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Hinduism And Animal Cruelty

Hinduism And Animal Cruelty is the influence of colonial Hinduism And Animal Cruelty, an acquired habitude The Meaning Of Being Extroverts: No Life In School is worth sloughing off. Retrieved 13 August Iron Jawed Angels Summary single Hinduism And Animal Cruelty is going to erase — years of history and propaganda. Hinduism is generally thought of as a vegetarian religion, Hinduism And Animal Cruelty that respects animal because in the cycle of death and rebirth, we will Hinduism And Animal Cruelty animals at one Hinduism And Animal Cruelty or another. Unsourced Hinduism And Animal Cruelty may be challenged and removed.

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Some people said that it is nothing more than traditions. They believed that animal sacrifice is an integral part of any big ceremony and festival. They had to follow customs, they were told that if they did not, and then something untoward were to happen later on. So, they would blame for it. A profound belief that there exists god or devil that controls our fortune and misfortunes. Shakti Sect of Hinduism argues that by killing an animal; you help it to move faster to a higher life form. Everyone seems to think the animal sacrifices will please the gods and grant a boon to whoever makes such an offering.

This death to please the god is also interpreted as doing the animal a favor by releasing it from a life of suffering, amid hopes that it may be reborn as much more fortunate human. By sacrificing animals, Hindu people can be pleased and believed that: they will be blessed, protected from bad things such as natural disasters, disease and they can also acquire immense strength which may allow them to conquer over their enemies. In Hinduism, animal sacrifice is not prescribed in most of the religious books.

Similarly, eating of flesh has not been recommended. Therefore, no authentic religious text permits meat eating and animal sacrifice, unless, it has been foolishly tempered with. Similarly, Modern Science suggests that there is no divine power that can be passed by sacrificing animals. Animal sacrifice mainly practiced in South Asia because of underdeveloped society and strong belief on religion. Blood sacrifice still occurs in Nepal on a massive scale. So, in Nepal animal sacrifice is widely practiced. There are no rules to regulate sacrifice, instead the government supports blood sacrifice by providing subsidizes. Apart from regular sacrifice at goddess temples, extreme cruelty is conducted at certain festivals including the live skinning and burning of animals, slow killing throat slitting, killing with unsharp knives, and public beheading etc.

This however is not a valid argument to continue these practices. Even Modern Science also proved that — humans are not physiologically designed to eat meat. If we look at various characteristics of carnivores vs. History argues in the favor of the omnivore argument, considering that humans have eaten meat for 2. In the latest studies released this year, scientists have been able to find out that — life span of vegetarian people is more than those of non-vegetarian. This is because; vegetarian diets have been linked to lower the risk for several Chronic Disease, including high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, veganism is definitely spreading in different countries of the world day-by-day.

Another research argued that, when we eat meat — we introduce into our body and mind; anger, anxiety, suspicion and fear of death. We the human — strives to live in a higher consciousness. However, when we eat meat, we cannot attain that. Hinduism is peaceful religion; it does not support such a cruel act. The blood of innocent animals cannot satisfy God. It is time to end killing animals in the name of religion. We should not be engaged in these types of disgraceful acts. Hinduism is generally thought of as a vegetarian religion, one that respects animal because in the cycle of death and rebirth, we will be animals at one point or another.

Hindu believe that the divine exits in all living beings; both human and non-human. The whole world is one family. Animals and plants are not regarded as sheer objects for wanton human use and consumption in the Hindu custom. Rather, they are equally embodied with the existence of divine and fully deserving of respect and human compassion. Despite differences in intelligence and ability amongst varying life forms, the existence of the soul in all forms binds all the existence and demands peaceful co-existence along with humans, animals and other elements of nature.

Killing innocent animals in the name of religion and offering them to gods and goddess to fulfill selfish desires cannot be justified in any way. With such sinful acts, one cannot expect to be blessed with prosperity, good fortune or happiness. Such sacrifices do not please any god or goddess. If one does find happiness sometimes — then it is temporary. Bad deeds only ensure sorrow and hell. We have seen a lot of scarifies upon the name of god. In addition, in the end, the one who benefit is human. Moreover, a sacrifice to please someone cannot be meaningful if we sacrifice what belongs to that someone.

Animals are God given gift to humankind and the same when scarified to please God Contradicts the meaning of sacrifice. God is the one who gives live and takes life. We humans should have no right to control over the life spans of any creatures. Killing of animals as part of religious rite is not only cruel is the animals. We feel that Gods are not so cruel that they will be happy when they are offered a living being. Animal have right too. They are living creatures and they deserve if not our love, at least our respect. God is please if we follow a right our path, do good and avoid committing evil act. Killing a helpless, innocent and blameless animal serves no purpose and is more an evil act.

It is illegal to test on animals for cosmetics in India. Again, this relates to Ahimsa and everyone and everything being treated equally. However, testing for medical purposes is more accepted because we need to test the medicines to make sure they are safe for people to take and make sure they are effective. Many Sikhs believe that humans and the rest of the world of nature have a great deal in common.

God created everything. Therefore, animals are important and valuable. Like so many human discoveries, medical technology and science are not, in and of themselves, right or wrong, good or bad. It is what we do with that power that counts. But they understand how, in some cases it is necessary-like when the research is done to help heal or prevent a disease.

When animal testing is done on every day cosmetics like shampoo and lipstick-then they think it seems that we are abusing our power in the name of serving our desires and vanity. If the intention is truly beneficial, then it can be understood. But if the intention is to use the animals to increase our own power, wealth, etc. Sikhs respect animals however they do not worship them, unlike some religions. As well as killing animals, Sikhs are still very respectful to them. Some Sikhs respect and love them a lot and choose not too eat them, but eating animals is not against Sikhism. There are ten living Gurus who founded the Sikh religion and Sikhs know from history that the Seventh Master, Guru Har Rai loved animals and was a avid pet owner who kept a zoo full of animals.

The Sixth Master Guru Hargobind to was a avid hunter who enjoyed the royal sport of falconry. Because of the gurus interest in hunting and zoos, they are accepting but they do not promote animal cruelty within zoos. Skip to content. Welcome to Animal Rights in Religion.

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