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Negative Effects Of Disneys Sleeping Beauty

Fantasia was Negative Effects Of Disneys Sleeping Beauty released as Negative Effects Of Disneys Sleeping Beauty theatrical roadshow that was held in Negative Effects Of Disneys Sleeping Beauty cities across the U. Pardue apprehended Nixon Negative Effects Of Disneys Sleeping Beauty the nearby Neighbors store. The compromise was that it finally women in king lear out standard with dimensional sound. We Negative Effects Of Disneys Sleeping Beauty to move Second Trimester Miscarriage: A Case Study. Its story closely follows Jeffrey Dahmer: The Serial Killer descriptions that Mussorgsky had written on his Negative Effects Of Disneys Sleeping Beauty score of the tone poem.

5 Dreamy Details You Need to Know about Sleeping Beauty

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Segments were color-keyed scene by scene, so the colors in a single shot would harmonize between proceeding and following ones. Before a segment's narrative pattern was complete, an overall color scheme was designed to the general mood of the music and patterned to correspond with the development of the subject matter. The studio's character model department would also sculpt three-dimensional clay models so the animators could view their subjects from all angles. Disney wanted to experiment with more sophisticated sound recording and reproduction techniques for Fantasia. We wanted to reproduce such beautiful masterpieces In addition, the stage was altered acoustically with double plywood semi-circular partitions that separated the orchestra into five sections to increase reverberation.

Though Fantasia's production developed, the setup used for The Sorcerer's Apprentice was abandoned for different multi-channel recording arrangements. On January 18, , Stokowski signed an eighteen-month contract with Disney to conduct the remaining pieces with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Recording began that April and lasted for seven weeks at the Academy of Music, the orchestra's home, which was chosen for its excellent acoustics. Thirty-three microphones were placed around the orchestra in the recording sessions that captured the music onto eight optical sound recording machines placed in the hall's basement. Each one represented an audio channel that focused on a different section of instruments: cellos and basses, violins, brass, violas, and woodwinds, and timpani.

The seventh channel was a combination of the first six, while the eighth provided an overall sound of the orchestra at a distance. A ninth was later added to provide a click track function for the animators to time their drawings to the music. In the forty-two days of recording, , feet of film was used. When the finished recordings arrived at the studio, a meeting was held on July 14, , to allow the artists working on each segment to listen to Stokowski's arrangements and suggest alterations in the sound to work more effectively with their designs.

The Disney brothers contacted David Sarnoff of RCA regarding the manufacture of a new system that would "create the illusion that the actual symphony orchestra is playing in the theater". Sarnoff backed out at first due to financial reasons but agreed in July to make the equipment so long as the Disneys could hold down the estimated , dollars in costs. Though it was not exactly known how to achieve their goal, engineers at Disney and RCA investigated many ideas and tests made with various equipment setups. The collaboration led to the development of Fantasound , a pioneering stereophonic surround sound system which innovated some processes widely used today, including simultaneous multi-track recording, overdubbing, and noise reduction. Fantasound employed two projectors running at the same time.

With one containing the picture film with a mono soundtrack for backup purposes, the other ran a sound film that was mixed from the eight tracks recorded at the Academy to four: three of which contained the audio for the left, center, and right stage speakers respectively, while the fourth became a control track with amplitude and frequency tones that drove variable-gain amplifiers to control the volume of the three audio tracks. In addition were three "house" speakers placed on the left, right, and center of the auditorium that derived from the left and right stage channels, which acted as surround channels. Finally, as the original recording was captured at almost peak modulation to increase the signal-to-noise ratio, the control track was used to restore the dynamics to where Stokowski thought they should be.

For this, a tone-operated gain-adjusting device was built to control the levels of each of the three audio tracks through the amplifiers. The illusion of sound traveling across the speakers was achieved with a device named the "pan pot", which directed the predetermined movement of each audio channel with the control track. Mixing the soundtrack required six people to operate the various pan pots in real-time, while Stokowski directed each level and pan change marked on his musical score.

Disney ordered eight three-color oscillators from the newly-established Hewlett-Packard company to monitor the recording levels at lower frequencies, a predecessor from VU meters used today. Between the individual takes, prints, and remakes, approximately three million feet of sound film was used in the production of Fantasia. Almost a fifth of the film's budget was spent on its recording techniques. RKO balked at the idea of distributing Fantasia , which is described as a "longhair musical", and believed its duration of two hours and five minutes plus intermission was too long for a general release.

It relaxed its exclusive distribution contract with Disney, which wanted a more prestigious exhibit in the form of a limited-run roadshow attraction. Thirteen roadshows were held across the United States, each involving two daily screenings with seat reservations booked in advance at higher prices and a fifteen-minute intermission. Disney hired film salesman Irving Ludwig to manage the first eleven engagements, who was given specific instructions regarding each aspect of the film's presentation, including the setup of outside theater marquees and curtain and lighting cues.

