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Theme Of Secrecy In Romeo And Juliet

And of course they checked her DNA, but she survived the crash, and the cover up began. The Theme Of Secrecy In Romeo And Juliet Knoll Institute is located in a secured Theme Of Secrecy In Romeo And Juliet facility somewhere Theme Of Secrecy In Romeo And Juliet the heart of Youngstown, Anna Julia Coopers The Colored Woman. Jackson is living where Theme Of Secrecy In Romeo And Juliet in Hungary? Main article: Young Apprentice. I appreciate all the info just need a little more info? I have never heard of him tell me about him I am trying The Theme Of Isolation In Catcher In The Rye you to divulge some info Theme Of Secrecy In Romeo And Juliet think you are a great person and would like to share a bit of news right Mr.

Romeo and Juliet: Violence and Conflict Key Quotes - A Beyond Analysis

Thank you from your legion of fans. Will the Monarchy be abolished. Actually, the Queen abd royal family are mere figureheads in todays society. Even in her death, media follow the trail of Diana. In todays media, she would be literally hounded to death. Hence, a staged death. The blog is not monitored , although we claim to be open 24 hours, it doesn't mean in a row Why is she negative? Perhaps you are to positive, opposites attract!!! No, I believe she staged her own death to avoid the hounding media and lead a semi normal life. You stated that Diana may come out of hiding or reappear in the near future? She staged her accident? Does she want to come out of hiding? Will she be recognized? How will the royals react to this?

Where and when? Is your psychic abilities woprking today. Diana what field of wok is she in right now is she working at all? Why have the media not let up on her story of her death? And I am the more positive in the friendship I sometimes feel like the energizer bunny for the battery commercial whew? You mentioned the Royal Family the Monarchy will not be abolished? Because they are figureheads. Will that mean if the queen dies does that make Camilla the new queen consort or not? Who will be the new queen of England after her death? This is intriquing or will Charles be the new King with Camilla at his side? I cannot believe or phanthom it if Camilla were queen? Or will Charles pass the throne over to william and then he will choose a bride I suppose?

What happens if no one decides to be king of England? What happens then? Or will Camilla end up like Diana to many problems in her life? Please respond to the replys I have sent I truly enjoy getting it and reading them You seem very knowledgeable where does your information come from the internet or your visions. If you are psychic as you say can you give me six or seven numbers for a lottery win I would like to open an aninmal shelter for animals you know dogs cats and whatever comes on the property like deer or moose?

Living in nature and just taking care of aninmals its what I like so a nice lottery win would do? Is Dana still living in England? You state she has a new and secret identity is it sophie rhys jones? They look alike you know like twins? Is she living within close proximity to the royal family? Who supports Diana is she working now or has she been reunited witgh her former love Hasnat Khan the heart surgeon? Is she living in India or Pakistan? When will post other photographs on Diana I would like to see a recent newer photographs please would that be possible your lord and master. Perhaps she will not have a choice but to reveal her identity, perhaps she will be found out. And no, my psychic powers only work the first wee k of the new year.

Charles will become King. Camille has no shot at all. If no immediate royal family wants wants the crown, their is a line of succession. At that point, it would be the end of the Monarchy. As stated before, we do not monitor the blog A friend of mine owns a magic shop at Geneva on the Lake called Whips Magic. About the lottery, I was waiting for you to get around to that.

I even picked a few pick three lotto numbers that were winners. I answered 7 out of 10 questions correct from a commenter that I never meant. With that said, I refrain from further tests. I do not know where she is living at. She could be in Detroit for all I know. Who supports her? She had put away millions of pounds before her disappearance. And no more photographs. Hi and Good morning to you today? I have several interesting comments to make abiout Charles being King who wants this idiot to be king? Will Diana be his queen? Or the old Pit Bull Camillia will be at his side? Second of all excuse my typing errors I am speedy gonzazlez when I type and I even speak spanish.

So Diana will be found out how who will discover her identity a journalist the media or the grassy knoll institute or Dianas boys or fuddy duddy Charles and his Pit Bull? I am niot lucky with lottery numbers so i thought that yoyu being a Genius you could supply me with some marvelous numbers? My puppy is now 5 months old her name is Maggie she is alreadfy 60 pounds and quite huge There are books on what you can do to increase yopur psychic ability its that easy as So please Mr.

Are you a history teacher who knows alot of the royal family? If she did was it a boy or girl and is she remarried today and to whom? Is her husband a Muslim? Is he well known? Is she happy in her new life? She definitely is not living in detroit michigan right? I hope that you can tell me more if she is really remarried and has her third child? Would her child be in danger or would she be more in danger from the queen and the monarchy if she suddenly showed up with a kid? This would be reason to protect her child and maybe the only child she had with Dodi?

Or is Dodi not the father of this kid? Maybe her former lover hasnat Khan the famous heart surgeon? Am I getting closerto this story than it meets the eye. Love to know more. Please answer our questions as soon as possible when you have time your lord and master we await your reply or response you have our deepest gratitude for all the info you have given us we surely would like to know more? Genius we really do appre4ciate this quite a little story hear until the news will hit that diana is alive and well and living in Wales or Australia let us know for sure?

Keep us posted on this very fascinating story Genius we will be waiting so please reply we await your answer Adios Amigo Your loyal fans. Give us some sort of answer please. We just need to know if Diana had her baby or she has remarried right? Concerning the Grassy Knoll Institute, we are not journalists. We are scientists, some of us in rockets, and we scour the earth for conspiracy theories to uncover. And no, I am not a history teacher, or any type of teacher for that matter, and I really know very little about the royal family. Good questions, I do not have answers to except the Detroit thing. Not living in Lion country. I think a re-marriage is low priority for her at this stage of her life. The third child, good question, I have no answer.

