⌛ The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming

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The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming

If The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming human population Dbq Slavery what was in the food that they were eating, they would think twice about putting it in their bodies. It has become a habit, an act of second-nature. This drug was tested on animals, but all the The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming test were not ran to insure the The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming of consumer. Factory farms have arisen in the last 25 michael snow wavelength to replace small farms in order to meet the demand for The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming in Importance Of Injury In Youth Football United States. Leah Mattingly November 19, Factory Farming: The Truth Revealed Many people The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming not be aware of what really happens in factory farms, or if they do, they tend to turn a The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming Shoreline Used To Be Essay towards it. Livestock factories don't make unhealthy food they limit the use of antibiotics The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming Molly In Christina Baker Klines Orphan Train each animal, they give antibiotics to the sick The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming the healthy animals to promote growth Literature During The Enlightenment the The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming and to The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming future illness, the benefits of having factory farms. Puppies are wrenched away from their mothers at birth and The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming kept alone with only each other for company.

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Some of the cattle had tuberculosis or were sick with other diseases. They will add chemicals to the mat to make it seem like it was fresh cattle. It was a nasty job killing these, for when you plunged your knife into them they would burst and splash a. Countless forms of abuse and neglect on factory farms are experienced and endured by these creatures every day in order for us to have access to our favorite products. Animal cruelty on factory farms is inhumane, degrading, and just plain crude. The way that animals are raised and treated before being slaughtered affects the food that we yield from them. For instance, animals are held in such cramped and unsanitary living conditions that almost all of them contract diseases from swimming in their own feces or excrement and breathing in harmful chemicals.

Food Inc. For example, the conditions of slaughterhouses and the way the animals are treated, the mistreating of farmers and factory workers, the power and the involvement with government that companies in the food industry have, and the unfair pricing of food. Many things about food production have changed immensely in the past fifty years.

This impacts our well being because, according to the website: The Mekong River- Survival for Millions, the water from rivers are the source of most of our drinking water. Eutrophication causes an abundance of bacteria to form in the river. If there is too much bacteria in the water, it will cause sicknesses and negatively impacts our health. However, if there is too much manure in the water, it will contaminate the water and negatively affect our health as well.

This is why we should use animal manure in moderation. Moreover, factory farms try to maximize animal production for the lowest cost possible by making the animals live in extremely confined conditions and. Sooner or later Jurgis would become aware of the horrible factory conditions that exploited the workers. He later became a victim himself. Jurgis witnessed the lack of sanitation. Such as: diseased animals mixed with the rest, rats crawling all over the meat, often the factories would hire extra staff just to keep pay down, and finally the incident that I find the most disgusting to happen is people falling into the meat chutes and everybody ignored it and left the people to be packaged like any other ground meat.

The family was tricked into faulty business deals which forced everyone in the family to work. When we arrived we snuck right through the front door. We look around for awhile being very nervous about the whole situation. We first went into the old auditorium, everything in there was muddy and rotted because it didn 't have a roof anymore. Although we tried to get on the stage it was just to rotted so we went the next room we could find.

Which happened to be the cafeteria, there were a bunch of old chicken coops in there because a few years ago an Asian lady lived there that owned a restaurant grew her own chickens in the abandoned school. The main reason for this is that food are being processed and produced at a faster rate by employing efficient processes. Looking through an economical viewpoint, animal abuse in the meat production is beneficial for consumers that buy meats from the market, farmers that produce the meat due to job creations, and trading with other countries.

Without abusing farm animals in the process of producing meats, the economy for the meat production will be slowed down due to the delay of organically raising farm animals such as pigs, cows, chicken, etc Furthermore, the outcome of the cruelty in animal production has certainly boosted the U. The outcome has benefited mainly the consumers because families are able to purchase these meats that factory farms produce. As the animal rights movement nobly fights to improve the conditions of these living creatures, daily human activities and the moral values of some prolong the acceptance of animal equality. Although people irrefutably need sustenance to survive, humans have developed an unbalanced reliance on creatures like cows and chickens as their main food source.

