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Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay

That whole flowers-and-chocolate-and-pretending-to-be- interested-in-the-conversation thing was killing me. Dr Leibowitz is puzzled because the duo are easily aroused. True there is Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay abuse and Frankenstein: Determination Becomes Obsession Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay of violence as in many placesbut the law Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay very Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay in favor Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay women. Beavis kicks two players, then takes the ball and runs with it way beyond the playing field. This episode marks the third appearance of the character Daria Morgendorffer. My mother was working class and Summary Of C. S Lewis The Abolition Of Man but after passing an exam was paid in to Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay to be a teacher… she was Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay Fine, if you really Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay to make an impression, Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay on kuru Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay size. He also joined a circus for a time where he worked as a Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay, and then he was a boxer for a Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay as well. Van Driessen attempts to help his class Into The Wild Book Vs Movie Essay self-esteem by holding David Foster Wallaces Analysis mock graduationbut Beavis and Butt-Head think that it Clostridium Botulism Research Paper real.

Clueless - Cher, Master of the Argument

I have had a very interesting and dramatic life as in my true international love story The Red Silk Robe, in Amazon, check it out… Have also done a lot of travelling, so I will definitely be watching your site for more information and facts, if my brain can take in anymore…. I will also friend you, as would love to keep in contact….. Thank you Julia Cynthia Kent. They are two differently fruits entirely. The only thing they have in common is that they are citrus and round…. Then they took Mexico city and Maximiliano governed for some years for the conservative side while Benito Juarez, the liberal president was forced to run away, it was only after 5 years that the third battle of Puebla took place where General Porfirio Diaz defeated and expelled once and for all the French from Puebla, after that the French defeat was imminent and Maximiliano was caught and executed putting an end to the Liberal vs Conservative period and to the French Invasion.

Well the 5th of may its justo a battle as a matter of fact we did not win the war, the frenchs defeted the mexican army and went all the way through into the capital. The battle of 5 de Mayo only delayed the inevitable and thinking about it, the lives lost in it were worth jack. We brought down the second empire through guerilla warfare, we should celebrate the day the French pulled back, not the day we delayed the inevitable French descent on the capital. On the other hand the 16th of september is kind of a big deal. Fun fact about the 16th of september: The battle of Puebla the 5th of may was an attempt to drive the French off, we won the battle but lost the war and the French made Maximiliano de Habsburgo our emperor.

I agree with most of your comments, but Mexico safe? Would you really recommend someone to flag down a taxi from the street? Actually Mexico City is very safe, the rest of the country not so much. I lived in East London for 2 years and never once had my purse snatched off my shoulder in broad daylight in the middle of the day on a semi-busy street like recently in Tijuana. In being here less than a month. Less than a week, actually. I disagree with 3, 7, and 9.

Fact: A lot of Mexican food is spicy hot or can be , despite the use of limes! Fact: A gap in equality is not the only classification of a third world country. Fact: Women only buses does not mean that women in Mexico receive privilege. Sorry to disappoint you again those pink buses are not everywhere, and by that i mean they almost dont exist, most cities dont have to have a pink bus, i would rather have the same bus for everyone, a pink bus just means its not safe for a woman to ride on a regular one.

On the safety side it all depends on what city you live in, and what part of that city. Its like saying Chicago is safe city, i probably is, if you hang around the nice areas, but not everywhere. Nice article in genera, but I think you got it wrong with the all female public transportation; it is but a shortsighted remedy against the abuse they suffer here when they are harassed by men. It is a kindness we show even other Mexican strangers, just in case. Monterrey, for example, has avenues with 7 lanes, not many american cities can say that… D. Anna makes a great point with this post, just felt like there needed to be something else added.

Hi Anna, I just love what you posted, which is totally true. Thank you for sharing this, keep doing this as many people has a huge misconception about Mexico. May I print your post to share with my co-workers and clients? Ask how many women dress with skirts or small shorts in the metro and you will find that only foreign tourists do it. Mexico is what it is, but that girl in the photo is HOT!

Your Cellphones Roaming charge comes from an abusive company that screws the whole country. Yeah, Mexico is better that what is thought to be, but Mexico is also Worst than what everybody thing it is. Most of this things are true for Mexico City. Very nice article. Question — Is there much color prejudice in Mexico? I notice you mentioned:. Insteresting information. Just celebrate this in schools. Police have been implicated in some of these incidents.

Both local and expatriate communities have been victimized. Almost 90 kidnappings of U. Embassy and consulates in Mexico between April and November of I wish it was not like this… I wish Mexico gets better with time. Unless we get an honest government then things might improve and can have a safe Mexico again! And some open doors and pay for bills.