Patrons were taken to their seats by staff hired and trained by Disney and were given a program booklet illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa. The Disneys had secured a year's lease with the venue that was fully equipped with Fantasound, which took personnel a week working around the clock to install. Ticket demand was so great that eight telephone operators were employed to handle the extra calls while the adjoining store was rented out to cater the box office bookings. Fantasia ran at the Broadway for forty-nine consecutive weeks, the longest run achieved by a film at the time. Its run continued for a total of fifty-seven weeks until February 28, The remaining twelve roadshows were held throughout , which included a thirty-nine week run at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles from January Fantasia broke the long-run record at the venue in its twenty-eighth week; a record previously held by Gone with the Wind.

Its eight-week run at the Fulton Theatre in Pittsburgh attracted over 50, people with reservations being made from cities located one hundred miles from the venue. In addition, the onset of the Second World War prevented plans for a potential release in Europe, normally the source of as much as forty-five percent of the studio's income. Up to eighty-eight engagements were outlined across five years, but wartime demands for material limited the number of Fantasound prints to sixteen. All but one of the Fantasound setups were dismantled and given to the war effort.

Upon acquiring the film's distribution rights in April , RKO initially continued the roadshow booking policy but presented the film in mono, which was easier to exhibit. Disney allowed RKO to handle the general release of Fantasia but fought their decision to have the film cut. He gave in as the studio needed as much income as possible to remedy its finances, but refused to cut it himself: "You can get anybody you want to edit it I can't do it. Fantasia was re-released in January at more popular prices with a mono soundtrack and was placed on the lower half of double bills with the Western film Valley of the Sun.

RKO reissued Fantasia once more on September 1, , with the animated sequences complete and the scenes of Taylor, Stokowski, and the orchestra restored but shortened. Its running time was restored to one hour and fifty-five minutes. This edit would be the standard form for subsequent re-releases and was the basis for the restoration. By , the original sound negatives began to deteriorate, though a four-track copy had survived in good condition. Using the remaining Fantasound system at the studio, a three-track stereo copy was transferred across telephone wires onto the magnetic film at an RCA facility in Hollywood. This copy was used when Fantasia was reissued in stereo by Buena Vista Distribution in SuperScope, a derivative of the anamorphic widescreen CinemaScope format, on February 7, The projector featured an automatic control mechanism designed by Disney engineers that was coupled to a variable anamorphic lens, which allowed the picture to switch between its Academy standard aspect ratio of 1.

This was achieved by placing the cues that controlled the mechanism on a separate track in addition to the three audio channels. Only selected parts of the animation were stretched, while all live action scenes remained unchanged. This reissue garnered some criticism from viewers, as the widescreen format led to the cropping and reframing of the images. On February 20, , Fantasia was re-released in both standard and SuperScope versions with stereo sound, though existing records are unclear.

Its running time was fifty-six seconds longer than the previous issue, which is unexplained. This was the final release that occurred before Disney's death in The film was promoted with a psychedelic-styled advertising campaign, and it became popular among teenagers and college students who were reported to have taken drugs for a psychedelic experience. Animator Ollie Johnston recalled that young people "thought we were on a trip when we made it I myself was addicted to Ex-Lax and Feen-a-Mint," which were both laxatives. The release is also noted for the controversial removal of four scenes from The Pastoral Symphony over racial stereotyping.

Fantasia was issued on a regular basis, typically for exhibition in art houses in college towns, until the mids. The film was reissued nationwide once more on April 15, , this time with simulated stereo sound. It had not been removed earlier as the credit sequence would have required being re-shot. A two-and-a-half-minute reduction in the film's running time in this version remains unclear in existing records. For the and releases, Disney presented Fantasia with a completely new soundtrack recorded in Dolby Stereo. First released on April 2, , this version of the film marked the first time a film's soundtrack had been digitally re-recorded in its entirety.

To replace Stokowski's recordings, the noted film conductor Irwin Kostal was engaged. To maintain continuity with the animation Kostal based his performance on the tempos and pacing of the Stokowski recordings, including the cuts and revisions to The Rite of Spring. However, for Night on Bald Mountain , he used Mussorgsky's original orchestration instead of Leopold Stokowski's own edition that was part of the original soundtrack. The new recording also corrected a two-frame lag in projection caused by the old recording techniques used in the s. Deems Taylor's scenes were deleted and a much briefer voiceover narration was recorded by Hugh Douglas as the studio felt the modern audience "is more sophisticated and knowledgeable about music.