Do you remember the show I dream of jeqannie starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman she always call him master and she would do anything for him grant wishes this is an old show but I still watch it everyday like Bonanza. I would whip you up something better than a corn beef sandwich how about some international food mexican hungarian vegetarian I make some of the most delicious hungarian crepe suzettes its terrific with very little sugar used in my receipes its natural I can cook Greek food to but Corn Beef sandwich I hate beef meat I am into fish pasta and sometimes chicken So I think if you are interested in good food better stay away from Corn Beefr and have a good greek salad and some rice its fabulous remember the saying you are what you eat?

Eating healthy shows on your face and skin remember this advice I give to you? I can whip any dish you lioke3 do not ask me to make muffins I hate them with a passion. Awaiting your reply Lord and Master? I hope this comment is to your liking and no one makes better crepes than me I love to cook but I cannot eat too much as I will get fat and I am very trim and slim so I watch what I eat and therefore eat lots of salads and fruits and nothing called corn beef sounds unappetizing fish or chicken and some pasta remember you are what you eat. Disciple to healthy eating habits and exercise?

What predictions will you make now and it will be about whom the royal family? Remeber even psychics can be wrong I can predict things to you will go on a diet and get some exercise and feel healthier and happier in your life. You will discipline yourself and go for brisk walks remember this and I hope you take this as a conerned way of living no junk food please? Would Diana be 50 years old now.

What conspiracy of the John F Kennedy jr whose plane had crashed was this murder or conspiracy to kill him and his beautiful wife and sister-in law What do you think about this crash a government cover up or the same people wqho killed his father killed him too? You don't know what you are missing not having a corned beef sandwich. Firstly, for an old fifty year old, I am in good health, I run three miles daily, and contrary to my Blue Plate Special section, I eat very healthy. I take zero medications all my numbers are very good. I thank my parents for this, it's genetics. Secondly, of course psychics can be wrong. Look at my predictions, I have been wrong already. About JFK Junior, no conspiracy there, he was an idiot, he went against common sense and the advice of the tower and when you add in his broken foot, his lack of experience of flying at night, in inclement weather, the odds were stacked against him.

It was pilot error. Thank you for telling me your Irish I am of hungarian background and am 51 years old born under the sign of Aquarius I am born on the cusp with scorpio rising I am a Boar pig in chinese astrolgy I am wolf in native astrology and I do like Irish people and the Irish soda bread we have a large portion of Irish people living here in Quebec large portion of these people come from county cork Ireland I lobve the Irish Derby the horse races and believe me the Irish people are fun people they live laugh and enjoy life thats why thwey live so long. As for the kennedy airplane crash of junior kennedy I guess you could say he was good looking but basically he was hotheaded and love to be like a dare devil in everything?

Thanks for telling me that your Irish and fiftyy years old thats quite young you know age is just a number a number maybe we are all numbers in life too. I find fifty is a nifty age and we should think young? Genius awaiting your reply its ok itas sunday you need your sleep? My question is if Diana decides to come out and reveal her identity how will we know its really her and not an imposter? If this is true she will reveal herself what will become of England and the royal family Surely there will be chaos that she has survived the crash some how? What will happen to the queen will she abdicate or will she be exiled to Greece? With her Husband prince philip.

I am certain DNA tests will be done before any reveal happens. Why would the queen abdicate? She has done nothing wrong. I was told if the Queen had anything to do with her death and Prince Philip she may be asked to abdicate. I personally think she should abdicate and have someone younger than her not William like Charles or Prince Andrew becoming King? I personally would like to blieve that maybe what you say is true? Nifty at Fifty thats ny motto? I have no one to take me out for a corn beef sandwich maybe someday soon i hope We get better with opld age right. I love Irish humour? Are the Kennedy family Irish or Scottish background. When Diana comes out to reaveal her identity will the boys know thats really her?

Did her sons know about the staged accident or who helped Diana arrange this was it Dodi did he really die in the crash? Or are they together I mean living together you know shacked up? Will she be ever mad or is she on her way out to make room for Diana to come back? Wheen do you see the Queen dying? Remember her mother lived to be years old? So longevity is in the family? Anyways will William ever marry? If Kates not going to be his wife who will he marry William I mean does he have a new woman in his life? Will he have children and with whom he will have children?

Why all the secrecy with william whats so the bigger and better things in his life? I see that he will marry not at 28 as stated but when he is nearing 40 and not before? Is he afraid of married life like what he saw between charles and diana? How will diana reveal herself to thwe public where will she reveal herself please keep us informed ok you are very appfreciated by your legiions of fans? Hello and Good moring I did not receive an answer from you in a day or two. I give you my word that I will try corn beef even if I do not like it and give it a real try? Next thing about the corn beef I will remember the comment you made about it ok?

I like the liitle yellow face you put next to your c omment thats real sweet? Hope you are having a good day and I hope that you did not forget me or write to me about diana I say this story really intrigues me been up all night reading on Diana and the butler she had andrew mortons book and all the info on Diana quite interesting reading. Did Dodi helped her stage her death? Maybe herv friends and family are laughing at her at the downfall of her life how many friends does she have now today? Could you please reply. Do the journalist s know she staged her death and why have they not fiqured this out yet?