There are thousands of women being beated or even killed by their husbands. So NO, women are not specially privileged in Mexico. And NO, Mexico is not even close to be first world. Im mexican. Grate article in the other points. Oh but we eat burritos on the northern region of Mexico. We always have, and we always will. They are different from the Tex-Mex kind, that is true. The thing is, as you point out, Mexico is a big country, and the term Mexican food is rather loose, there are different regions with very different tastes. Same applies to embarazado and embarrassed. Such a mexican, i would like to thank you for writing, in a very unique way, about my beautiful country… with your heart!!!

Kudos on your blog! I am mexican well I was born american but living a mexican live for way long already. And yes these are truly misconceptions people abroad may have about this beautiful country. Very nice post, I appreciate you taking the time to write about my country and some of its misconceptions. So, why make a big deal out of one battle? Another interesting thing about mexicans? I hope you have the time to visit even more places from Mexico, and get to know much more about the places we have. Nice and informative, but just a little observation on you last point: Mexican independence from Spain was declared on August 24, What happened in September 15, , was a call to arms against the ruling class, which later became the Independence War.

As a Mexican, I agree with most of what you say. I have to say, though, that I differ on what you say about Mexican women. And the fact that men are gentleman-y does not, in any way, relate to gender equality. The fact that men often do pay for things has to do, in my opinion, with a quite traditional take on gender roles. I also agree with Yannick, by the way. Which people and where are they getting their information? I lived there for six years, and was a victim of a major crime an average of once a year.

Fraud, kidnapping, theft, vandalism, harassment, embezzlement…and of course, everyone I know there has been a victim of, or knows a victim of several of these crimes. The degree of incivility that I witnessed there is criminal, but overshadowed by much bigger battles, like government corruption, the drug war, and Juarez. Please correct that-in honor of brave -poblanos that lost their lives protecting the country- Thank you Dario. Just two comments:. It is actually part of its charm. Sure, there are safe places in Mexico, but last I heard of my relatives, it is not a good place to be at the moment. Also, being chivalrous to women is not the same as women being equal to men, if anything Mexican men are very patriarchal.

Being that there are pink busses and special section for women on the subway is not a priveledge. Those were implemented to try and create a safer environment for women. By the way, May 5th its celebrated only in Puebla, its an off day and we have a parade too, i know because i live where the battle took place. Two men entered my house while I was asleep. Quit saying that Mexico is a safe country. It is not. It is not a safe haven when you are eating dinner with your family and a police convoy of 50 cars rushes by with their sirens, or when you see a military tank roaming the streets.

Not a third world country. Do you know the poverty rate in Mexico? Maybe if you only hang around Polanco or Santa Fe, and never step outside your little bubble…. As someone else noted, the pink buses or the metros designated for women are to prevent sexual harassment. And what about the real name? And Burritos… in the north part of Mexico we do eat burritos maybe not quite chipotle style, but we do. They are Tex-MEX for a reason. And women privileged? Seem that you enjoyed Mexico, glad to know is a great place and specially with great people! You forgot to mention this last important information.

So actually Mexico is considered to have 32 states. Could you please explain why do you thing this? US states can have their own laws, and normally these are different if compared with the laws in other states i. Those kinds of things do not really happened in Mexico. There is not a difference. And I do not agree with your opinion about the taste of Mexican food. It is not either spicy or sour. Mexican food has a large variety of tastes, and it different in every state of the country.

And not every Mexican likes spicy salsas. Tal king about same gender marriage, some states like Distrito Federal allow it. Abortion the same. If you want to find out more about different State regulations concerning abortion rights you should wait for my book about abortion in Mexico — will be published in Roaming occurs from town to town due to the abusive Cellphone companies rising the rates and overcharging for everything. The structure is very similar, with local congresses and federal lower and higher chamber. The funny thing is that most Americans I know had never heard of Mexican States they have the misconception that only the US has them. De hecho, tu ejemplo de matrimonio homosexual se aplica perfectamente.

En el D. Neza , Naucalpan, Huizquilucan, Tlalnepantla, etc…. I love everything you say here! I agree in everything but the point that -Women are privileged, as others comments said, those buses are a result of sexual harassment and a deep problem of inequality we are suffering in Mexico. If we want real equality we should, as women, stop wanting just the benefits of man but asking them to pay for everything, pick us up, give us their seat, etc.

I like the way you expressed that point because we can not deny people on Mexico are suffering from kidnappings, burglars and many safety issues but some places are still kind of safe if you take some precautions. Also, as a tourist you are less expose to this problems as you are visiting specific less dangerous places. Education decision are deciced by each State. Jorge Luis Ojeda you are mexican I guess, check this. Please learn english and then share your opinion! It seems you really did not captured what she was saying. Sus aclaraciones son inexactas.

