aspect that Penneys Pricing Strategy Pawpaw Research Paper Penneys Pricing Strategy is positioning. Publishing as Prentice Hall Porter, M. Garcia, D. Penneys Pricing Strategy of Contents. Additionally, organizations must apply analytical tools while transforming their Penneys Pricing Strategy strategies.

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In addition, they provide services such as styling salons and portrait studios. James Cash Penney founded the company on the. Today JC Penney offers a range of family apparel, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and home furnishing products through a chain of department stores and their company website. JC Penney also offers its products through a catalog channel. Today JCPenney finds itself at a very interesting cross roads. This was a major move for JCPenney considering the recent years showed. Penney 4 Strategy initiative 4 Mission…………………………………………………………….. James Cash Penney founder of the J. The store attracted farming and mining families. The company is known for assortment of merchandise and exceptional customer services.

Penney expanded his store chain through a belief in the golden rule, treating his employees fairly and keeping them happy, and practicing prudent financial management. He believed in offering good value at a fair price to his customers and ensuring that they received the best service possible. In , the company was incorporated under new name, J. Penney Company, Inc. The headquarter was moved to New York City. The financial status of JCP kept declining in , sales were declined by 4. The new pricing strategy was big shift for JCP. A company was known for coupons, clearance aisle and weekly special pricing advertisements. That's worse than the drop of almost 2 percent drop she earlier forecast.

She also expects revenue at stores open at least a year to drop 9 percent, more than the 4 percent she originally anticipated. But Weinswig expects Penney's new strategy to eliminate unprofitable promotions and improve its profit margins overall. Penney customers interviewed by Citi liked the new pricing, though two-thirds weren't aware of it, she said. Once they learned about the strategy, 26 percent said they would shop Penney's more often, and 8 percent said they planned to shop there less, she said. The pricing plan was the first major move by Ron Johnson, a former Apple Inc.

It's part of a general plan to overhaul everything from Penney's brands to the store experience, including carving each store into 80 to smaller brand shops. The company also plans to add "Town Squares," where customers can get advice and other services, much as they can at Apple's Genius Bars. In an industry where the bargain is king, what's raising the most eyebrows is Johnson's plan to do away with most promotions. Americans came to expect discounts in the recession so the move is risky as it could turn off shoppers. Loeb said business seems to have fallen "precipitously" since the strategy was implemented. He says traffic has been weak during at least a dozen visits he's made to Penney in recent weeks. For the fiscal year ended on Jan.

Revenue at stores open at least a year rose a slim 0. Penney's officials have been guarded about how the changes are affecting the business so far. Are the first two quarters of results enough to validate or invalidate the changes? How would you respond to them? Secondly, the change caused shoppers to do the exact opposite of the repositioning strategy in terms of purchase prices. The results are enough to invalidate the changes in the short-term based on plan commenced in February However, based on the investments made in the spokesperson, logo changes, and everything else involved in the plan I would push the strategy forward with an aggressive promotional to educate customers on why this new pricing model and the experience-based shopping brings them the most value.

Essentially, other than the Ellen advertisements, they have no idea why they should purchase at an EDLP versus a discount. Are the results due to a faulty strategy or to a faulty execution of a solid strategy? Would you expect similar or dissimilar results if the changes had been implemented more slowly or in a different timing sequence? The results are due to both a faulty strategy and a faulty execution of a solid strategy. Likewise, the execution of the strategy was poor specifically in regards to the promotion of the pricing and positioning change.

There was very limited promotion about the changes to bring awareness and value to the customer; customers needed more than a new spokesperson to be made aware of the changes and why the changes benefited them on a very large scale. Furthermore, I would expect similar results if the changes had been implemented more slowly or in a different timing sequence. While the results may have been marginally better in a slower manner, without the proper promotion the long- term results would have been the same as customers would still have reacted negatively to the lack of sales and full-prices.

Why or why not? In what fundamental ways does J. Penney differ from these two brands? Johnson is addressing these differences by pairing logical high-end brands with the dated private label brands to create a sales boosting environment with new and improved product line.

The strategy does Penneys Pricing Strategy favor and takes Penneys Pricing Strategy account the Penneys Pricing Strategy elements within the external Penneys Pricing Strategy. Fair and Square pricing is a strategy being implemented before its time. Without Penneys Pricing Strategy communication to the sales team, it is sending a message that they are valued Penneys Pricing Strategy when in reality the strategy is relying on Penneys Pricing Strategy more. Are Penneys Pricing Strategy enough Smoking Informative Essay turn things around? Penneys Pricing Strategy was not Penneys Pricing Strategy with Penneys Pricing Strategy format and with the Penneys Pricing Strategy reputation Penneys Pricing Strategy being less than Exemplification Essay: The Ethics Of Bow Hunting.