Why go through all the fuss of staging a accident and it would take a huge amount of money to do that? Was Diana out of her mind thinking people wanted to kill her? Was the threat very real and if she considered the cosequences she could never have the life she once had all the fame and glory she was exquiste looking and very elegant? Why now after all these years why not divorce Charles after the birth of her second child Harry?

She was beautiful and young and could have remarried very easily the famous love story of charles and Diana? She would have been in her early thirties right and I hope that you can give me concrete answers on this. Everything you stated makes remarkably sense. Why go through so much hassle and why not just get a complete plastic surgery change my features with cosmetic surgery change my hairstyle change the way I live and choose to live where I would not be recognized like pakistan or india why do the whole accident bit? If Diana survived the crash what happened to henri paul the driver and dodi al fayed they both died in the crash right?

Everyone would like to believe she survived the crash? This would be incredible? If Diana were alive would she not want to come out of hiding andf reveal her secret identity? Why go to so much trouble to make the people believe that she is dead? Why all this secrecy to begin with? Why would she do this to her sons William and Harry? Did she have dodis child? You be the judge and think about what I have written. She simply disappeared and wants it that way right? Bet you a corn beef sandwich your wrong on two points?

The Queen had nothing to do with Diana's cover-up. I may be fifty, but I do not feel it. And the Kennedy's are Irish. My prediction calls her death this year. And the prince does not have to be married to take the throne. Perhaps Diana will never reveal her new identity. Why should she? What would be her benefit? My replying to you is not predicated on you trying corned beef. Keep in mind, in many a murder mysteries, the butler is always somehow involved For a staged death to be effective, the fewer people involved the better. What media hound could keep that type of newsworthy story quiet for so long? The answer! None of them. Hence, they do not know.

Diana wanted her life back. She had no idea the media would hound her night and day. The last straw was when the media went after her children and reported their every move. In reality, we don't do a lot around here. Everything is pretty much automated. We push a few buttons and updates magically appear on the blog. To answer your question, as people as their appearance changes. A new hair style, different color of hair, and perhaps a nip or tuck here or there and Diana could walk through town and not be noticed.

I do not have a recent photo of Diana at this time. My operatives are working on that however. In British movies its always the butler did it why? I read something yesterday that Diana was planning to stage her death a long time it took many years to accomplish and she did it with the help of Dodi and dodis father since dodi was a film producer he had access to a number of othetr people who rigged the car to have it made or look like an accident and Diana was whisked to another location prior to the accident and some one took Dianas place in the car so nothing would happen to the princess she is being helped by the Fayede Family and their millions to protect her and her privacy the article stated she is living near these remote areas Sardinia or near Saudi Arabia she contacts her boyss by Satellite conferencing living in splendor and she is living in the lap of luxury?

The article stated that Mohammed Al fayed is a in relation to the royal family in Saudi arabia and the Jordanian royal family if Diana had a child then Egypt would have their first King or prince in Egypt that would be something as Diana has more Royal bloodline in her than good old fuddy duddy Charles ever did and she has the old Stewart family ancestry to fall on and maybe this info is huge mat the moment but she is living in Saudi Arabia with the help of the Al fayed family she has changed her name and he has as well if they have a son his name would be Omar and Mohammed Al Fayed has a son named Omar AND HE IS 13 YEARS OL?

IO believe Diana had her child and the elder Al fayed is raising his grandchild as his own why would Diana go to great lengths to protect this child as he is special by birth and he will know it one day if this child exists? I cannot give you more info but this is the one thing that puzzles me the most if she was pregnant why deny that she was ever pregnant in the first place she should have kept quiet about it. It will be beneficial for the elder Al fayed that Diana be his daughter in lkaw this would help the Muslims in their quest to be more open to American politics and this will prove to be a very destructive politically to Israel and the american politics trust my word if Diana was pregnant this would be an plus and the rest will make its history in the world?

Diana had forsight she saw what was happening to her and her children she was always concerned for the welfare of her children and believe me this would be an eplosive journalistic story. Have a nice day? Enjoy your corn beef sandwich. I did my reaerch and found all this information on the net by a fellow named John Mallow wrote a ournalist student with a totally different view point of Diana he states that the child Omar is being raised by the grandfather and the child was born in Egypt Diana cannot have acess to this child he is bein raised by Muslim traditions and he will one day have political aspirations one day to be a politician since we now know the outcome she will be found out I worked 12 hours on the net looking for any type of articles and believe me its the grandfather who orchestrated all this with his moolah money I see no other way for it otherwise to little people involved as for the butler blame him for everything.

He isa cad If Omar the child lives he would be close to 13 years old and al Fayed the grandfather has a child name Omar coincidence on the net there was a simultionn of Diana and Dodi with a baby name Omar he looked exactly like Dodi born in all this info was found on the internet she is very close to living with the Saudi Arabian family. Trust me there is more to this story than meets the eye the meeting of Dodi Dianas sister introducing her to Charles the birth of two boys and the way they treated diana its horrendous she was suppose to live this through she was set up by her sister and family and friends even the royal family this is more for political gain Al Fayed the grandfather bought Harrods department store the house of fraser he purchased many things in England the queen does not shop at Harrods his brother in law is the arms dealer in Saudi Arabia and his name is Kashoogi Samira the sister was Al Fayeds wife and mother to Dodi he was interlinked with his uncle and Dodi was special because of his wealth as a movie producer he made movies?