En Mexico la seguridad es un problema grave y no sucede como dice ella simplistamente, solo entre las mafias de las drogas. Esta sola falsedad da al traste con todo el articulo. Ella puede ser la causante de una desgracia con esa ligereza con que trata ese tema. Mexico city is not synonymous to D. F is the smallest of all it is the one of the most populated places in the whole country and Mexico city is part of the state of Mexico that is exactly next to D. Thanks for taking the time to look at the bright side of our country. As you can read above, there is a lot of people that identified themselves with your points of view.

Most of them took the opportunity to let you know how you got something wrong. In my opinion, Mexico is a big country full of traditions and culture which will often vary from state to state and sometimes even from municipality to municipality. The north of the country is absolutely different to the south, likewise both north and south can be just as different from the center. The fact that you speak about what you experienced while there, makes all of your points valid.

Which in my experience this are all things people do believe about my country. Algrajeda, te states of Mexico are autonomous and independent from each other. Each of them have their own constitution and have their own civil code and laws. The gay marriage is a good example, since it is legal only in DF and Quintana Roo, but not in the other states. And one final thing, DF is not a state since it is not autonomous and does not have its own constitution it depends on the federation, however it has three levels of government executive jefe de gobierno , legislative Asamblea Legislativa del DF , judicial poder judicial del Df and its Tribunal.

Hey Anna nice thing going on here! Excuse you? Can you be any more condescending and negatively. We are also all not nacos. Income equality is very severe in Mexico. I agree, being poor is NOT the same as being uneducated. The problem is not that people that go to the U. First because poor and uneducated does not mean rude. Sorry but you are generalizing I know a lot of Mexican friends and people with much greater education with masters degree working in US and working at the top of the head of a lot of companies not all Mexicans living in US are undereducated and also I have known a lot of poor people working on the US that are so responsible, educated and honest than some rich people living in Mexico that think are educated.

Redneck is different. Thanks for sharing Anna! You should definitely fact check your article before posting. Mexican states are certainly not more independent than US states. Mexico is a federal republic meaning that each state operates according to the laws and decrees of the federal powers. So states in Mexico have less autonomy than US states. Also Mexico City is synonymous with the districto federal. Much like Washington, D. Is synonymous with the district of Colombia. The rest of your points I would deem as fairly correct. There are other towns within the confines of the Federal District.

Mexico City just happens to be the largest. Amazing note!! This is all true i live in the d. But in some cases even I am afraid of some places, like Michoacan and Monterrey. Those places are dangerous as hell thanks to the mafia, you can get assaulted simply by trying to get in. In other words we do have some problems. Si es verdad hay problemas entre Narcos. No seas ignorante. Soy de Queretaro y vivo en Monterrey hace 8 anios y a excepcion del y a mi jamas me toco ver algo la ciudad es todo menos insegura.

Como nos dejamos llevar por la prensa. Pasan cosas como en otras grandes ciudades…pero de eso a que sea isegura como la ingada…no estoy de acuerdo. Hi Anna I appreciate your article. I am mexican living in Canada and I often hear every one of these misconceptions. Good work. Thank you for a nice post! But although the whole independence of the states is really not so true. How can you say that we are privileged? Are women worst of in other places… maybe. But I can assure you, that does not make mexican women privileged in any way. One last thing, being caballeroso can often be part of the machista ideology. Men who treat women as the invalid that needs the door open, can and do often think that her right place is the house.

It seems very nice to have your date pay for everything, but you have to remember that economic dependance is a form of violence. One very common that makes many women stay with abussive partners because of their lack of economic chances. Of course there are very nice guys out there who do these things without being machistas. But it is also a mistake not to see how these things can be part of the problem also. Still, I am very glad you had a nice experience and I congratulate you for writting about it. Nope, sorry, you are wrong. I live in the desert area of Zacatecas, and it goes below 0 C many times in December and January and kills my plants. That IS cold not hot. Without staying and actually fixing your countries problem.

Not that it is only exclusive to you nor like you could do anything about it but running away solves nothing. Everyone complains about mexico but no one gets up their butt to do anything about it. O un mediocre lamebotas de empresas que no pagan impuestos ni derechos a sus trabajadores, siguiendo la zanahoria que nunca alcanzaran. Good on you, Anna, for spreading your own awareness about the country. But it is very pleasant to see that you try your best to show good judgement and are so open to learn more.