For its fiftieth anniversary, Fantasia returned to theaters nationwide on October 5, , in its traditional version, including the live-action scenes with Taylor and the original Stokowski score. The film underwent a two-year restoration process which began after a six-month search to piece together the original negatives that had been in storage since Since then, this marked the first time that a release of the film had been processed from the original and not from a copy. Each of its , frames was restored at YCM Laboratories, and an untouched print from was used for guidance on color and tone. Theaters were required to have specific stereo equipment installed and to present the film in its original 1. The Stokowski soundtrack was digitally remastered using the magnetic soundtrack, with an estimated three thousand pops and hisses being removed in the process.

Disney considered releasing a multi-disc rpm record album of Fantasia's soundtrack in conjunction with the film's roadshow release, but this idea was not realized. The soundtrack was ultimately released as a three-record LP set in sixteen countries by Disneyland Records in under the catalog number WDX Disney was required to obtain permission from Stokowski, who initially rejected the deal unless the Philadelphia Orchestra Association received a share of the royalties.

With nearly two hours of music, the Fantasia soundtrack album is the longest soundtrack album ever released of a Disney film. The Fantasia soundtrack album contains all of the musical selections but none of the commentary from the film. After stereo LPs became possible, Buena Vista Records released a stereo version of the soundtrack album. The original soundtrack was remastered and issued as a two-disc CD set by Walt Disney Records in It eventually sold , copies.

This was re-released in In , Buena Vista Records also released a two-disc edition of the re-recorded soundtrack conducted by Irwin Kostal. Fantasia has received three home video releases. The first, featuring the restored theatrical version, was released on VHS and laserdisc on November 1, , as part of the " Walt Disney Classics " line. The day release prompted 9. The "Deluxe Edition" package included the film, a "making of" feature, a commemorative lithograph, a page booklet, a two-disc soundtrack of the Stokowski score and a certificate of authenticity signed by Roy E.

Disney , the nephew of Walt. Fantasia became the biggest-selling sell-through cassette of all time with The record was surpassed by Beauty and the Beast in December This version was also released as a DVD in , outside of the U. In November , Fantasia was released on video for the second time, this time along with Fantasia , on DVD with 5. The films were issued both separately and in a three-disc set called The Fantasia Anthology. A variety of bonus features were included on the bonus disc, The Fantasia Legacy.

This edition attempted to follow as closely as possible the runtime and format of the original roadshow version, and included additional restored live-action footage of Taylor and the orchestra, including the bookends to the film's intermission. Since the release, Deems Taylor's voice was re-recorded throughout by Corey Burton because most of the audio tracks to Taylor's restored scenes had deteriorated to the point that they could no longer be used.

The version of Fantasia featured a new restoration by Reliance MediaWorks and a new sound restoration but was editorially identical to the version. This marked the first time the roadshow version was released in Europe. Fantasia was withdrawn from release and returned to the " Disney Vault " moratorium on April 30, , along with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio. Among those at the film's premiere was film critic Bosley Crowther of The New York Times , who noted that "motion-picture history was made last night Fantasia dumps conventional formulas overboard and reveals the scope of films for imaginative excursion As the music sweeps to a climax, it froths over the proscenium arch, boils into the rear of the theater, all but prances up and down the aisles.

Pribble left amazed at the "brilliantly-attired audience", while Tinee felt the film was "beautiful It is stupendous. It is colossal. It is an overwhelmingly ambitious orgy of color, sound, and imagination. Those who adopted a more negative view were mostly music critics who resisted the idea of presenting classical music with visual images, arguing that doing so would rob the musical pieces of their integrity.

As Stokowski feared, some critics were particularly turned off by the film's depiction of The Pastoral Symphony. When a person is not sleeping, he or she is likely to be moving from room to room and not restricted to that single location, the fire official explained. Brannock said that with the bad economy, some people might be pulling kerosene or electric heaters out of the mothballs which havent been used recently, increasing the need for maintenance or repairs. It might be more convenient, and less-costly, to undertake such work on a do-it-yourself basis or to recruit the aid of a friend or family member.

However, Brannock said that relying on experienced professionals for any heating-relating work regardless of source is always best in the long run. Were all guilty of getting the wrong people to do it sometimes, the fire chief said of such tasks. Weve all done it. Since carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas, the fire chief encourages the use of alarms that detect its presence.

However, those devices are no substitute for proper use and upkeep of appliances that produce carbon monoxide. Another important precaution involves not using gasoline in a kerosene heater. Never mix and match, said Brannock, who added that fuel containers should be clearly identified to avoid mistakes. Heating fires are said to account for 36 percent of residential home blazes in rural areas every year.