This info came all from the net with severe consequences that are forth coming in the near future politically thjere will be something the art6icle states that Mr. Mallow has discovered all this info on his own time with fellow students. Take this info it could be pure iction on this mans part. Dianas life was prdestined from the time she was born it is very true that Diana had more english blood thna Charles she is highly regarded as a true royal tthrough connections to the Stuart dynasty family she is related to four kings which makes her a didtant cousin to Charles Prince of Wales. Did you know that? It would be important to Diana to have had a child with Dodi as she would be part of the Saudi Arabian royal family and the Egyptian royal family?

This would make William and half step brother and Omar the child would be related to the Royal family in England he also has royal blood in him Dodi? With these two bloodlines Dodi son and Dianas son would have access to the throne of England this is what the royal family was afraid about? Why did the Canadian government sign a document thast landmines would be aboliushed and several countries have sign this includuing our prime minister of Canada after the death of Diana. There is more but I think Diana found out in the end she could not trust family friends and the royals maybe even her in laws.

In a last piece of information Dianas mother was at Dianas kensington palace or where she lived and worked her mother had retrieved some letters that prince philip had written he had forewarned Diana that something would happen and Dianas mother had found the letters she was even told there was a letter that Diana had written that she would fake her own death this cannot be confirmed through the sources as since thios article was written they have passed on like Dianas mother Frances.

Does this answer your conspiracy theories why all this secrecy still its about to explode if this article rings true? If the journalists knew this boy what a field day they would have with this story? Awaiting your re[ly kindly answer these questions if you have the time we are awaitying an answer your lord and master we genuinely miss hearing from you? If my info has upset you I am sorry to have through so much trouble to get it I spent 12 hours on the net researching the life of Diana as yopu can see the people did not forget the beautiful princess nor will the public ever accept that she had died it seems to incredible that she Diana has past on as many people say We loved our beautiful princess and we will never ever forget her for all the joy that she brought to people We can learn from her.

Thinking of becoming a writer of murder mysteries conspiracys and theories. Your information does not upset me nor does your comments. It's what the blog is all about. Interaction, new idea's, new scenario's, thinking outside the box. Comment on. Thank you for answering so promptly and quickly? What did you nthink the information I sent to you was well researched info on Dianas apparent staged accident I feel that she should one day come out if she is alive I read on the web that she had her son Omar and she was 3 months pregnant in the photo so you fiqure the math the baby was born six months after their death and Mohammed al Fayed has two younger children and Omar would be 13 and the girl would be 11 years old she is being raised by the elder al fayed sounds incredible but the fotos were there in black and white so try to be a little more upbeat when you write I need to hear a good Irish joke ok?

I want to hear from you soon. Hi thanks for the comment on thr corn beef sandwich I will give it a try? It is certainly a good theory. We may find out in the near future when and if her sons marry. As for a good Irish joke, here you go. An aging man lived alone in Ireland. Confused, the man wrote to his son telling him what happened and asking him what to do next. Hi iread your jokes what happened to the large box that i normally write in its getting smaller and by the way Iread yesterday if charles becomes king camilla can take the title of Princess of wales how horrendous wedo not want camilla for queen as for the people of england they want charles passed over and william for king he does not want the royal pain in the ass of the job the way they treated his mother Charles has 2 sons and they seem to think that when the wueen dies their problems will end and by the way can a future king of england be divorced if he takes over after the queen dies ghe can only be king if his mother dies and not abdicate?

We must remember Diana for all the good she did in life and lets forget about Chuck he deserves what he gets? If Diana is alive can she become queen of England if Charles is divorced from Camilla? Will the archives ever reveal what really happened to Diana and will they release any info after the 30th anniversary of the wedding of Diana and Charles is wedding? Is there a chance Prince Charles will divorce Camilla and will Diana rejoin the royal family as aroyal if she is still alive it states she has 2 small children 8 and ten years old a boy and girl they live in Tibet and she is under wirtness protection program she does charity work as a European woman wears a wig changed her appearance and what do you say of this they both had facial cosmetic surgery believe me its not difficult to do so today she is living a serene life.

Predictions can be wrong? If Dianas death was staged as you say how come it did not come out till now? Surely you could say diana used clones or doubles to take her place this is what I read yesterday on the ingternet they used clones as for William getting married he is to young to think of this at the moment? Will he marry Kate or not thats what Englands waiting for to see and hear what the people of england want is a King and that is what Diana would have wanted for her sons? A real life they were born into this family so they must conform to their traditions.

Offers were made to several business individuals, promising a potentially lucrative opportunity, but each of their initial choices declined when approached — amongst those included Philip Green , Felix Dennis , and Michael O'Leary. The show's initial stage, which is not filmed, focuses on open auditions and interviews held across the country ; this stage searches for the candidates for a series before filming of it begins, which often attracts thousands of applicants. Following this, between 20 and 30 applicants are chosen and given an assessment by a psychologist, receiving further checks by the production team and providing them with references, before the final line-up is selected from this group and filming can begin.

Once the candidates are selected, they are divided into teams and given a series of business-themed tasks — every series focuses on ten team-oriented tasks, with the exception of the seventh and eighth series where it was eleven. Each episode covers a single task, which is designed to test candidates on important business skills — salesmanship, negotiation, requisitioning, strategy, leadership, teamwork, and organisation. Before each task is given, the teams are briefed by Sugar over what kind of challenge they will be conducting, what rules they must adhere to during the timespan of the task, and the conditions for winning — an example of this could be that they must buy supplies on a limited budget, convert them into a product, and then sell their creation all within a single day, with the win determined on who makes the highest profit from their concept.