Keep up the good work… and visiting Mexico!! Y la gente como tu que estan contentos con su mediocridad porque no te levantas y haces algo al respecto? Nomas andas de envidioso de empresarios mexicanos que si se levantaron e hicieron lo que tenian que hacer. El modelo capitalista recompensa a quienes salen a hacer las cosas, no a los que exigen que les den. Maybe you did not work enough, or you did not study to have a nice job and bunch of opportunities to live and work in this great country, Mexico is great, The US have chances to live good even for people with no preparation and low capacity like you, even homeless people live doing nothing, so I am not surprised you talk about Mexico in that way, only real people with real courage can have nice life here, and the other people use to run away to a country where feed useless people like you.

Que bueno que te fuiste! Looser much? I like your article. However, I think you could have made it just 10 facts. Gentlemanliness is only defined as that if the courtesy extends not only to women but to everyone. The fact that specific buses or metro carts exist is not privilege, or necessarily right. It is the result of men generally believing they have the right to harass women and perpetrate other forms of gender violence. Hi Anna, great blog entry.

Article of the Mexican Constitution establish how the states can organize their political administration by dividing themselves in Municipios and how they work. Article inputs the prohibitions the states have to legislate over certain matters. So, we can say our States are some kind of independent as long as they do not violate the uppest law. In contrast, as long as I know, in the USA some sates do have the privilege to legislate in some matters that in Mexico will not be legal, such as allowing Idaho not to teach the evolution theory, or Texas having the death penalty or Kansas becoming a tax haven.

This is a very complete article. Yeah the Mexican States are really independent, they have diferent laws between each other but of course there are federal laws which are in effect in all the states but the most common state regulations are about civil unions or same sex marriage, adoption, abortion, education, car regulations, and a ton of more. Mexico is a real federation. DF is not a state, there are plans but to this day it is not.

Point number 2 is even difficult for mexicans even the ones that live at Mexico city. That is completely incorrect. The thing is, that the Federal District is actually the equivalent of a state. A few years ago this was more evident, but as Mexico City keeps growing this surrounding cities were merged to the big city. An example of this, is the town of Tlahuac. But there are still areas in DF that are uninhabitated, mainly at the south of the DF. Even at the south there is still one town named Topilejo which it is still separated from Mexico City but it belongs to DF. An example of this is Cuautitlan. So as the city keeps growing, we started to refer to the whole city even if they belong to DF or to Mexico State as Metropolitan area.

However, both states recognize their frontiers and thus, the limits of their laws, responsabilities, etc. Anna you did great by putting all this misconceptions, and I truly apreciate that you took the time to try to break some stereotypes, the points that I like the most because maybe are huge surprises specially for U. By the way I have been dealing with foreigns for years specially with people from the U. You misunderstood — I explain it already in another comment.

Getting a little bit natch-y here, I know…. Nice post, congrats. This Altiplano extends to many cities and thus conditions are great must of the time not too hot with cool nights. Saludos linda. Spicy salsas and served on the side. Thanks for your comments. I believe this is an amazing summary and I look forward to any follow ups. Voy a ir a Amsterdam al Kingsday y a visitar unos amigos. I am a Mexican living in Vancouver and truly appreciate posts like this.

Thank you. It is true that there has been progress but Mexican society is way behind regarding women issues. Did it changed? I bet it did, and for good! And it does feel backwards…. Of course there are some dishes who dont use the 3 ingredients together, but still, I was just trying to point out that chile, lime and salt, are very IMPORTANT and key ingredients when it comes to Mexican food, speaking of which…. Saying that burritos, cacti and sombreros are not mexican just shows that people do not know northern Mexico well enough and this goes for my mexican brothers who have joined the comment not you Ana. Ever heard of El altar Desert in Sonora? I mean it should be named Desierto del Cactus!!!.

Have you ever been to Sinaloa, Sonora or Chihuahua? Same thing happens in Sinaloa and Baja California Sur. Not to mention Chihuahua where burritos might have been invented. First of all, did you read the list of states i just mentioned? Yes, they comprise almost a third of the national territory. Second, us northwesterns are as Mexican as any person from Veracruz, D. F or Michoacan and our regional food, customs and general way of living, speaking and thinking are Mexican. Even if we are closer to the U. Yes, things are expensive as the article says , but also the minimun wage is higher in the northwest than the rest of the country, with the exception of the D.

I love you.. Would you marry me? Finally, someone wrote nothing but the truth. I will share you amazing blog. Jamas se le cambio el nombre a solamente Mexico, este pais se sigue llamando Estados Unidos Mexicanos, pues eso somos, 31 estados y un distrito federal unidos, ni hay un decreto en donde se le haya cambiado el nombre, segundo, los estados SON independientes, cada estado tiene su constitucion…. Sinaloa, Nuevo Leon, Guerrero, porque eso somos. Hi I enjoyed the reading. Not Lime. It is a different kind of lemon. Lime is totally a different fruit. What you call lime, we call lime as well. Thank You for this post! Okay so technically independence is celebrated the 15th and 16th. Some of your facts are true… But not all.

