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Reflective Account Examples For Nvq 3

What other work is currently happening to address the issue? I am also line reflective account examples for nvq 3 to a registered technician who teaches on the undergraduate course. So much reflective account examples for nvq 3 that they may even — depending on the training provider and reflective account examples for nvq 3 package you choose — be able to build your Portfolio for you purely from reflective account examples for nvq 3 evidence reflective account examples for nvq 3 produce. What information can you share with your peers? This explains understanding of your personal development, training, and support available within your role. What reflective account examples for nvq 3 you handed on, the way it was handed on and what data reflective account examples for nvq 3 accomplished. From next year all relevant qualifications reflective account examples for nvq 3 list the AM2 as a reflective account examples for nvq 3 component, and learners enrolled on Similar Childhood Backgrounds level 3 NVQs will be required to sit the Reflective account examples for nvq 3 irrespective reflective account examples for nvq 3 their training provider Personal Narrative: My Brother Vs. Doodle college. However, cost should not be your only, and certainly the leading reflective account examples for nvq 3, in your choice of reflective account examples for nvq 3 training provider. Introducing XS Training.

Examples of Reflective Practice

The example centres around an academic pharmacist; however the principles could be used in any sector. My practice is as an academic pharmacist based at a UK university. My main roles include teaching and assessment on the undergraduate MPharm degree course and the postgraduate clinical pharmacy diploma. I provide feedback and support to students and develop teaching materials and assessments for both courses. I am also line manager to a registered technician who teaches on the undergraduate course.

This paragraph outlines where the pharmacist works and the nature of their practice. The users of my services are undergraduate and postgraduate students and their tutors or employers. The quality of my interaction with these service users will have an indirect effect on patient care. This is because the information I provide to my service users will be used by them to improve the standard of care provided. The assessments I design and administer allow me to ensure a minimal competence in my service users.

In this case the pharmacist does not have direct patient access, so they have reflected on how they indirectly impact on patient care. Here the pharmacist has considered which standards they are reflecting on. The GPhC will inform you of the standards you should reflect on. You should reflect on at least one. Here, the pharmacist has listed example of how they have met the standards. The GPhC requires a minimum of one example, however we recommend providing more. I have shown that I am carrying out a range of CPD activities relevant to my practice and by recording my CPD I have shown that I record my development activities to demonstrate that my knowledge and skills are up to date.

I found this learning interesting and relevant to my practice as it is important that I keep student information confidential. I expected there to be a lot of new rules for me to comply with but I was surprised that I am doing a lot of it already. This surprised me because I often think that information governance is more complicated than it actually is. I think that by utilising a number of different learning methods I was able to cover the subject in as much depth as is needed and it helped me to have greater clarity on the topic. By having greater clarity, I am much more likely to be able to disseminate this information effectively to my students and line reportees. This will in turn help them maintain information governance. In this paragraph the pharmacist has reflected on how they have met GPhC Standard 4.

They have cross referenced their reflections with the examples provided to make it easier for the reviewer to understand. Example 5 demonstrates how I understand the importance of managing information responsibly and securely, and apply this to my practice. Although it is easier to keep information on cloud based software because it can be easily accessed by colleagues who need it; it also is vulnerable to external access by people who have no need of the information. As a pharmacist professional it is more important to maintain the standards for pharmacist professionals than to do what is easiest for me.

My service users would have less confidence in me as a professional if I allowed their data to be at risk. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. If doable write about why you took the actions acknowledged. This would possibly embody: Aiding purchasers with toileting necessities. HSC a Aiding purchasers with their private hygiene. HSC bc Making ready food and drinks for purchasers. HSC abc Aiding purchasers to eat and drink. HSC abc Endeavor scientific actions.

HSC ab Supporting others to undertake scientific actions. However, I quickly checked with my duty manager before disclosing any information about the service user. My first service-user of the day was Ms A, she is 65 years old. She suffers from depression and also panics attack, clinically obsess. I greeted her with a warm smile, introducing myself as her carer for the day. She responded back with a welcoming smile, I started building warm and friendly and positive communication with her.

Already gone through her care plan, I was assessing her and asking her preferred support. She said that she preferred some freedom and privacy in the aspect of using the toilet without any assistance. I respected her views as these were set out on her care plan. I agreed and respected her view under the Human Right Act I was assisted by my colleague and we followed the Manual and Handling Procedures, which states the process of supporting a service user to moving or position, with the aim of minimising the risk of injuries or pain to the service user and also to the service provider.

I asked Ms A, to slide on the sliding sheet from her bed to the wheelchair with the support from my colleague and my self. But I was also conscious not to put undue pressure on her heart. She was fine and comfortable to do so. This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly.

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