⚡ Personal Narrative: Its All About Helping The Little Guys

Friday, December 03, 2021 2:54:50 PM

Personal Narrative: Its All About Helping The Little Guys

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What is in your hands You have a job even though it is small But be cheerful and grateful for what you have I understand that you have dreams to achieve; but create SMART goals at least the ones you can achieve now Professional courses there are thousands that offer for free like Alison and Udemy.. Do those free one first, acquire more skills, apply for remote jobs to add to your current job and make more money You are tech savvvy then search for remote job on linked-in Stop wallowing in pity party Draw up a realistic budget based on your salary and set aside money for your basic upkeep Whoever you are swatting with, ask that they give you some time to find your feet, Contribute no matter how little for housekeeping When you start complaining, you won't see your little winnings and blessings Continue applying for jobs one day God will do it Nigeria is a tough place and it is no easy for anyone so don't link it with anything spiritual Be close to God, pray and Believe in him while you push for a better job You will get a job even you never expected and you remember today and laugh at yourself Cheer up girl..

Network with people, luck will smile on you soon All the best.. You are even lucky you are younger. Keep complaining inugo. I don't know whoever taught you that one only fasts or study the Scriptures or prays when one needs a well paying job? Whoever it was lied to you. Do you only relate with your earthly father when you are in need? These things you listed are the things that constitute the life of a follower of Christ. Seek first the Kingdom of God the salvation of your soul and the rest will be added to you. Be greatful to God for life and always give thanks to him, it will push him to do more.

Hmmmm, my dear you need to be grateful to God ooo. I have a federal job in one of the courts in Naija, my basic salary is 44k, after all kinda deductions I'm left with 32k. If I have ur kind of job ehn, I'll keep thanking God. You must be an ingrate, here I'm earning 46k with crazy accommodation fee. I wish I have the opportunity to squat with someone,most times I trek to work because of just tfare, you can even save and you have the boldness to complain, I'm left with nothing at the end of the month. My dear appreciate God for where you are and with the hope of where you're going to. I'm not being complacent, see beyond now and rise from that deadly thought.

Please poster, dont allow your situation to make you an ungrateful person. I know with personal commitments here and there, N80k might be small but I bet you there a lot of people out there that are praying to have that opportunity. I will advise you to ask God for mercy for questioning His existence, appreciate Him for how far He has helped you and pray for more. I wish you all the best. Please take it easy on yourself.. I know a lot;not hearsay that earn between 15k to 25k;how everyone survives on it is just God and grace.. Happiness is a mindset and problems of the world cant finish;the target is just to strive and do better daily while counting on Gods grace..

Keep saving from the little you earn,Do the little you can for your family especially the building project,take it easy generally.. No one is saying you should be comfortable in poverty but the key is "Adding happiness" for yourself in all your daily endeavours.. You think you are going through worst? Trust me na enjoyment you dey ontop that 80k.. The problem is that many think real life is same as "Instagram Life" where everyone is balling hence you start comparing your progress to your peers and think in reality you are doing very bad.. I'm talking of graduates earning below 50k here and still work mondays to Saturday believing tomorrow will be better for everyone..

Do what you can and leave the rest, stop trying to please everyone cos if anything happens to you tomorrow, life will still go on. So biko jeje. Place priorities and achieve your goals one after the other. Most especially, thank God for life cos when there is life there is hope. Your whole write-up reeks of selfishness, ingratitude, and lack of focus. More than half the entire world have nothing close to what you have but they are happy! How many girls below 30 are earning what you earn? Imagine contemplating suicide.

Change your attitude to that of gratitude and watch things change for you. Maybe God will open your page when you start being grateful. Until then, keep whinning. The problem with Nigerians is that they live above their means. You earn 80k but want to live like you earn 25ok that's the problems with most nigerians and you see everyone complaining! Hello poster, you need to be more thankful to God rather than complain, God is always faithful to His children, Thank Him for what He has given you, praise him even in the little things and He will do more for you.

You are trying to do too nuch with your income. Break ut into small prohects. Completing your num's house is not a major priority except shw keaves there and the roof is leaking. Rent a olace and the two if you can leave together and build from there. Every business takes time to grow, give your business time. Atleast you are smart enough to have a side hustle. Remember, you can only do what you can. This life na jeje. You are really ungrateful ooo. I am the first born child,and a lady of 27,i earn 37k as a teacher but i also have an handiwork and do private coaching too. Although i still stay wity parent and do the little I can. I can't even think of any professional certification but i am grateful for life. Although i feel down sometimes but in all i always give thanks to God and i also serve him like never before.