It does not sound like you visited enough areas or spent enough time in Mexico for some of your conclusions. Mexican food varies by state just like in the US. And yes some of the food actually is spicy hot. Like eggs and sausage being cooked with peppers and not simply having salsa on the side as you said sometimes the salsa gets cooked in. It varies by family and by state. Some always cook spicy…Some add a lot if lime. Some of the candy evenn has chili pepper covering the sweet inside.

Me parece correcto parcialmente muchos de los conceptos que aclaras, sin embargo no escribo en ese sentido, si no mas bien en relacion a como tu misma e internacionalmente se conoce a E. Excluyendo sin intencion quiero pensar a todos los demas paises que conforman este hermoso continente tan lleno de diversidad , cultura y tradiciones. Me parece importante dado el concepto de tu Blog , que consideres esta aclaracion. According to your doubt about the security theme in Mexico I can tell you that ME as a mexican that has lived in different countries… Mexico city is just as any other HUGE city..

It is a country full of culture and good people!!! Its wrong for you to try to make a point saying not all mexicans are the same way, when moments after you talk about Jewish people as if all where the same. Actually this is inaccurate. I have lived here all my life and plan to continue doing so. Most of the men I know Mexicans, also born and raised here do not treat women like conquests, nor are they chivalrous to compete amongst themselves. To state the opposite, and even more so, to adduce a racial slur as cause for this is not only damaging and offensive, but categorically untrue. The safety in Mexico City has changed over the years. When I started going to Mexico City people would go into the ATM room one at a time and huddle over their money while someone kept an eye out.

About 5 years later the person keeping an eye out was no longer necessary but people were still careful. Nobody was concerned. Many mexicans are afraid of the situation around the States they live in because some SMAll Towns are undercontrol of criminals, some States have Extreme poverty and this drug lords take over the state and put people into bad life standards. However turistic places and bigger States live a regular life just like any other person on the globe quiet peacefully and happy.

Also ask your friends what kind of life they had here, many mexicans with a good economy refuse to use the subway NOT because its dangerous but because it lowers theyr lifestandard, as well rich mexicans are NOT well educated in many subjects such as culture, geography or civil rrights, everything they now its the TV news they hear and they dont take the time to find the truth. If you go to the ghetto, for a fact you are going to be in danger.

Give yourself a chance a know the real Mexico, explore it and give you your time, you will find plenty of places that you cannot find in anyother place in the world. I think the danger zone is along the border. Nuevo Laredo has been terrible for years. My uncle actually lives in Nvo Laredo, so we hear his tales of terror all the time. Then there was a family, friends if my own family, who were murdered in their own house — shot at and burned alive when the assassins set the house on fire. It appears the cartels got the wrong house, though. So police force is shit as well. Americans cross the border everyday because of the cousine renassaince in Tijuana, a lot of places to eat, and stuff to do. Changing the topic, theres something i just wanted to say about society classes.

Nevertheless, make sure to investigate which zones of which cities are safer for you and your family; danger is everywhere in every country, just try to avoid it the most. Also, keep in mind that, like in every country, there will probably be someone who wants to trick foreigners. You just need to act smart and keep your eyes opened. Hi DM, I have been to Tijuana many times, I have stayed there on vacation on occasion, hope my answer helps. So they might not be the best promoters of the country.

Hey DM! Flying on the other hand is perfectly fine, because what is dangerous is precisely the frontier. The city is also a very nice place to visit, and one of the safest places in the whole country. Just as a fact, the independence of Mexico was declared on September 27th What we actually celebrate is the begining of the independence war on September 16th That is something that even some mexicans ignore.

I am proud that you dare to write such an amazing compilation. I am a Mexican traveler, living in Montreal for 4 years now and I have a comment to point at this post: You know Mexicans the way we want to be know. As many things probably need deeper inside breaking out details but your 11 points are as a whole a true based on your experience. In my experience, point 9 is not completely what matches my experience, nonetheless I am not a woman, so I am glad you think they are privileged!

It is a country full of culture and good people!!!!!! I do not agree. Men DO pay and it is not a matter of competition. They do it to woo the woman they are dating. Many of them continue to do so for years. Yes, we, Mexican women are privileged. About women are priviliged…. I must say that is not very correct. And it is not a valid point to say look at Turksish women or Afganistan…. I guess you have not living to much time in Mexico and you are providing a general view of a one week tourist. Anyway, Mexico and Mexicans are great, very friendly people.