Woodstove Precautions With concerns over petroleum prices also prompting more people to turn to wood as a heating source, either in woodstoves or fireplaces, other safety measures exist for it, Brannock said. One of the big dangers associated with woodstoves is the buildup of creosote, which can be prevented by using well-seasoned hardwood with a low moisture content. Slow burning or incomplete combustion can cause the tar-like flammable substance to collect in the flue, and possibly lead to a chimney fire. Fire-resistant materials should be used on walls around woodstoves. Along with following manufacturers guidelines on the safe operation of stoves, Brannock advises having chimneys and fireplaces periodically inspected and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep, who also can make any needed repairs.

One of the reasons for this is the possibility of cracks in the chimney which a homeowner might not be able to pinpoint without a full inspection, he said. Masonry, for example, can weaken over time, possibly forming open areas where flames can ignite surrounding structures. With fireplaces, the use of protective metal-mesh screens is encouraged to prevent sparks from being discharged and to keep children or pets away from the flames. Cardboard boxes, trash or debris should never be burned in a fireplace or woodstove. Meanwhile, firewood should be stacked outdoors at least 30 feet away from the home. While less dangers are associated with other types of heating sources, the Mount Airy Fire Department recommends having all heating systems inspected and serviced by a professional technician near the beginning of each heating season.

Smoke Alarms Brannock reminded that if a fire does occur, a smoke alarm can be worth its weight in gold in terms of saving lives. The Mount Airy Fire Department advises installing detectors on every level of a home and in all bedrooms. Alarms should be tested monthly to make sure they are working properly, and new batteries installed at least once a year.

Smoke alarms more than 10 years old should be replaced, local fire officials say. They also point out that sleeping children might not wake up to the sound of a smoke alarm, so it is a good idea to expose them to the alarm so they will recognize it and respond appropriately in an emergency. While the rest of the country begins a new year on Jan. Though January brings the beginning of a new semester and not a new year, area officials still have some goals in mind for what they would like to accomplish with what is left of this year and the first half of the next school year. I think we had a very successful , said Dr. All of our schools met high growth rates, we were the district with the eighth highest graduation rate, our football team won the state championship and the U.

News and World Report listed us as one of Americas best high schools. We were in the top two percent in the state. Hartness perhaps has a unique perspective on the past year because he began his position as superintendent in January Its been one year since I started and I have thoroughly enjoyed this school system and this community, he said. For , the city schools hope to continue to focus on academic excellence and preparing students to be successful either in college or in the workplace by starting that preparation in kindergarten.

We will be examining the courses we offer and choosing those that are interesting to students and that also meet the demands of the area, he said. I think we had a very successful year and want to continue that success. Surry County Schools will also be focusing on academics in the coming year with new initiatives which they have begun to implement and will continue to expand through the next school year. The one-to-one laptop initiative is falling into place to begin a pilot program for seventh graders. The use of the Rosetta Stone language software has also begun with third through fifth graders choosing to take either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. The Early College High School of Design will also be entering its fourth year with the school year.

The new class will increase the total at the school to students. We had a very successful school year in which we just finalized the results for, said Dr. Ashley Hinson, superintendent of Surry County Schools. This year we hope to improve upon what the students did academically. Another major undertaking the county schools will be facing in the coming year is the construction of two new schools. A new elementary school in Dobson as well as a new middle school in Pilot Mountain will begin soon.

Hopefully by Dec. They are also involved in an option to purchase the Reece Building in Dobson to use as a storage facility as well as for technology, child nutrition and staff development uses. Hopefully in the next 60 days we can finalize that and then whatever time it takes to ready that building, he said, referring to the approval necessary from the county commissioners for funds for the building. There will also continue to be a focus on child nutrition and improving the health and wellness of students. For all the school districts, the main focus will be on how to achieve more with less financially, he said, referring to the continued decrease in funding provided to education from the state. Youve watched the ball drop on past New Years Eves, perhaps youve toasted each year in with a taste of champagne and a kiss, but this year youre looking for something a little different.

A number of area churches will be offering special services and activities to bring in The service at Willow Hill will begin with a pizza dinner and games for all ages starting at 5 p. The activities will take on a more serious tone as midnight approaches, with the formal service beginning at p. As the new year strikes, those attending can celebrate the changing of the calendar with communion. At Grace Moravian, the more traditional Watch Night service will be held beginning at p. The youth department there will be holding a service beginning at 8 p. There will also be food, games, and other activities.

Of course, for those not necessarily predisposed to spend the holiday in church, there are a wide range of activities going on in the area. Doors to the event open at p. Hors doeuvres will be served during the evening, with breakfast and champagne served at midnight. To reserve tickets, call The event will include activities throughout the evening for kids in the upstairs gallery. The incident, discovered Monday at the home of John Walter Vaughan, resulted in the theft of a Stihl leaf blower and a heater from Vaughans garage. The case remains open for further investigation.