Why not be grateful and look towards the positive side of life many people are even looking for that 80k job. You are earning 80k and still complaining. I don't have a job and I am squatting in a family house at 36 with a 3 months old daughter to feed. It has never crossed my mind to end it all. Please appreciate what you have. God will increase you in his time. Tough times don't last but tough people do. I honestly wish to be in your shoe right now I have been out of job since covid 19 that access bank reduce their man power.

I have two little nephews of my late brother I'm taking care of and paying their school fees for three years now. School is resuming on monday yet I don't have cash, food is by God's grace. I have sold almost all my valuable but I'm not giving up on life cos God can still change things for me. So poster be grateful, you don't know what people are going through. Na roof they cover person. I earned 10k as teacher with a child and I didn't die. I worked harder and got a better job and today, I am married with a good job. You earn 80k and have a dropshipping business, please don't be an ingrate. I know a married man with 3 children earning 65k and is living within his means.

Be grateful for what you have. That is the problem with lag people. Be grateful for the one you have and trust God for upliftment. You even have a job that pays you 80k. Oh God please firgfor this poster cause she doesn't know what she's saying. Poster stop being hard on yourself,turn your prayers to Thanksgiving and see God come through for you. I'm 35 and I earn 65k monthly, impossible to save anything. Life has not been fair, gratitude keeps me striving. Every problem is valid, ur problem is valid. Your issue is valid. Now use this emptiness you feel to cry unto God to hear ur prayers. Use this despair you feel to cry unto God to provide u with a better job.

You earn 80k and others earn less is not any reason for you to feel like ur problems are not valid. Pay them no heed. You know what u want. Keep praying for it. Dust urself out of that mood and keep applying for jobs. Just continue applying, one day something will click and all of these will be history. Stop building that ur mum's house now because u are unable to afford it. Do the things u can afford to do and leave the rest till u get a better job. I was earning 20k as a teacher in Nigeria and other small small change from other side hustles. I know how much I earn now. Just keep the faith. Keep the hope and please remove the thoughts of killing urself. Anon and , envy no go kill una for this Eka matter!

Which one is pride again. Eka just wants her to know that things would change for good. This is called Hope. She's not the cause of your situation na. I fear who no fear una. Online witchcraft at its best. Poster,please hang in there. As humans, there are times we question our existence but know that God still sits on the throne. What happens to your mom if you end your life?

Have you thought about this? Honestly You should pause the building project for now,it's not a priority, live according to your means. You can't continue it with the salary. Resume when things get better. I wish you well. Probably upset that I didn't join in the usual bashing of someone who is clearly down already. Leave them in their misery abeg. It honestly wasn't envy, I just found that anon's comment funny. Good luck to the OP. My dearest girl I'm a married woman I work in school n my salary is 15k, as in 15k intact when I don't break school rules like latecoming, not submitting lesson note on time etc, is not enough but I'm hopeful I applied for another school which can take my salary to 45k, I was rejected I still give God thanks.

Remember I'm a graduate and also with professional course certificate. So be thankful if you have sound health, if you don't need help to move around, if you have two sight etc. Life is a passing phase. Life's throws challenges at us. I'm on the brink too, my job is like enslavement with toxic environment. I hate everything and I'm leaving but not depressed a bit because the future is promising. Mind you, I'm homeless too. Pray for me y'all but for my mental wellbeing and family. I'll quit the job. I am still unmarried, no kids, am a graduate but have never earned up to 50k in my life after more than 15 years of graduating most of them spent unemployed.

May God come through for you. May He favour and bless every area of your life. May Jehovah bless you beyond what you deserve,may you laugh like Hannah laughed after she was blessed with Samuel. May you experience the 'my cup runneth over' kind of blessings in Jesus name,amen. All I see is you carrying other people on your head. Leave others alone for now and face your self, its obvious the masters can't happen now try and achieve the professional exam first then eat sleep work and keep praying.

This poster is truly, sincerely ungrateful. My locker for work get space for my precious container of ijebu garri I have not died. I trek some distance home to cut expenses. Learn to be grateful Learn to prioritize. Poster you should always give thanks to God and he will bless you more, I'm in my late 30s I don't have a job and I'm very much single,I will be very grateful if I had a job paying 80k. But in all I still give thanks to God because I know soon things will turn around for my good. Get on your knees and say Lord I thank you for what I have. I was doing a 20k job and I was still owed for 6 months.

I resigned from that miserable job on Monday and the owners were not happy. I don't even know how to get my money from them. My husband is a computer graduate but no job Easy babe, na small small. You cannot do everything at once abeg. One thing at a time please. If I see 80k work as I dey now enh, hmmmm I go jump for joy o. First: thank God for where you are and what you have achieved. Two: If you havent done so already, run away from every sin.