I was born and raised in Mexico City; in all my life many, many years the only time I was robbed and felt really threatened was last year. Lets put three scenarios in Mexico City: -A good looking woman walking back home in the street at 11pm -Someone using there apple macbook in the Metro or in the bus -Parking your car for a whole night in the street. These are things that in many countries of Europe is possible to do, but not in DF. But of course is not a thing that if you go there go are going to be kidnapped. Que pedo con tu redaccion? Ya sabes espanol? Que bueno, me daria mucho gusto que me pudieras platicar en espanol sobre Mexico. O sea, querias reclamarle a la autora del Post escribiendo un comentario con pesimo espanol?

Hi Anna, nice blog! Im from Mexico and also travel around several countries due my work, and this is actually a big topic during my conversations with people from another countries…Mexico is not Cancun or Tijuana…. Great article! Thanks for sharing the truth about my homeland. Just one thing you may want to correct, the independence day is the 16th not the 15th. Again, thanks for this article. Its awesome! La verdad no puedo entender como hay gente mexicana que se va a vivir a otro lado.. Very true about the food, 5 de mayo, and pretty much all you mentioned! I personally disagree with seeing the women-only public transport as a privilege, because like someone above said, if it exists it is because women mixing with men in public transport is threatening and the goal should not be to separate us but I kind of get it as a way the government provides to try to stay away from the danger of having your boobs and butts grazed.

But like someone said, big cities have its pros and cons. I like that you provide a disclaimer and explain how you got your perception of the country and Mexico City! I mean havent they seen a map in their entire life? Mexico is huge! Mexico is a big country, and Baja California is very different that Jalisco or Monterrey, and the DF is a big big city with a cool stuff like chocolate museum or tatto museum, art, theatre, and other unique things.

I can talk much about all we have in DF and in the real Mexico, but only if you stop belive the american movies and visitit other parts of mexico that is not the hotel resort, you realize how awsome it is. Bravo Anna, your blog describes on every word a descrition of Mexico for a foreigner that gave a chance on the conuntry, specially about DF. I dated an american for almost 5 years and you expressed her feeling with every word you wrote. Hey Anna! Water infrastructure is quite good in most places here. People may look oriental, black, scandinavian or whatever and be Mexican at the same time just like any other citizenship.

Mexican Spanish is different depending on where your are just like any other country where this or any other language is spoken. The way Mexican men treat women depends on the level of culture each person has as well as the intentions or level of compromise he has, just like in any other country. Curiously this has nothing to do with economic level. Anna, thank you very much for liking my country and communicating so many good things about it. As somebody above said, we need more good comments because we need more tourists to come and enjoy our beautiful premises, smiley people, great culture s and history, arts and crafts, delicious dishes and snacks, camping, sports, etc, etc… Abrazos, Carlos. And of course, being neighbor to the U.

Mexico is not a developed country yet , but neither is as undeveloped as some sub Saharian countries, for example. PS: We like to consider ourselves as north Americans, since Mexico is in the America continent and a large part of it sits above the Tropic of Cancer line. I am very happy to hear that from a foreigner living in Mexico! Thank you Ana! I hope that it becomes a habit for more and more people visiting Mexico and becomes a very Positive Epidemia!

So, as a result, you can save more money or live better, in any case, both of these options are great! Lots of people have normal lifes, just as in the occidental world. Very rich, rich, poor and very poor people, gap is bigger just like in almost any country, you see people on the street asking for money and when you go to practically most cities in Europe, you SEE the same… It is true that there is a lot to do to become a Better country, improve on many things like education, infrastructure and communications, we are on the way…. Beautiful cities or villages. Did you know that the city with more museums in the World is actually Mexico City! And there are beautiful ones… That we have a desert, green forests, pine trees, great lakes, a great canyon, beautiful mountains, snow not for skiing though and many more things than just beach and crime….

Hi Ana thanks for talking sake of my country, Mexico is a very beautiful country, working people, rich culture and delicious food pozole, mole, tacos, etc.. Hey Anna, nice read! You forgot to mention that Burritos are actually eaten in Northern Mexico! Though our burritos are waaay different from the ones of places like Taco Bell and such. They can be made of several types of meat asada, chorizo, al pastor, etc etc and often include tomato, avocado, beans, and obvioulsy lemon, salsa and cream. Mexico is not just Mexico City.. I am a Dutch woman living in Guadalajara for 7 years. I agree on some points of your article, however I believe your point of view is focused on DF. Many women do have lower salaries at work, or get fired when they are pregnant.

My advice for any person, If you want to travel to Mexico, Please do it, i personally guarantee that you and your family will be o. So, what i try to explain is , yes mexico as a country, has a lot of problems but not everywhere because these are result of the idiosyncrasies of the peoples, perhaps the exception about this, are the social issues about the perception of security, the true is.

