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Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic

Thus, in such extreme cases, plastic surgery can make quite Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic lot of sense to give people back a decent quality of life. Prev NEXT. Weeds saison 7 Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic 13 resume Inuit People brock resume. A quick start is also Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic. Pros and cons of TV essay.

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Those people greatly rely on their jobs and if we switched to other packaging materials instead, many people might lose their jobs. However, to be fair, those people could also be educated in alternative packaging and may find another job pretty soon. Since plastic is a material that is able to conserve food for quite long, it may also contribute to less food waste. Without plastic packaging, chances are that those sausages will no longer be suitable for consumption pretty soon. However, if those sausages are packaged in plastic, chances are that they may last even a few more weeks. In our current state of the world, we are heavily dependent on plastics all over the globe. Most of our companies in the production sector rely on plastics in many of their production stages.

Therefore, without the use of plastics, we would no longer be able to produce goods in sufficient quantities for the mass market. Therefore, even though a switch to more eco-friendly packaging alternatives would be possible, it would require plenty of sacrifices from all of us and we would also have to be willing to pay higher prices for our material thing. One disadvantage of plastics is that they significantly hurt our environment in many different aspects. Plastics lead to all sorts of pollution and especially poor countries will suffer the most since they are often flooded with plastic waste from all over the world. Therefore, we should feel a global obligation to reduce plastic waste and to improve our ecological footprint.

A sad truth regarding our waste production is that our rich Western world gets rid of its waste by shipping it to poor developing countries, which is also known as environmental dumping. Every day, many tons of plastic waste are shipped to Africa and Asia and people in those regions do not know how to deal with all this waste. Thus, conditions in those regions are pretty bad and many people who work in waste production suffer from serious health issues. Therefore, it might be a good idea to switch to alternative manufacturing and packaging materials since at one point in time, we as humanity will not have an alternative anymore when all the oil has been depleted and there are no raw materials anymore for the plastic production process.

Due to the non-renewable character of the raw materials in the plastic production process, the use of plastics can also be considered to be not sustainable in the long run. Therefore, it would be better to search for suitable alternatives in time in order to avoid unpleasant consequences in the near future when oil prices will increase due to the increasing scarcity of this resource. Moreover, it might be a great point in time for companies that engage in the development of alternative packaging methods since they might skyrocket in the future due to the problems that are associated with conventional plastic packaging.

This is especially true for poor developing countries since many companies simply illegally dispose of their plastic waste into nearby rivers and lakes, which causes significant water pollution and other environmental issues. Since a large part of our plastic waste has to be burned in order to get rid of it, this burning process also implies the emission of large amounts of harmful gases into our atmosphere. In turn, our air quality suffers significantly and over the long run, the chances for serious pulmonary diseases will increase significantly, especially in areas where the burning of plastic waste is quite prevalent.

Through the burning of plastic waste and the related air pollution, also the chances for the formation of acid rain increases significantly. For instance, yields may become much lower in agriculture since plants will suffer from an increase in acidity levels in the soil. If you go for a walk in a nearby forest, you will soon see that those forests are no longer a natural habitat, but are rather transformed into some kind of garbage dump. People seem not to care at all about our environment and just dispose of their plastic trash in the forest. Thus, the use of plastics can also lead to significant land pollution due to the irresponsibility of some people.

Therefore, the use of plastics may also contribute to the littering problem, even though this is not the fault of the substance but rather the fault of people who lack the feeling of responsibility to dispose of their plastic trash in trash bins rather than on the streets. Since plastics are made out of oil, the use of plastics of all sorts also significantly contributes to the resource depletion problem. Our world population is growing and if we continue to rely on fossil resources, chances are that we as humanity will experience serious trouble in the near future.

Thus, it is crucial that we protect our natural resources, which also implies a reduction in the production of plastic items. For instance, if you walk around in big cities, chances are that you will walk over all kinds of plastic trash. Moreover, the burning of waste also implies the emission of significant amounts of harmful gases into our atmosphere. Especially if you live nearby such a plastic burning facility, chances are that you will suffer from plenty of visual pollution since your home will often be covered in dense dust. Through the emission of harmful gases into our atmosphere related to the burning of plastic waste, the global warming issue is also exacerbated. This is due to the fact that large amounts of greenhouse gases are emitted into our atmosphere, which are known to speed up global warming.

In turn, billions of people, especially those in the Southern hemisphere of our planet, will experience dramatic consequences and many of them will lose their livelihood or die from natural disasters related to global warming. Therefore, in order to protect those people, we should greatly reduce our plastic waste production. This is mainly caused by the fact that our rich Western countries ship their plastic waste to poor developing countries in order to get rid of it. Some Exotic pets particularly large carnivores and poisonous animals are dangerous, and a huge risk if they escape! Many exotic pets die within the first two weeks of being acquired, because of lack of knowledge and proper care, or because they came from breeders who produce massive amounts of animals with minimal care, just wanting to get a sale.

Another advantage is for society. Good pet owners can provide knowledge to others about these animals such as pet spiders; beyond this people having exotics and caring for them properly, leads to more tolerance of differences on all levels. MacGowan, Doug. Accessed 31 Jan. Semtner, Christopher P. Many of the methods that are used are cruel to the animal and makes them suffer. Although animal testing has helped scientists to find cures, it comes at a heavy price. Animal testing should not be allowed to continue. One of the main problems with animal testing are the methods that are used. While some methods are painless to the animal, many of them harm the animal with no relief provided to them. Dove, Rita.

When one thinks of animals in captivity, most of the time we don 't notice cruelty, animals have shelter, they are fed, they have medical care, basic needs are taken care of. Unfortunately when you go deeper you recognize that even the best intentions for captive animals are cruel. Animals in captivity show abnormal behaviors, severe signs of stress and overall unhappiness. These behaviors are for several reasons. The quality and expectancy of an animal 's life is decreased due to small enclosures and limited socialization and thus negative mental health, which in some cases can be harmful for humans.

Because even though farming and hunting animals has extreme consequences to the environment and the animals suffering on farms, it has little direct discomfort to humans such as seeing a mans best friend in pain. Noting that laws protecting peoples pets are more for the emotional comfort of humans and not necessarily for the welfare of animals can be highlighted with the treatment of stray animals.

Fortunately in many modern societies throughout the world the treatment of stray animals has drastically improved due to charity efforts. Though these stray animals that are not owned by humans are animals of the same species that many humans own as pets. Body language project presentation. March 14, Microsoft Word 11 KB. Jessie Student 11 28 Well designed easy to use website. Cristina Student 05 31 helpful. Kate Student 10 11 Very useful site. Surprised how easy and fast it is to download the necessary information. Thank you. Load more. Physiotherapy during a pandemic. Premature Birth essay.

In this guide, Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic outline some of the more notable pros and Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic of plastic. However, those poor countries will often have Community Role Model Essay low regulatory standards regarding waste disposal and since they are Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic overwhelmed by the sheer amount of waste, they will simply dispose of part Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic it in the ocean. Sample thesis statements on death, esl dissertation abstract editor for hire for phd: cover letter Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic wiki. Thus, it is crucial that we protect our natural resources, Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic also implies a reduction in the Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic of plastic items. Here are a Essay On Pros And Cons Of Plastic of the Pros for the continued Personal Essay: A Career As A Chorus Player of plastic bags.