That is any kind of sex: oral sex, sexual intercourse, anal sex, dry sex, dry humping, masturbation, petting. Basically dont do anything with a guy past kissing on the cheek or a short one second kiss on the lip of you can control yourself. Any form of idolatry and native custom - dont do it Any form of buying anointing oil, bracelet, soap, water - dont do it Any person speaking in tongues over you with no interpretation - dont say amen dont do it Any body laying hands on you- dont do it Any sowing seed for breaktgrough- dont do it Basically no habitual sin and no going to places that will transfer your virtues.

Be quick to repent when you do sin. Give money that you feel comfortable and joyful giving to the needy, a homeless person, an orphan, a widow 4. Run away from sin and trust God to compensate you 7 fold whatever you lost if you live righteously and to lead and direct your life. God bless you. Dear poster, please be positive and stay focused. Reduce the responsibilities you placed on yourself a bit. You can't do everything at once with the resources at your disposal.

Continue applying for jobs, it will be well. How does this make sense to you. You imposed unnecessary suffering on yourself and you are questioning the existence of God. At 60 percent per month you are saving about 48, naira every month. Invariably you are sending money to your mother, feeding yourself and paying transport to and from work, clothing yourself from the balance of You are probably not helping to pay bills in the house you stay.

Why will your head not be hot , why would frustration not set in. Your mates and those younger are using free courses to enhance their careers. Since you are tech savvy, start a YouTube channel. It's not a get rich quick scheme but if you work at it,it will pay off eventually. I earn the same as you and I am married. Thank God for my husband but I have so much I want to do for myself. I started a channel last month and I am amazed how well it's doing. Good luck to you. Let me go anon on this At almost 30, you've a job and a certificate to your name At almost 30, you've a tech savvy off which if you revisit your drawing book and put things straight, you won't be asking if God exist.

At almost 30, every month you're sure of your salary etc. While at almost Some of us became homeless even before we graduated from school the first time. Some of us are still battling with our undergraduate studies as a result of extra year or semester. Some of us it's through the help of a good Samaritan that our extra year school fees were paid, because new academic session resumes the following week while students were cooling off their brains after rush-rush exams the week before. Some of us are homeless, squatting from one family members or friend to another.

Some of us are skill-less not because we don't want to acquire one but because the finances are not there yet and due to the kind of family we came from, there is no one to support one's dream. Some of us have given up hope on Living but just surviving etc. So poster, it's not a new job you need, rather you need a new mindset towards life. Be grateful for what you have currently while praying and working towards a new and better one.

Don't loose a bird at hand while chasing invisible thousands in the bush! Please, do not ever give up hope. I strongly believe all you are experiencing is for a future God is preparing you for. Please do NOT give up! Dear poster i understand how you feel. You are not ungrateful, you are just overwhelmed at the moment. Please darling learn to thank God every moment especially when you feel this way. Your response to what you are feeling is natural but let thanksgiving become your unnatural response. Let thanksgiving become your attitude. We have a living God who hears and answers prayers. He will surely come through for us all when the time is right because our God is too faithful to fail. This too shall pass. Love and e-hug. Poster be greatful with the little one you have cos alot are looking for 80k jobs without having one.

We all are just managing life, hoping for a better tomorrow Take life one at a time, be hopeful and trust God. Reading the experienced of others, I'm so ashamed of not thanking God enough for the good he has done in my life. Poster, make it a habit to thank God of one blessing each day and you'll feel better. The fact that you're alive is one over good reason to be thankful. Na only person wey dey alive fit complain about small salary.

Also, live within your means. You can't afford it right now. Besides, if anything happens to your mum who would inherit the house? Is it you alone? I sincerely doubt it. Start now to plan to move out of where you are squatting. I'm sure there are places you can find rent you can afford. Or you find a lady like you and pay rent together I don't like this option though. One step at a time. It is well. I was an alcoholic for more than 7 years didn't have my life together until now, did I plan to be an alcoholic?? Poster pls in all things give thanks. I know it's not easy for you but don't stop praying, praising God, fasting and meditating on the word of God. Sometimes when your breakthrough is near things start getting harder.

The devil starts bringing evil thoughts to make you feel like God has abandoned. The sweet truth is God is with you and he is ever faithful. I don't have a job at 28 even though I passed with a very good grade. The govt job I have been pursuing since never still show. Patrick T. Operator in California oil spill didn't shut down for hours after leak alert, regulators say. DEA agent killed, 2 law enforcement officers injured in shooting on Amtrak train in Tucson. House votes to create office for medical intelligence to get earlier pandemic warnings. Cuba's foreign minister says it's a mistake for Biden to keep Trump sanctions on Havana.

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