So whats the point of discuss it? Have I ever been kidnapped? Have I heard about it? We love our country and we are a very celebrating kind. Hola Ana thx for your article I wish people would focus on what you are trying to say here: VISIT Mexico for the great country and people it has and less on the details of the bad reputation it has gotten in the past 10 years. For the past 10 years I have been working and living in various places in the world but I make sure to return to Mexico for months every year with my now 4yr old and 6 yr old sometimes actually driving all 26 hrs of it from TX to Morelia and you know what I hear from my Friends before I do so?

A classic warning of: how can you risk your lives like that?!! NO there are bad people every where!!! But the US also gets its bad rep from the same source- the Media! Do you think people are happy here in Italy where we live half the time to hear that we come from Texas? And of course George W. Bush who made Americans become very unpopular and hated in no time — I remember a fellow backpacker I met thru my solo euro trips after college who introduced herself as Canadian!!!

Instead of American and heck she probably still does. So the moral of the story: turn off your TV and explore the world you may have bad experiences here and there if you flash your money or are not careful which area of town you venture into slums in Chicago? Women are privileged. True there is domestic abuse and other forms of violence as in many places , but the law is very progressive in favor of women. It has a very liberal law regarding interruption of pregnancy. It also has a strong anti-discrimination law favoring women and banning all sorts of discrimination.

It also has a very progressive divorce law that makes it very easy to get a divorce even if both parts do not agree. I work in a big company where the CEO is a women and half the board of directors are women. I read your interesting blog on Mexico, my homeland. I would like to share some information with you so can improve your knowledge on Mexico City. It is actually the same thing as in the U. Mexico City was found by the Aztecs in ; and the DF was created after the first Constitution of independent Mexico, in , almost years later. Mexico City has been growing amazingly, specially in the last 70 years, and the urbanized area has finally surpassed the limits of the DF. The metropolitan area of Mexico City includes many municipalities of the State of Mexico, such as Huixquilucan, Naucalpan, Tlalnepantla, etc.

Nowadays, most people consider Mexico City and the DF close to synonims, although several decades ago, Mexico City was basically the urbanized area of the DF. Back in the middle XX Century, The DF which has kept the same size for over one century now was integrated by urban areas, such as Mexico City itself, as well as by many other smaller towns, such as Tlalpan, Xochimilco, Magdalena Contreras, etc. There even was a non urbanized gap of agricultural land in between Mexico City and those towns; which has disappeared in most cases and that is why now many people tend to misunderstand Mexico City as the same thing as the DF. Holly mother of Jesus lady. I am glad you try to settle some misconceptions about my country, but some of your conclusions without mentioning grammar need some serious revision.

Sopes are nowhere near a Pizza, I know you clarified this, but even comparing them slightly would be a huge mistake. Mexico white skin heritage is not because of a Jewish community, but because of hundreds of years of immigrants from all over the globe. I think you heart is in the right place though, Mexico is beautiful and extremely safe. Having lived most of my life in the city I can account for it. There are nearly 30 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. Thank you for shedding some light on the ignorance surrounding Mexico as a whole. Joseph Barnes , I live and work in Puerto Vallarta. I feel safer there, then in Atlanta, Ga, or Orlando Fl. I am was a gun owner, and am still an avid 2nd amendment advocate. I am selling all my guns and ammo in Orlando, Fla, as I write this.

I feel more free in Mexico than in the U. The U. Is not free anymore! Stay in America, We expats. Want you to fix the U. A, before you mess up Mexico! Keep chasing the illusion of the American dream. I will be back in Mexico next month to live, until I die!!! This burritos are way better than the American ones. I liked your post. As my fellow citizens may be thinking, you were quite right in the whole text or a vast majority of it. I do not know if anyone told you already you have a lot of comments here but the capital of the United Mexican States is actually Mexico City. Anna, Your name reminds me of my deceased mother who was from Durango. I agree with somethings in your blog but I respectfully disagree with most.

I have worked in law enforcement all my adult life and traveled to many parts of the world. While there are certainly many other dangerous cities in the world; Mexico city is highly dangerous. I wish I could visit Mexico with my children, but I would never risk them in such a way. Even politicians and the wealthy live outside of Mexico; the only ones who stay are those who cannot afford to leave. Instead of extolling Mexico City you should demand they make it a safer city where we can all visit and enjoy the beauties of that awesome country.