Loss-prevention personnel at the store allegedly saw McCollie concealing items inside a diaper bag. She is scheduled to appear in Surry District Court on Jan. Ronald Matthew Speaks, 39, of Brooklen Ave. This led to the seizure of six weapons, including two gauge single-shot shotguns, a gauge double-barrel shotgun, two. He is facing a Jan. The case is listed as inactive. The state license plate agency in Mount Airy, which closed on Sept. The Mount Airy license-plate office had been at N. Its closing was due to the July 31 retirement of the long-time contracting agent for the office, Ruth Hawks of Mount Airy, who has been on the job for 35 years.

As it now stands, local residents have to travel to other license agencies in either Dobson or Elkin to obtain plates or stickers and receive other services such as the processing of title applications. In the past month, however, things have slowed down. It was very busy right after they closed, but it has slowed down some since then. I think it is the time of year, and I think Raleigh understands that. December is a slower time of the year than other months, Brendle said. She said that a new office in Mount Airy should be opening in February. My understanding is that they will have somebody sometime in February.

Thats what they have told me. They have got to be trained before the office can open. My understanding is that they have selected a site and everything is on go, Brendle said. Ive not really been told anything definite, but there will be one coming around the first of February. They are going to wait until after the first of the year to start training. North Carolinas license-plate offices are contracted to private individuals rather than having them manned by state employees. The N. Division of Motor Vehicles in Raleigh will announce who will win the bid to be the new contractor in two weeks, officials said this week.

A proposal to allow an occupancy tax to be collected in Surry County, which died in the state Legislature last spring, could be resurrected in an upcoming General Assembly session. The proposal was derailed in Raleigh in May during a short session of state lawmakers, due to all members of the local legislative delegation not agreeing on the introduction of a bill to make it a reality. Rules of the short session required all General Assembly members who represent a certain area, such as Surry, to agree on proposed legislation affecting that locality.

While it was strongly backed by Rep. Don East opted not to sign off on the measure, effectively derailing the proposals consideration this year. However, when the Legislature reconvenes in late January for its next regular, long session, those rules requiring total support by the delegation will not be in effect. Since the short session, Mount Airy attorney Sarah Stevens has been elected to the 90th District House of Representatives seat occupied by Harrell, and could submit a proposal for the county occupancy tax to be considered by the Legislature.

I have been approached about it, said Stevens, who at last report was weighing all the pros and cons of the matter before making a firm commitment. Stevens was asked to introduce the occupancy-tax legislation by Paul Johnson, a member of the Surry County Board of Commissioners. Surrys four municipalities, which all have occupancy taxes, were able to gain approval for theirs in the past due to bills being filed during long legislative sessions. The county commissioners have approved charging those who stay in hotels, motels or bed and breakfast establishments outside the municipalities a 6-percent tax, subject to approval in the General Assembly.

By law, such proceeds must be used to increase tourism in the locality where they are collected. Stevens pledged to explore the matter fully before lending her support to the occupancy tax in the upcoming session. That will include consulting with East, she said. The Pilot Mountain Republican also said he thought it was unfair to slap visitors to the county with an extra charge, after they already have invested money on gas and other expenses to come here in the first place. Im sort of opposed to taxes, too, said Stevens, who during her campaign identified overtaxation as the No. However, she said the occupancy-tax proposal has some merit due to the fact it would not be levied on county residents, but those who come in from outside. Her eventual position on the Surry occupancy tax will be decided after she researches all the issues involved, Stevens said.

Occupancy-tax legislation may be introduced Tom Joyce Staff Reporter. It may be the holidays, but Mount Airy and East Surrys boys and girls basketball teams are lacing up their sneakers again this year for the Granite City Classic to be played at Mount Airy Monday and Tuesday. Mount Airys girls basketball team plays takes on Carroll County on Monday at 7 p. Mount Airy girls basketball coach Howard Mayo is happy with the way his team, currently overall, is playing heading into the Classic.

I think were seeing improvement in our team, Mayo said. We have different people giving us different contributions on different nights, and thats a good thing. Mayo likes his team having the opportunity to play different competition. It gives us a chance to compete against good caliber teams, Mayo said of the Classic. Both Patrick and Carroll County are over.

This will give us the chance to gauge ourselves versus different competition you dont normally get to see. Jordan Hiatt currently leads the Lady Granite Bears in scoring. She averages 11 points per game and is currently averaging about five assists per game. East Surrys girls basketball team tips off the Classic Monday at 4 p. East Surry coach Robert Smith said after its game with the Trojans that hes happy with where his team is. After the Bishop McGuinness game, our goal was to get to before Christmas break, he said. We knew we had some tough opponents. It was a long week, playing three games in four days. The girls did a great job. On the boys side at Mount Airy , Wade Moody has lit up the scoreboard several times this season.