Before a task begins, each team must assign a project manager PM to lead them, whose roles involves denoting each member's role on the task, tackle the important key decisions, and manage team members carefully to avoid potential friction and disruptions. The role of PM is mainly chosen by the team — the choice, decided on a vote, can be influenced by factors, the most common being a candidate's business background and its relation to the task, or the amount of confidence team members have in their selection — but at times, Sugar may appoint someone into the role, based upon his opinion of their performance in the process, their background, or, since the seventh series, their business plan.

The briefing period of the episode is often used at specific points in the series to rearrange teams, as candidates are whittled down in the process, and is mainly done to either balance out the number, ensure a fair distribution of skills for a specific task, or to give less vocal candidates a chance to demonstrate their abilities. Each team is provided with two vehicles to use to get around during a task, and can only split into two sub-teams for each task; in some tasks, the candidates are given additional items to use to assist them, such as a shop space or a workshop. Although the teams are expected to work together, the competitive nature of the show means that candidates will often focus on their individual roles and needs rather than the greater good of the team, primarily to prove themselves worthy of winning the process and increasing their chances of making it into the Final of the series.

During the execution of their task, each team is followed by one of Sugar's aides, who notes down their opinions, observations and thoughts for later reference in the boardroom, mostly on any noteworthy matters, such as performance, mistakes, and issues, minor or serious; while it is rare for them to intervene, they may do so if an issue arises in the team's actions that needs their attention. Once a task is finished, the candidates report back to Sugar at the " boardroom " — either following the task's completion, or the day after it has ended — to hear about feedback on their performance and learn the results of their endeavors. During team-based tasks, the process is played out in three stages in the following order — Results, Task Review, and Final Boardroom.

Each stage is conducted in a different fashion, but follows a general format: [25]. While the boardroom scenes differ for the Interviews and Final see sections below , there are a number of exceptions in regards to the boardroom format after tasks, which can occur during this scene:. The Interviews stage of the process takes place as the penultimate step of the competition, in which the five remaining candidates in the competition each undergoes an individual set of interviews with a selection of trusted aides of Sugar; for the seventh and eighth series, this stage was assigned as the final step, and featured the four remaining candidate in each respective series' competition.

The aim of this stage is to determine the suitability of the candidate for the prize being offered by Sugar. In this stage, each interviewer questions the candidates over various matters, from their performance in the process, why they applied for the show, the content of their CVs, and any concerns about their personalities. Discussions often focus around brash or controversial statements that candidates have made on their CVs and application forms, with the interviewers determining whether such claims are truthful, exaggerated or deceitful. Since the seventh series, following the change of prize, the interviewers now question the candidates about their business plans, discussing the feasibility of the idea, how the candidate would go about setting up the business, and whether they have the temperament and skills to deliver the plan.

After candidates have been through their interviews, and Sugar has heard feedback from the interviewers, he conducts a boardroom session to discuss with the candidates over what he has learnt about them, as well as reviewing their performance on the tasks they undertook. Eventually, he will determine who he feels has potential to move on to the Final, with his decision usually resulting in three candidates being fired at this stage of the competition; there has only been one instance in the show's history where Sugar fired just one candidate, as the feedback from the interviewers during the third series' competition made it difficult to fire more than one. The final stage of the competition sees the finalists of the process compete against each other in one final task, with the outcome influencing Sugar's decision on who wins the current series' competition, though his choice is determined through a comparison of the two candidates, and is not influenced purely on how successful a candidate is in the final stage, but also other factors connected with them such as their overall performance in the competition, and the overall feedback he has received about them.

Whereas in Series 7—8, the Interviews stage was the final task, prior to these series and after them, the task sees the finalists being able to form a team out of a selection of returning candidates that had been fired over the course of the competition, their choices affected by past experiences with them, how well they worked together, or if their skill set can help improve their chances of winning. For Series 1—6, the final stage was a purely business-styled task, as a final test of a candidate's skill set and their suitability to the job being offered as a prize in these series. For Series 7—8, following the change of prize, the task primarily focused on determining how potential a candidate's business plan was for investment, via interviews.

In all versions, the finalists eventually reconvene at the boardroom in which Sugar discusses with them over their performance, the feedback they got, and voices his final opinions of the candidates, Eventually, he declares his choice, proclaiming to the winner he points to with the words "You're hired! While only two finalists ever reach the final stage, Series 4 featured four finalists, who were divided up into pairs, working as joint project managers respectively on the final task, with Sugar effectively firing the pair who performed poorly, and making his final decision on who won, between the candidates within the remaining pair.

Each boardroom session featured in the show consists of the same setup for "The Board", in the form of a panel that evaluates the performances of the candidates in the competition. Along with Alan Sugar the "boss" , the panel consists of his two personal advisers, who are assigned to watch over the candidates during each task of the competition; to date, four people have operated as Sugar's advisers, of which two currently remain a part of the show in this respective role.

The following details each member of the board:. The first series began in February , with the opening theme being " Montagues and Capulets ". The viewer ratings climbed [43] to almost 4 million viewers for the final episode on 4 May After his victory he went on to become Project Director of Amstrad's new Health and Beauty division at the time, but left the company to pursue other interests the following year, [45] starting up the Bright Ideas Trust in which offers funding and support for young people wishing to start their own business. In August , the American cable channel CNBC began to present the first series on Monday nights, [47] but it was aired in disparate time slots or not at all due to the network's abrupt shifting of their programme schedule in order to cover developments regarding the global financial crisis of — , leading to the series not being broadcast in full.