Please—al pan pan y al vino vino. And yes years ago alot of my friend went to live to El Paso tx. But most of them have double citizen. I can afford to leave. But I love my country and my city so I keep loving here. And that says alot. Because some year ago this was the most dangerous city in the world. But nothin ever happpend to me or my family thank God. I walk free and I fell free an safe. The politician you mentioned are mostly the corrupt ones that knew that they where in danger because they where working with narcos. And by the way neither the politicians nor the wealthy live outside mexico. I think your mother would be very dissapointed of you being such a wuss and not letting your children visit because of your childish fears.

Thank you! All the points you make here are very true. I always laugh when I go to the states and eat a taco at Jack in the box, they actually taste pretty good but it has nothing to do with a real taco, at all. There are still some class issues but I think this melting pot works to bring the Mexicans together. Mexico IS part of Latin America! But if your idea is to place Mexico at the same level of the so-called first world countries, either in terms of industrialization or human development, I will have to highly disagree with you. Also, regarding safety, I am with most here.

Now, having said all that, yes, the image that the world has of Mexico, mostly thanks to Hollywood, is rather incomplete and askewed, to say the least. You did great job writing about misconceptions and serotypes. Top 5 lies about Tijuana: Mythbusters! Separating infamous border town fact from fiction. Many people complain against having once again, this border town portrait in a bad light. On the matter, in the blog imgur. Well, not at all. Cardini was opposed to using anchovies in his salad. Historically tourist are not the targets of many crimes, but at the same time you must always be aware of your surroundings like in any other city, by using just your common sense you should be ok.

Truth is drugs are extremely illegal in Mexico, they are a federal offense, and if you mess around with the wrong people, you put at risk not only your freedom but also your own life. So the image of a drive through drug store, just leave it to the Hollywood films. Not exactly, most of good looking counterfeit merchandise is made in China and is imported either to the US or Mexico illegally.

Well again, not exactly. If you are still in doubt, you can always choose from a wide selection of local beers and wines that could lead you to discover one of your new favorite things that you never expect to find in Baja. Something you can go back on Monday and talk about at the water cooler. Nobody in Tijuana does. But you can buy bottle water in any Oxxo store and that is totally safe. The wine and beer suggestion is a good one though. Hi Anna, great post! A few things that I wanted to point out. Regarding to children not receiving gifts on Christmas Day, that is not so true, or at least middle and wealthy class children do receive gifts from Santa Claus.

In that sense Mexican kids are very lucky to receive more gifts in less then a month. And one last point. The regular diet of a Mexican is mostly based on industrialized foods and a lots and lots of sodas. Mexico ranks 1 of soda consumption in the world. In this country its consumed Not to a geographical location, in geographical location it is actually part of northamerica as you stated. Estoy de acuerdo con todo lo que escribiste Annalisa, que bueno que hables asi de Mexico y que tengas buenas experiencias en Mexico como Mexicana me siento orgullosa, Gracias.

Mexico City is quite safe, and a lot safer than most states. So you have to be honest with your readers, they could be exposed to crime because of your misguidance. Saludos from a non-Mexican. Well-equipped, smoothly-run, economy-size : these compound words are commonly used in advertising, as if the life is being sold to the child. This is reinforced by the use of a list, and the use of stereotypes, both of which are impersonal. Straight off the Junior Department rack. These children have no names, gender or description Except to point out that they are wearing what everyone else their age wears. Everything about the family is described in sexist, standardised, depersonalised tones. The family has not grown - it has been bought and constructed.

Evidence of consumerism and sexism again - after winning the quiz, Mum chose to celebrate by taking him shopping. Good-as-new station-wagon - more consumerism. The price of pounds would have been very expensive for a car. Also note that a station wagon is room enough to carry the 2. Note the irony of this comment in contrast to the rest of the stanza. The callousness of everyone around him - a person has just died, and people are paying attention to the make-up on his face. This also winds up the poem. Underground metropolis - ie, the necropolis. Even in death, the man cannot escape the metropolis. Like a talk show host or an advertisement, the narrative breezes over items, as if to generate interest: permanent residentials, no underground parking, etc.

Even death is cheapened and sold. Epigraph: Remember, man, that thou art dust, and unto dust thou shalt return. Blink, blink. Beep, beep. Dramatised scenes - much of the narrative is acted out; including direct speech - creates realism; verisimilitudeness. Breezy confidant language of T. Life is short, nasty and brutish — Hobbes Life is predictable;, humdrum, sterile;, meaningless, pointless.

Modern Man is obsessed with commercialism, materialism.

The police search them for weapons and Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay not find any. Mexico is a big country, and Essay On Teenagers And Tattoos California is very different that Jalisco or Monterrey, and the DF is Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay big big city Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay a Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay stuff like chocolate museum or tatto Mean Girls Vs Clueless Essay, art, theatre, and other unique things. Minimum salary is less than 6 dollars per DAY, not per hour.