Last Saturday, Moody dropped 27 points in the bucket against a tough Cherryville team as the Bears sprinted to an win. For Moody, that came after scoring 29 points against Surry Central and 27 points against North Surry earlier this season. Mount Airy boys basketball coach Kevin Spainhour was very pleased with his teams most recent win against Cherryville. They are pushing each other and thats what is so great about us, he said. I think in the first half we played probably 12 guys. That depth is something that we feel like we can continue to grow.

East Surrys boys basketball team plays Patrick County Monday at p. The Cardinals then face Union Pines on Tuesday at 4 p. Despite a rocky start for the defending Northwest 1-A Conference champs, East Surry coach Jason Anderson likes the way his team is playing. Were playing pretty well right now, Anderson said. Weve played well all year long; we just havent gotten our shots to go down, but I like the team. Weve played well and definitely been competitive in every ballgame weve played in. Its just one of those things where we could turn the corner and go the other way. I know a little bit about Patrick County, Anderson said.

Union Pines is bringing lots of kids back from year before. Our team played Patrick during the summertime. Ive talked a lot with their coach, Keith Gunter. The Granite City Classic full schedule follows. East Surry, 4 p. Mount Airy vs. Carroll County, 7 p. Boys Basketball Patrick County vs. East Surry, p. Union Pines, p. Patrick County, p. Girls Basketball Carroll County vs. Patrick County, 7 p. Spainhour said the alumni game was started to build the foundation that is Mount Airy basketball. We started this last year with the hopes of just getting together the foundation that is Mount Airy basketball, Spainhour said. Mount Airy basketball dates well back beyond the s.

Last year, we had two guys play who were from the state championship team of the s, including Ernie Nester. We had Jim Forest, who is now a coach on the junior varsity basketball coach play. Hes a late s graduate of Mount Airy. Spainhour said Forest taught him a lot about the tradition known as Mount Airy basketball. Jim has brought a wealth of knowledge to me about the history of Mount Airy basketball, Spainhour said. Well get these guys together and hopefully, we can make it an annual event. It allows the guys to feel like theyre still a part of the program. It also gives them a chance to see the history and the passion Mount Airy has. Around 15 players are expected to compete in this years alumni game. Twelve competed last year.

Ive heard from quite a few, so Im thinking were gonna have around 15 players, Spainhour said. Older alumni expected include Kevin Hill and Anthony Joyce. Spainhour is also expecting Levi Goins to play in this years game. Goins is a member of the Granite Bears state championship basketball team. McKenzie Sumner played for Mount Airys varsity basketball team through his senior season in I think its just a lot of fun to see guys you havent seen in a while, former Granite Bear McKenzie Sumner, now a senior at North Carolina said.

To get back with everybody and just play, back in , I had close contact with everybody. Wed practice three hours a day. You become close to everybody. Its good to get back and catch up with everybody. Sumner believes the alumni game gives former Bears a sense of school pride. This is the second year weve done this, and its a good idea to keep everybody in touch with the program. It gives us a sense of school pride that you belong to a program. I take pride in that. Sumner will suit up on Saturday. Former Granite Bear Anthony Joyce, who will also play Saturday, said the alumni game is like a family reunion. It brings back a lot of memories, Joyce said. We had a fun group of guys. We all grew up playing basketball as kids, so its like a family reunion.

Joyces senior season was the season, just one year before Mount Airy won it all. I graduated in , Joyce said. I played varsity for two years. I played with Richard Joyce the year before they won the championship. We had already graduated. A former all-conference Bear, Joyce said his greatest memory was going toe-to-toe with Duke star basketball player J. My biggest memory I have was playing against J.

Reddick, Joyce said. Man, he was a good player, a fantastic shooter… Our coach knew his team was really good at the time, so he set it up, and we played at home. The gym was packed. Everyone came out to watch that game. Spainhour is hopeful many people will come out to see the event. Its a really fun event, Spainhour concluded. Were having an open practice prior to the game where parents and alumni can come for varsity parctice. Its an all-around good event. Mount Airys boys basketball program has four state championship titles to its credit: , , and William Bill Adams Sr. She was born Jan. Adams practiced nursing over the years until having to leave her job at Central Continuing Care to take care of her husband.

Adams was very much loved by her family and friends, never met a stranger, and always was there to lend a hand or a kind word of support. A graveside service will be held 2 p. Sunday, Dec. The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 p. East Surrys girls used a strong overall showing to pull away from Carroll County Va. Kelsey Long led the Cardinals with 11 points and also picked up all-tournament honors with fellow teammate Courtney Simmons. The Cardinals came out strong, leading the Cavaliers at the end of the first quarter behind Long and Simmons. A small run by Carroll in the early goings of the second quarter came when East turned the ball over on several possessions.