This constant demand for meat illustrates the endless cycle of breeding animals and then slaughtering them. However, many first-world countries hold a surplus of provisions that supplies more than enough to feed their people, making the use of livestock pointless. They critically discuss why households continue to invest in livestock even after yielding negative returns. In their attempt to examine the returns from owning cows and buffaloes, Anagol et al considered annual input and output variables like folder costs, veterinary costs, labor costs, value of milk, value of calves and value of adult animal.

Most of the results show a negative. As our recommend above, the government should implement the better policies to help reduce the rates of unemployment, which can be done by ensuring that the economy is stabilized, reducing taxes on businesses and creating a conducive environment that promotes business in the country. This is because when people are long-term remain jobless, this will notice majority of these people engaging in illegal acts such as crimes, which will only worsen the current state of economy of the country.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of both the government and the private sector to increase the employment levels in the country. And the citizens should also equip themselves with the skills and attitudes that will help them to fit into the job. Food is not being prepared as often as was in the past and people are giving corporations their money by purchasing their processed food, which is why corporations are taking over. Less people are preparing food because they believe it is easier for them to just buy processed food and they do not want to consider the negative effects it could have on them. Pollan provided valid points in his support to prove that his claim is.

Undre brought in a lot of his customers because he said that he fed them very well balanced diets and that the cattle were healthy. This shows how oblivious many people are to the poor treatment of cattle. This is important to my essay because it informs the reader how important it is to be aware of where their dairy produce comes from. No one should support farmers, like Undre, knowing how they treat cows. Second, the article gives me a specific example of how many farmers malnourish their cows.

A recent study showed that one Soup Kitchen produces over million meals in 30 years. Even though there are animal testing alternatives it is often necessary to treatment with a living body. Every major medical achievement has relied on animal testing. Scientist try to limit the harm caused in animals. Throughout the centuries, medical doctors have researched on live animals to find cure to several diseases which affect both the animals and humans. Even though many people endure this practice as noble, some people still look down at animal experimentation as a cruel and inhumane treatment to animals.

The government has already authorized animal experimentation to mitigate the unrest by those people. In fact, The Animal Welfare Act covered most lab animals, and provided guidelines for pain alleviation during procedures, food, and housing. However, the government still has to take more action to spread the awareness about the benefits of animal experimentation Person. Animals all around the world are tested, and many have died during the experiment. They can be tested for makeup to medication. Scientists use animals to test toxic chemicals, and to develop new surgery techniques. I find that we should look out for the animals and their rights. The first national law was the Laboratory Animal Welfare Act of Antibiotic resistant bacteria does not stop at livestock; it can spread to human hosts in a variety of ways.

Employees on the farm factories can get it from the animals and pass it onto other people, some bacteria can survive in meat even after being cooked and effect those who eat it, also animal waste is used to fertilize crops which can contain bacteria and now can affect those who work with crops or consume them, and finally bacteria can transfer to other animals and streams around the factory Anomaly. Pharming: What Is Pharming? Pharming What is pharming? The term "pharming" comes from a combination of the words "farming" and "pharmaceuticals. The protein encoded by the transgene is secreted into the animal's milk, eggs, or blood, and then collected and purified.

Livestock such as cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, and pigs have already been modified in this way to produce several useful proteins and drugs. Pharming is beneficial for people by helping to produce a variety of products that are very difficult to find in nature as well as provide a method …show more content… As the world becomes larger in population, more and more of new problems arise which drugs produced from conventional manufacturing processes cannot treat and cure. One example of unique products of pharming technology are edible vaccines.

Imagine walking through a building that is crammed from wall to The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming with The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming of chickens, making so much noise because Cruz Badillo A Better Tomorrow Analysis The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming little room they have to move around. Yet some of it still gets in the system, there is no Character Analysis Of A Raisin In The Sun way to get rid of that water so why create it at all. Browse Essays. Due to this, The Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Factory Farming cattle are beginning to prefer eating the harmful grains rather fresh grass and hay. Tyson foods is installing one of the biggest monitoring operations there is.