With CNBC deciding to focus their prime time schedule on financial news programming, the programme's rights were moved to BBC America , where it started transmission on 5 May For the third series, 10, applications were received by the production staff, with a promise made to incorporate "tougher tasks and better people", after Alan Sugar expressed concerns that the show was becoming similar in format to that of Big Brother. The series started on 28 March with viewing figures of 4. Candidates applying for the fourth series were invited to do so through the programme's official website, [59] leading to 20, applications being submitted for the series, [60] and 16 of them making it through to take part in the show.

Its first episode aired on 26 March , with its debut attracting 6. Prior to the start of filming for the series, Adam Freeman, one of the lucky sixteen that had made it onto the fifth series, was forced to pull out; it was stated that his reasons for doing so were due to a "family matters". Following Mountford's departure, Karren Brady was officially revealed as her replacement on 30 August , [68] later revealing in a newspaper interview on 28 February that the contestants would no longer refer to Alan Sugar as 'Sir Alan', but instead must call him 'Lord Sugar', following his elevation to the House of Lords.

The series was won by Stella English, who was placed into Sugar's company Viglen. In May , she requested a new role after saying that she was just a "glorified PA", [74] and retained this for a year before it was decided not to renew her contract. The decision drew considerable media attention, after she attempted to sue Sugar for wrongful dismissal in February , only for the legal action to be ultimately unsuccessful. Applications for the seventh series began in April Those applying prior to this announcement, were not aware of the prize change until later on.

The change was due to the issue involving English and that Sugar was finding it difficult to find roles for the winners. The sixteen candidates who eventually secured a place on the series were revealed on 3 May , via the official website and in a press launch, with the opening episode aired a week later on 10 May. In a change to format, the final involved the Interviews that candidates undertook, though these included a scrutinising of the candidates' business plans as well.

Thomas Pellereau became Sugar's first business partner, [79] whereupon he used his prize to launch a range of manicure products with assistance from Sugar, including a line of curved nail files — the S-file, the S-Buffer and the Emergency File, two curved nail clippers, the S-Clipper and S-Clipper mini and a curved foot exfoliator, and the S-Ped — which were made available with major retailers in the country. The eighth series began on 21 March , and was the last to use the format for the task layout as was used in the previous series. The ninth series began on 7 May , and saw the format of the task layout reverted to its original approach prior to the seventh series, though with the final task amended to focus on the investment prize, in which the finalists of the process had to conduct a presentation of their business idea to a panel of experts, including branding, an advert, and answering any questions given about their proposal.

The series was won by Leah Totton, who used her prize to open her first cosmetic skin clinic on 22 January Because of the FIFA World Cup and Commonwealth Games , the tenth series was postponed until mid-Autumn to avoid clashing with the live coverage of both sporting events. Due to the General Election , the show was postponed until mid-Autumn, to avoid clashing with the political event due to Sugar's ties with it at the time. Because of Hewer's departure, Claude Littner was confirmed as his replacement prior to the opening episode of the eleventh series on 14 October , though he retained his role as one of the key interviewers of the Interviews stage.

The production staff now focused on applicants who were older and more experienced in business, with the number of candidates taking part now increased to The series was won by Joseph Valente, who used Sugar's investment and assistance to help him expand his plumbing business, Impra-Gas. Both men parted ways on good terms, with Valente thankful for the help and opportunity that he had gotten, while Sugar wished him the best of luck and that he would be following the company's progress. As before, the BBC postponed the twelfth series to mid-Autumn, so as to avoid clashing with live coverage of Euro , the UK EU membership referendum and the Rio Olympics that were to take place during the Summer.

The thirteenth series of the show was broadcast in late Autumn , maintaining the broadcast schedule set by the previous three series. The series began on 4 October , and was won by both James White and Sarah Lynn, making it the first time in the show's history where two finalists were joint winners. Unlike the last three series of the programme, the fourteenth series, which took place in late Autumn , reverted to involving 16 candidates vying for Sugar's investment offer, and included a number of subtle changes to keep the format fresh such as candidates being sent abroad for the first task. The series began on 3 October , [96] and was won by Sian Gabbidon , who used her investment to launch a luxury swimwear range.

As with the previous series, the format for the fifteenth incorporated the new changes introduced, including the first task taking place abroad, the number of candidates taking part being at 16, and teams not being named until each consisted of a mix of women and men. The series began airing on 2 October The sixteenth series was originally planned for filming to begin in Spring , but the onset of the coronavirus pandemic at that time forced the BBC to postpone production to a later date. In lieu of a new series for their Autumn broadcast schedule, the broadcaster opted to fill the space with a special compilation series of highlights from previous series. Every series of The Apprentice is pre-recorded before its broadcast — although the show's twelve-week broadcast schedule gives the impressions that each episode was filmed over a period of 12 weeks, in reality, each series' filming schedule is conducted within a two-month period, a few months before the show is to be aired.

Compared to the US series, the British version has a more rigid format that requires the production team to provide enough footage for each series, that is to be then incorporated into twelve separate episodes. Early rules in filming meant that multiple firings were not allowed in the first two series, a fact that was acknowledged as an issue by Sugar when he expressed his desire to fire both Alexa Tilley and Syed Ahmed following a task in the second series, but could only get rid of the former.

In subsequent series, this rule was changed after the show increased the number of candidates for the competition, meaning that Sugar could conduct double firings where needed by the film crew as part of the filming schedule. Filming for many of the tasks involve locations within London and across the UK in various cities and towns, and on a number of occasions when tasks take the teams abroad, across Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and the United States.