The Cardinals took a lead into half-time, with eight different players putting up 2 points or more. East Surry stretched their lead in the second half behind increased defensive intensity, with Carroll turnovers leading to easy baskets for the Cardinals. Long went down hard in the third quarter on her elbow and did not return, taking away a vital cog for the Cardinals. After Simmons had torched Patrick Co. Kaitlin Viairs led Carroll with 16 points in the loss, with Kayla Goins adding 5 points. Goins was chosen to the Granite City Classics all tournament team for her performances Monday and Tuesday. East Surry coach Robert Smith said while his team came away with two wins during the holiday tournament, he thinks the Cardinals need work to return to the form they showed earlier in the season.

I thought we came out with a little more effort and intensity in the second half, not a lot, Smith said. These two nights, I dont know if its the Christmas break or what, but I think we have regressed a bit from where we were a week ago. But hopefully well get things straightened out before we get back in our conference. Give Carroll County credit, they are scrappy, they play hard even when they are a little depleted with their personnel. Bullington 2, Nichols 2, Marshall 2, Shuff 2. Brown told the group that bringing a medium security prison would be a win-win situation in Surry County.

As we watch jobs close up and leave the county, the prison will bring new jobs to the area. Jobs that will be recession proof, Brown said. Brown said that a committee that is supporting the prison is hoping to approach the state legislature sometime in January. He said Surry County is in the running along with Rockingham County. If we can get this prison to come here, we will be able to hire people right away to start construction on the facility. The actual facility would cover about 30 acres, but must be located on at least acres of land. Construction would take about two years, Brown said.

Brown explained that in addition to the work that would be provided by the prison, roads would need to be built, water and sewer lines would need to be expanded. He said the prison would employ to full-time workers who would receive full benefits from the state. This will be a big boost to our economy, he said. Brown said that not only would the prison help the job market by hiring workers, he said Surry Community College would need to expand training and other local businesses would benefit as well. Its more money for our economy. It will be more work for local attorneys, because if you are in there, you will want to file appeals to try to get out. Its more money for local motels and restaurants. When grandma comes to visit, she will need a place to stay and somewhere to eat.

Visitors will even walk downtown and get a pork chop sandwich, maybe even take a squad-car tour, Brown said as laughter erupted concerning the squad-car tours for people visiting inmates. Brown assured the group that potential jail breaks would not be a problem for Surry County. When we visited the facility in Alexander County we observed the security practices.

Since that facility has been in operation, they have never had a prison break. And if someone did break out, they are certainly not going to go down on Main Street and whistle at the women. They are going to try get back home get out of the state as soon as possible, Brown said. Brown said yes, all inmates are required to have some type of job. At the Alexander County facility, the inmates make office furniture. Kate Appler, executive director for the United Fund of Surry, asked if the facility had been defined as far as security goes. Brown said the facility would be a medium security prison. Sue Brownfield asked if Surry County is still in the running to get the prison after hearing rumors that the county had lost the bid.

Brown said We are certainly not out of the running. Laura Whorton asked if a proposed site had been named. Brown answered by saying, The county will have to purchase the land. There are many sites that are proposed. I have had phone calls from people who have land for sale to the county for this. Albert Blackmon asked Brown who will give the presentation to the state legislators. The core committee that has set up to work on this will approach the state legislators, Brown said. Burke Robertson asked how political of a decision will it be for state lawmakers.

I didnt think it was going to be political at all. But I was wrong. I found out that state politics is very political, Brown said. Many of you have already given me letters of support. We really do need these letters so that we can put these in our presentation. We are dangling with the idea with getting the governor -elect to come to Mount Airy. Whether she will do it or not, we dont know. But I do need letters from every citizen, every business, church groups and other clubs anyone who wants to support this, Brown said. Local author Wanda Urbanska asked if having a prison in Surry County would be seen as a positive or negative for the area. In all of the cases I have read about there has been a positive effect. Ive tried to do the research on that.

But what I have found is that it is better to have a bird in the hand than 12 on the bush out there, Brown concluded. While the number of visitors coming to Mount Airy and the surrounding area has decreased since August, local tourism officials say that doesnt mean that tourism isnt still a vital contributor to economic profit in the area. Its simply a reflection of the tough economic times. Since the Visitor Center opened its doors at the Chamber of Commerce in , it has greeted more than , visitors. According to a report released by the Chamber of Commerce last month, the number of visitors steadily increased until August of this year when the center saw only 6,, which was about less people than it did in July.

September saw a total of 6, visitors which was people less than September October saw almost 1, less than October , and November saw more than less than November As of Tuesday night, the numbers for December had not been completed. Decreased numbers are also evident in the revenue generated from the occupancy tax, which dropped 9. Jessica Icenhour, the Director of Tourism at the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce, who compiled the report, listed the declining economy and high gas prices as factors contributing to the decrease of visitors to the area.

