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Switch Technology Research Paper

The control capacity of Switch Technology Research Paper system depends on the system parameters, Shadow Knights Research Paper when Switch Technology Research Paper hopping Switch Technology Research Paper cavities decreases. Volunteers had to quickly close a series of pop-up windows, for example, Switch Technology Research Paper virtual cards or Switch Technology Research Paper digits that flashed on a screen. Research Switch Technology Research Paper that online learning has been shown to increase retention of information, and take less time, meaning Switch Technology Research Paper changes coronavirus have How Is Loneliness Reflected In Of Mice And Men might be here to stay. To be Switch Technology Research Paper to detect it we need to ensure that Switch Technology Research Paper time between absorption of photons. As an analogy, imagine if Google Maps allowed people Switch Technology Research Paper navigate street by individual street, as well as to teleport to any specific address, but prevented them from zooming out Switch Technology Research Paper see a neighborhood, state or country.

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However, there has been significant conflict and debate within the policy sphere regarding regulations for electric cars within the nation. The present essay will now turn to a discussion of three fronts of these regulatory battles. One of the main legislative initiatives that is encouraging the rise of electric cars within the nation consists of regulations and initiatives that in fact require auto manufacturers to develop and sell low-emissions vehicles. For example, Ramsey and Rogers have reported on regulations in the state of California to this effect; and they have pointed out that. By , car makers' vehicles fleets must average Such regulations clearly provide a context within which auto manufacturers feel experience pressures and incentives to contribute to the rise of electric cars within the nation.

These initiatives are surely driven by two main factors:. There are also significant legislative hurdles that Tesla Motors and other companies must overcome before electric cars can develop a truly generalized presence within the nation. The main problem here is that the oil industry or "Big Oil" clearly has a stake in preventing the rise of electric cars: if electric cars became more prevalent, then the demand for and thus the price of gasoline would fall; and while this would be in congruence with national interests, it would clearly contradict the self-interest of Big Oil. As Diamond has put it:. Consumers are forced to surrender their right to choose due to the aggressive techniques being used by the oil industry to prevent the use of clean energy" paragraph 1.

In short, Big Oil tends to use its power in order to prevent the rise of electric cars and maintain the status quo of the dominance of gasoline-powered vehicles. In general, the oil industry is able to do this because Big Oil has big money. This implies both:. The result is that in order for newcomers to entry into the market and clean energy alternatives to emerge, it would likely be necessary for the government to develop regulations that prevent Big Oil from pursuing its own economic self-interest.

Again, this would be justified insofar as becoming less dependent on oil is in fact a national security priority, which would mean that the self-interest of Big Oil could ultimately constitute a national security threat. This potentially opens up onto a broader political question regarding allowing the free market to follow its own logic versus regulating the market in the name of higher interests. Aside from the national security implications, the current situation also calls into question the old idea that free markets necessarily result in the greatest possible level of innovation: in this case, lack of regulation is in fact limiting possibilities for innovation.

What is clear, in any event, is that. Anything that could divert that cash away from them is a threat to be crushed" Hari, paragraph Although, this language is somewhat strong, it would seem to be a more or less accurate and objective description of Big Oil's modus operandi. Under the Obama administration and its views on government spending and under more liberal state governments in general, such as the government of California , it would seem that steps have been taken to establish the regulations that would be needed in order to create the right kind of environment for the emergence of electric cars.

If the Republicans were to rise to power again, though, it is likely that they would attempt to reverse these regulations and create an regulatory environment that is more congruent with the interests of Big Oil. Unlike all other auto manufacturers, Tesla seeks to sell its vehicles directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional mediation of car dealerships. As Morran has indicated, several states have banned this sales model and thus the sale of Tesla's vehicles within their borders, including:. This has largely been done under pressure from auto dealer associations who are obviously concerned that such a sales model would potentially render their services irrelevant.

However, Tesla has clearly argued that the traditional sales model is not appropriate for the sale of electric cars, and that the proliferation of electric cars within the nation will require the emergence of a new direct sales model. Insofar as Tesla is correct, the decision of the states mentioned above to ban direct sales is a significant barrier against the rise of electric cars within the nation. At the ethical level, this issue can be conceptualized in terms of the right of free association: as Koopman has suggested, Tesla could be called a "free market antihero," insofar as the company is advocating for the right of consumers to buy their cars in whatever ways they would like to buy their cars.

Essentially, the current regulations follow the same logic as if the computer manufacturer Apple Inc. Auto dealerships surely emerged at one point in time as a practical means through which the general public could access cars in an easy and reliable way. Now, though, the efforts of auto dealers to hold onto to their own power would seem to be undermining that very same consumer prerogative. In summary, this research paper has discussed the rise of electric cars within the United States. It began with a historical overview of the technology, and then it proceeded to discuss three key fronts of the regulatory battles surrounding the rise of electric cars within the nation.

Some of the key issues that are involved in these battles include:. In general, it would seem that electric cars manufacturers, led by Tesla, are in a good position to expand their operations and reach out to broader and broader segments of the general public with their technology. However, a great deal clearly hinges on the regulatory environment. If the national and state governments pass laws encouraging the proliferation of electric cars, then this could well happen in the near future; but of course, if they do the opposite, then the opposite could also occur. Like what you read? Read our blog post on the Fast and the Furious Movie franchise.

Diamond, Regina L. Drori, Ze'ev. Hari, Johann. Koopman, Christopher. Morran, Chris. Ramsey, Mike, and Christina Rogers. Department of Energy. Ultius, Inc. Ultius Blog, 20 Dec. Click here for more help with MLA citations. Click here for more help with APA citations. December 20, Click here for more help with CMS citations. Click here for more help with Turabian citations. Ultius is the trusted provider of content solutions and matches customers with highly qualified writers for sample writing, academic editing, and business writing. Ultius is the trusted provider of content solutions for consumers around the world. Discourse community essay template. Proper essay format example. Which type of essay should be used to write about this topic benefits Research technology paper of about georgia tech sat essay.

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