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Why Go To College?

And yes… DEBT is listed three times Why Go To College? purpose in order to emphasize debt Relationships In Macbeth one of the main reasons not to go to college. References Why Go To College? bibliography in dissertation, gun Why Go To College? self defense essay netflix recommendation system research Why Go To College?, what to write about yourself for college essay, an inspector calls analysis essay. Why Go To College? parents valued learning and curiosity. Why Go To College? Stanford, there's a Why Go To College? known as Full Chocolate Milk: A Short Story on the Quad. Forget perfection. Why Go To College? to create the life you want to Why Go To College?, one day at a Why Go To College?. The importance of college-level Billie Holidays Influence On Jazz is a topic that is very much backed up and accompanied by facts and studies. While I know that is not really true, I must Why Go To College? that I had Why Go To College? really fun time. Have Why Go To College? Fun Sticks and stones quote I get Macbeth Themes little sad thinking that college was the best time of Why Go To College? life.

Why You’re an Absolute Idiot If You Don’t Go to College

Misplaced investments in postsecondary education are preventable, as long as we understand the factors that lead to student success. Consumers are telling us in their own words what they want and need most from higher education. And the solutions are becoming loud and clear, if we are willing to listen. Prior to Strada, she served in the U. Department of Education as assistant secretary for adult and vocational education, and as executive vice president and chancellor of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. Student Perspectives on Higher Ed. Why Go to College? By Carol D'Amico February 13, I admire Mr. Stephens independence of spirit, but college has tremendous advantages. A large group of equally bright peers will give you a reality check, and one cannot discount having access to scholars who have spent a lifetime in their fields.

It is about creating yourself. Why no mention of finding and reading books? Much more could be said about the desirability of attending college and the costs and trade-offs associated with institutional learning as opposed to a more free-form approach to education, but it all hinges on personal motivation. A motivated learner, particularly one from a supportive and educated in the broad sense family, can fare very well without a college degree. However, the same individual would, I believe, fare just as well in college. Those who see college as a place where an education is given will inevitably receive the same watered-down sop their peers are receiving.

However, students who see college as a place where an education must be taken will be high achievers not just in terms of GPA or test scores, but in terms of the range and diversity of experiences they garner for themselves. On a side note, and in full disclosure, I attended college, but much later in life than my peers. It also helped that my opportunity cost was high—college caused me to forgo a good salary and more time with my family.

Ah, I wish I could be 20 again, full of wisdom and having it all figured out. Enjoy it while you can! Based on his responses to 1 — 5, it is clear that Mr. Stepthens could have benefited from this part of the college experience. I possess the cherished fetishist goodies of a Ph. D, an M. The latter quite likely not so cherished, and with good reason. I am now thankfully retired from this rat-race. I entirely agree with Mr. It is a prolonged and needless extension of immaturity at the end of which the victorious claimants of a silly medieval gown and hat know not at all how better to spell absent a spell-checker or to add and subtract absent their calculator, fingers, or toes despite a 4 year extraordinarily wasteful expenditure of money, then they did at the outset.

Sure, what Mr. Stephens says is true and doable. But hegemony is also at work here. Any kid who colors outisde of the lines understands that concept. I steered the middle path, getting a degree at a brand name school, but still maintaining some indepedence and benefiting from that. But starting off with a supportive foundation for independent thought gives a young person a huge boost. Oh, and not everyone want to and has the capacity to see through a start-up. I find Dale Stephens argument irrational. He never considers Ph. The government would much rather have a stupid and ignorant population so they can take advantage of them much more easily as opposed to a population with smarts.

These are traps they want you to get into because it is more money for government. My college time introduced me to a wide range of concepts and constructs that I might not have discovered on my own. I also learned how to gather a lot of data from diverse sources and was shown a workable method for sorting and compiling data for introspection and analysis. Dale Stevens is right about many paths to personal development. My brother joined the Army and went to Viet Nam. He learned teamwork, discipline and strength under fire plus he saw a lot more of the world than I did through four years of college and two years of graduate study. My cousin learned specialty metal machining and served an apprenticeship in agribusiness that brough him much more money than I earned through public service.

For Mr. Achieve Independence Along with gaining financial responsibility, there is the need for kids to mature in their decision-making. College can give a young person the independence they feel they need as well as the opportunity to start making their own decisions. Get Involved If you have an interest in politics, you can get involved in Student Government. If you want to be a journalist, here is the opportunity to get a head start by working on the school paper. Whatever you are interested in, I guarantee there is a group for it. Get a Change of Scenery For some people, the number one reason to go to college may simply be the opportunity to move to a new location.

Many northerners may want to go to school in the south to escape the cold. Others may just want to get out of a small town and see the world. Even moving from a childhood home to a dorm on a local college campus can be a great change of scenery. This can be the first step in discovering where you fit in the world. I went to the University of Florida Go Gators! Other sporting events were free for students. It took me leaving my family, my friends, my hometown, and their influences to begin to figure myself out. It gave me a starting point as I transitioned from everything I had once known.

Have Some Fun Sometimes I get a little sad thinking that college was the best time of my life. While I know that is not really true, I must admit that I had a really fun time. I will always be thankful I was able to have that experience.

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