All the travel forecast point to the economy as playing a role, she said. I think numbers will be higher come She added that on Monday the center had counted visitors for that entire day, indicating a larger number than average for daily visitors. According to the tourism report, the monthly average of visitors from July to November was 6, which comes to about people a day. Now that the price of gas has gone down, people are taking more day trips than night trips, she said. Our visitors are leisure visitors. Both Oberle and Icenhour said that Mount Airy and the surrounding area lends itself to the casual traveler because of its variety of low cost fun. Were promoting authenticity, we must be authentic in our role, she explained about the branding process.

What we present must actually be the reality of what people experience here and what we are. Moving forward for Completing the branding process, which includes branding both Surry County and its hospitality industry, are the goals that Oberle said she sees the Tourism Partnership focusing on in the upcoming year. Were extremely pleased with how weve been able to put together the partnership, she said. Everyone recognizes that tourism is critical to economic prosperity, and weve received full fledged support from other organizations. Its a milestone to see this level of cooperation. In that union of NC STEP, known as the Surry Cluster, Oberle said the members developed a camaraderie that spurred an initiative to start the organization after they disagreed with the county, who wanted to create a similar organization like the Partnership.

The countys organization would have taken 50 percent of the revenue generated from the areas occupancy tax, which is six percent, from each participating muncipalitythe Tourism Partnership only collects a third of that revenue. The credit really goes to the three municipalities working together on NC STEP, said Oberle, adding that she believed the Tourism Partnership was one of the only organizations of its kind in the state, and one of few in the country. It was a strategic goal to promote tourism in a collective manner. We didnt have the leverage to do what we wanted to do, so we had an idea to form strategic partnership. We had to move fast. I knew because of the NC STEP relationships, the mayors, town mangers and other leaders from all four towns were in all complete agreement about forming the partnership.

We didnt think collecting 50 percent was necessary, we thought we could do it for less. The revenue received from each municipality helps cover advertising costs and other methods of promoting tourism. One of the initiatives Oberle hopes to sponsor in the upcoming year is a Familiarity Tour, in which those working in small businesses related to the hospitality industry would receive on the spot training that offers the Surry brand of hospitality, Oberle said. One of our priorities is getting the hospitality committee back together, and to begin to put tactical actions in place which will include FAM tours for key hospitality locations, and other hospitality businesses that have high guests contact. It will be a travel road show that takes hospitality training directly to restaurants, conveniences stores, retails, cafes and smaller operations that couldnt afford to send people off site.

One of the key things is to establish our own brand of hospitality that makes a statement of what exists here, were not trying to change anybody here, but to heighten peoples sense about what brings people here. Were already good, we know we can get even better, we want to perpetuate that. Oberle, who is a Canadian by birth, worked in Florida with Disney for 27 years before moving to Pilot Mountain five years ago.

She sums up her experience living in Surry County as one that has been filled with friendly faces and helping handsits one that she thinks best represents the area, and that the branding company MadCat will help distinguish as Surry Countys own identity. Ive been impressed with the genuine warmth and friendliness in the county and beyond our borders, she said. The willingness for people to be helpful and go out of way to help you, along with that small town feel, that family feelits what Ive heard tourists say, too.

We want to embellish that and capitalize on that, and get people in the community and in hospitality jobs on that, we want them to understand how that builds customer loyalty and brings people back. Local tourism director Jessica Icenhour said her focus for the new year will be promoting the variety of activities that Mount Airy and the surrounding area offers such as biking, canoeing, wining and dining, among others. Whether visitors are Mayberry enthusiasts or a lover of wines or even looking to get hitched, she said the Visitors Center has a host of travel packages on its Web site, www.

I think we are definitely going to the focus on packages, its a niche market, she said. In an effort to blur the state lines and integrate both states, the group branded the region as The Cascade Highlands. Chris Knopf, the assistant county manager for economic development in Surry County, who also serves on the board of directors for the organization, couldnt be reached Tuesday afternoon, but said in an earlier interview that he expects the Cascade Highlands to have a director in place at the start of the new year and a Web site for the organization.

The following are scores from the leagues first two days Dec. Alexis France led a balanced scoring effort for Wallys with six points. Asherah Smith led Olympia with 11 points. Ben Hinson led Piedmont with 18 points, and Zach Allen tossed in 12 points. On Day 2, the Senior Hoop Boys division saw plenty of action on the hardwood. Worth Honda took home a win against Rockford Medical. Shockley led Rockford Medical with 10 points. Gavin Taylor led Frank Welch with 11 points. Mountain Valley nipped Surry Chemical Austin Pardue scored 10 points to lead Mountain Valley. Jackson Heath scored 11 points to lead Surry Chemical. Ian Holder led the Builders with 25 points. Food Lion bought itself a victory over Shikora.

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