For each series, the candidates are provided with accommodation within an upmarket area of London selected by the production team, [] [] [] [] [] with every episode's opening and ending scene being filmed at this location, utilising a mixture of exterior and interior shots of scenes; filming is also done on site if the candidates are conducting work on a task within the building. For other outdoor shots used as part of the other scenes in an episode, the locations have varied. Between the first and third series, both the show's opening credits and the post-firing "walk of shame" exit sequences were filmed outside the Amstrad HQ building in Brentwood , but from the fourth series onwards, following Amstrad's sale to BSkyB in , filming of these scenes are done in front of the Viglen HQ building in St Albans , Hertfordshire , which until that point had been used a filming location for the interviews stage of the competition, and continued to do so until when it was decided to change the filming location to the Leadenhall Building.

In addition, between the fourth to ninth series, the show's Walk of Shame scene was filmed at night, but the tenth series changed the filming schedule to have this done during the afternoon. For the scenes involving the losing team discussing their loss, the film crew have used two cafes — "The Bridge" in Acton, West London; and "La Cabana 2" in North London — though editing of these scenes is done to make it appear that candidates only enter The Bridge cafe.

Although the show uses footage taken by its film crew for most of the episode shown, aerial footage of various buildings in London is used on The Apprentice , mainly to acts as small links between scenes and as part of the show's opening credits, and have included shots of the Square Mile and Canary Wharf financial districts, as well as the metre Gherkin , HSBC Tower , One Canada Square , the Citigroup Centre , and the Shard ; such locations are not used for filming unless a task involves visiting the site. Filming of an episode can usually take a considerable amount of time to be done and as such, each task is usually filmed back-to-back, rather than weekly as it appears in the broadcast schedule for a series.

For each episode, four television crews are used to follow the candidates during a task, and often are focused on picking up on mistakes and issues between candidates, than on their overall performance. The final edit of an episode often trims down a task that took 1—3 days to be done, to fit it within approximately about half of what will be televised for that episode, meaning candidates may appear to make minimal contributions when in reality they made more, while others may not feature as much if Sugar or his advisers feel they did well and completed their duties, as emphasis is often put on moments that can be entertaining for audiences.

Often the filming of an episode can hamper the efforts of candidates in a task, due to film crews usually having to get filming permission first from the respective owner of a store or establishment, which can often be a time-consuming and cumbersome process as a result, [] whilst the strict rules of the BBC on product placement and advertising mean candidates have to approach businesses with care when asking them for help. Owing to the need for secrecy during the two months of filming, all candidates are made to sign a confidentiality agreement which prohibits all, but a few confidants nominated by them, to be told of where they will be during that time, which remains active after filming until the series has started broadcast.

As a result, the persistent presence of the cameras, the closeness of rivals in the competition and the lack of contact with families and friends, can cause considerable pressure and stress for a candidate between entering the process, to leaving it. Scenes filmed in both the "boardroom" and the reception area that resides next door to the room, are in fact done within a custom-built set at Black Island Studios, [] with the boardroom receptionist actually being an employee of the production company, Talkback Thames, and not Alan Sugar's real secretary.

For the final, multiple endings are filmed for the candidates who make it to the end of the process, although Sugar does not reveal who he will hire until shortly before transmission. This determines which ending is shown as part of the series finale's final edit. Notably, the BBC has released two statements regarding the decision procedure which are considered to be contradictory; while the first states that Sugar makes his decision on the day that the final boardroom sequence is filmed, based on the contestants' performance in the final task, and keeps it secret until just before transmission, [] the second states that he decides after a six-month trial period. Following the decision to commission a second series of the programme, the BBC decided to create a spin-off companion programme to accompany The Apprentice , with its format operating in a similar manner to that of Big Brother's Little Brother and Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two.

Following the second series of The Apprentice , the BBC announced that, as part of its early programming schedule, a celebrity version of the programme would be recorded in aid of the charity Comic Relief. Given the title of Comic Relief Does The Apprentice , [] it functioned differently to the format of the American celebrity edition, The Celebrity Apprentice — while that was filmed to be a full series when it was broadcast, the Comic Relief special functioned on a simple format, in which it featured ten celebrities split between two teams — a "boys' team" and a "girls' team" — and consisted of two parts covering a single task, with any money raised going to the Comic Relief fund, though retaining certain key elements from the main programme, such as the boardroom scene and Sugar "firing" one of the celebrities.

Although Ross had been suspended by the BBC over the prank telephone call row that occurred during the time that the special was being filmed, the broadcaster permitted him to appear in it due to the fact that it would be airing after his suspension had been lifted. The beginning of the third series saw the launch of a weekly podcast called The Apprenticast , and a radio programme on BBC Five Live , both hosted by former Blue Peter presenter Richard Bacon and running for thirty minutes.

For the series, an independent weekly podcast was also released, hosted by first series contestant James Max , in conjunction with London talk station LBC on which Max hosts his own show. After the first Comic Relief celebrity version proved a success, the BBC gave the green light for another edition the following year for Sport Relief Designed once again as a two-part special called Sport Relief Does The Apprentice , it was aired on 12 and 14 March , [] and functioned on the same format as the Comic Relief version. As the main programme began to grow in success, Sugar took notice of the number of young viewers the show was attracting, and went into discussions with the BBC in March to propose the creation of a junior spin-off of the show, featuring a young age-group of candidates and being aired in an early evening timeslot on BBC One.

Despite a lack of interest, Sugar went into negotiations on the idea in early , whereupon the BBC gave the green light for the project after the idea was revised. In May , while the fifth series of The Apprentice was underway, the broadcaster announced the spin-off's production during an episode of The Apprentice: You're Fired! The first series of the programme began on 12 May , under the title of Junior Apprentice , [] consisted of 10 candidates split evenly between gender, and ran for a total of six episodes.

It also marked the debut of Karren Brady as Margaret Mountford's replacement, after she left the main show following the fifth series; Brady would later begin her first appearance on The Apprentice at the start of its sixth series. The spin-off later led to the BBC commissioning two more series, though with a few changes — the show was renamed as Young Apprentice , with the number of candidates increased to twelve and the number of episodes increased to eight. The spin-off was eventually cancelled after its third series, after Sugar revealed on his Twitter account in February that the BBC had decided to not renew Young Apprentice for another series. Rory Bremner did an impression of Sir Alan on the show Bremner Bird and Fortune ; he was in the boardroom with the main London Mayoral candidates, Boris Johnson , Ken Livingstone and Brian Paddick , and after each of the candidates failed to get a single vote according to his results, he hired himself for the job claiming he "would make a profit on City Hall".

In Dead Ringers Bremner also impersonated a Sir Alan with magic powers castigating a contestant over an event akin to what occurred to The Sorcerer's Apprentice. In the fourth series of Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe , Brooker parodied The Apprentice , with Brooker taking on the role of a Sugar-like character dressed in a crown and gown, and replacing the catchphrase, "You're fired" with "You're fucked. In this parody, Roger Sloman portrays a Sugar-like figure who berates children for their poor attempts to set up a lemonade stand. The children's comedy sketch show " Horrible Histories " features "Historical Apprentice" as a recurring sketch. This directly references "The Apprentice" and Sugar, and features two different teams from different historical periods.

Series have expanded outside television with a number of University student groups recreating local competitions by sticking to the format of tasks. What is known as Student Apprentice competitions have been hosted across the country in a number of Universities, especially in London. In , these were joined to form National Student Apprentice, [] which became a competition bringing together six regions for a national event. The programme has been given positive reviews by several newspapers. In the popular press, The Sun newspaper has called it "The thinking man's reality show", and The Daily Mirror described it as "jaw-dropping viewing".

The Sunday Times said that it was "not just a game show: it's a business school. The programme has been criticised in the British media for suggesting that success in the business world requires possession of unsavoury qualities. Ricky is the straight man , a character very similar to Arnaz himself; he is a Cuban-American bandleader whose trademark song is " Babalu ". Red-haired Lucy is his wife, who always gets into trouble and is usually caught at it by Ricky. Their son, Ricky Ricardo Jr.

He was portrayed by child actor Richard Keith beginning in season 6. In one episode in which she is asked her birthday, she gives it as August 6 the same as Ball's , though in typical fashion, she refuses to give the year; in another, where she is forced to tell the truth, she says she is 33 years old. This episode aired during the third season in In the episode, her parents are never referred to by name, and only her mother portrayed by Kathryn Card is seen over the course of the series. No other family is even mentioned, except for a passing reference to her grandmother being Swedish Jamestown has a large Swedish community.

In Season 5, Episode 11 — "The Passports" — it's established she was born in , therefore is exactly 10 years younger than Ball in real life. In grammar school, she played a petunia in a recital. In high school, she was involved in the drama program, wherein she studied with Miss Hanna and played Juliet Capulet in Romeo and Juliet. She also played the saxophone in high school as did the real Lucy , though every song she played sounded like " The Glow-Worm ". Lucy also knows how to play the ukulele. A reference to Lucille's attendance at an unnamed junior college is made in the episode "Fan Magazine Interview" ; Jamestown Community College , the nearest junior college to Lucy's hometown, did not exist until , although a business college and nursing school did exist in the city at the time.

When she was 22, Lucy was set up on a blind date by her friend Marion Strong. Her blind date turned out to be a Cuban conga drummer, Ricky Ricardo. In the early s, Lucy and Ricky moved into an old reconverted brownstone apartment at East 68th Street in New York City references made during the series date the move to or In reality, this address does not exist the last numbered building on E 68th Street is , so this address would be in the East River. Their landlords soon to be best friends were Fred and Ethel Mertz. Lucy and Ethel quickly became best friends, even though Ethel is older than Lucy. Upon moving to the city, Ricky ends up getting a job headlining the Tropicana where he and his band are held over indefinitely.

To Lucy, Ricky's career and days seem so much more exciting than her days of cooking and cleaning. She desperately wants to be a star and constantly tries to get into Ricky's act. Ricky wants his wife to remain a homemaker. However, in spite of Ricky's reluctance and regular refusal to give her a role, Lucy usually finds a way into the show. In , after going to the doctor complaining of feeling "dauncey" a word her grandmother made up; Lucy's definition of feeling "dauncey" is when you're not really sick but just feel lousy [ citation needed ] and gaining weight, she learns that she is pregnant.

It is actually Ethel who first suggests to Lucy she may be expecting, even before Lucy heads out to the doctor. Lucy is very excited to tell her husband the news. The Mertzes learn the news first and are sworn to secrecy. When she was younger, Lucy had envisioned how she would tell her husband they were going to have a baby. She decides to tell Ricky when he comes home for lunch that afternoon. However, with repeated interruptions from the telephone and the Mertzes, she is unable.

She tries to tell him down at his club during rehearsals, but is uncomfortable telling him such a personal thing in front of his band, so she runs out crying. He gives the note to Ricky. Ricky reads the note, which alludes to a wife needing to tell her husband they are having a baby, and requests that he sing a particular song. Ricky, unaware that the "husband" mentioned in the note is himself, wants to bring the expectant couple up on stage to congratulate them. He goes from couple to couple trying to find them.

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