✯✯✯ Explain The Theories That Underpin Health And Social Care Practice

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Explain The Theories That Underpin Health And Social Care Practice

They are needs without which a human being cannot survive and include air, water, food, shelter. Read More. Her second child, born in December, was placed into foster care. Explain the theories that underpin health and social care practice centred thinking is when you put the thoughts explain the theories that underpin health and social care practice the person you are looking after before Female Darkblotched Rockfish: A Literature Review own. Popular Topics gender celebrity starbucks coca cola nutrition childhood adolescence fahrenheit hiphop human. I have chosen to look specifically at the role of the nurse in promoting good physical health within a psychiatric setting. These solutions will include The Importance Of Education In Enriques Journey staff including a future explain the theories that underpin health and social care practice plan which maintains explain the theories that underpin health and social care practice solution on explain the theories that underpin health and social care practice long term basis.

Application of psychodynamic theory to health and social care

There is a robust complaints procedure in place for the residents. Any residents guilty of bullying another resident or perpetrating any form of abuse against another may be evicted depending on the seriousness or extent of the abuse. The person —centred approach was born from the work of Carl Rogers as a method of counselling and psychotherapy. The person-centred approach is about engagement between the service provider and the service user whereby the health care worker treats the client with empathy and understanding and gives them unconditional positive regards without being judgmental.

The approach also focuses on respect for service users and their decision as well as commitment to quality, safe and ethical care. ABC Care Home is committed to the person-centred approach in dealing with clients. For example care plan and support is personalised for the service user. The assessment will show if the person has alcohol or drug — related problems, health issues, depression, anger management problems and if they require any specific feeding and mobility aids while living in ABC Care Home.

There are specialist key workers with specialisation in alcohol and drug abuse and those with mental health training. ABC Care Home also has inter-professional working arrangements with external organisations to support clients in areas where the experience or skill is not available in — house. Special arrangements are made to provide meals for clients who cannot come to the dining hall during service hours due to their work schedules or other engagements. Wake up calls are given to clients who need to meet up with one appointment or other at their request.

The benefits of person centred care are enormous. Clients are satisfied with care provision and it gives them a feeling of worth and well-being when they are involved in decisions which affect their lives. Life becomes more meaningful to care users when they are made the focus of service provision. Giving autonomy to clients also promotes their independence and individuality. For care providers, the person — centred approach promotes creativity and helps identify areas of improvement, thus ensuring holistic care provision and good practice. It also enables care users to take responsibility and set direction for their life.

For example situations arise where a difficult choice has to be made between what is considered to be the best interest of the client versus the principle of individuality or independence of the client. A case in point is that of 67 year old Mrs M who cannot stop smoking and drinking despite having sustained a life threatening disease lung cancer from these habits. She is also suffering from acute pains that are not being relieved by the prescribed pain killers. The doctor has refused to prescribe stronger pain killers because of serious adverse effects. It is an ethical dilemma for the social workers to prevent the patient from smoking and drinking because this would infringe on her individual rights and autonomy even though the habits are seriously impairing her health.

It is also a dilemma for the doctor to not give her stronger pain killers to relieve her pain because of the adverse effects while she is suffering and screaming due to acute pains. Managing ethical dilemmas is not easy and it involves making difficult decisions within a limited time scale. In making such decisions, the risks are weighed against the benefits to the service user and the aim is always to achieve the most beneficial outcome for the client.

In the above scenario a care plan might be agreed with the patient and her family whereby the cigarettes and alcohol will be locked up and only given. The doctor may also be consulted for the possibility of giving nicotine patch to the patient rather than cigarette. Neuropathic treatment may also be considered for the patient e. Legislation is the act of making laws. A legislation can also be defined as a law or set of laws enacted by a parliament.

In the UK several pieces of legislation have been put in place to regulate healthcare practice and to ensure high quality of service delivery to clients. ABC Care Home where I work have also formulated policies and procedures based on national policies and legislations to ensure that staff adhere to principles of healthcare practice as stipulated by law and that service users receive the highest quality of service provision as required.

All clients and staff must be treated equally and fairly irrespective of colour, gender, nationality, religions belief, disability or sexual orientation Policies and procedures are developed in ABC Care Home to enable the organisation comply with legislative requirements by providing a structure for activities carried out by staff. Policies are developed in response to the need to comply with the requirements of legislation or deal with other identified problems, either existing or anticipated, in the organisation. Procedures then spell out the step by step guidelines for implementing these policies e. In ABC Care Home, the development of policies and procedures is a function of top management who then communicate such to all branches, staff and clients electronically as well as in writing.

Generally speaking, policy, legislation, regulation and codes of practice have a positive impact on the policies and practices of ABC Care Home. They ensure the smooth and efficient running of the home, help to minimise conflict and confusion in the way staff carry out their work and reduce the incidence of abuse and harm to clients and colleagues. They also serve as catalysts for improvement of the quality of service delivery. Some theories argue that individuals are shaped by genetic factors while others contend that social systems are the principal determinant of human behaviour. However, the consensus among modern theorists is that personalities are shaped by a combination of both biological and social factors. Bristol City Council said no staff had been disciplined in connection with the failure to protect the child.

A spokesman said a reconsideration of its review of the case would be submitted to Ofsted next month. Task scenario: You were working as part of the health and social care team dealing with this family before the incident occurred, but now you are reflecting on how you could have helped further to prevent this incident from occurring. Use further sources as required to answer the questions. You must imagine yourself in any one of the below roles a-e , and consider what your role, accountabilities and duties were leading up to the event 4.

Here are the relevant assessment criteria for your reference: 4. Patient care in our hospitals is heavily dependent on collaborations between physicians and nurses. These are professionals who are highly trained in their own right and their services are indispensable. However, for them to be effective, they need not only …. Audits are used for evaluating organizations, persons, products or systems. Internal and external both type of audits are considered as important factors in the financial working of any organization or system.

Humanistic theory is responsible for the person-centered model of care practiced within the UK, which has subsequently directed recent policy reform Levin et al. Additionally, social learning theory has had a large impact on health and social care practice in the UK Jones; Atwal, This theory highlights the importance of learning through observation and modeling in terms of adhering to a care plan Jones; Atwal, Through understanding the significance of this form of learning, care home managers can empower clients and provide the best possible care to individuals of diverse backgrounds Mendelstem, Theory-driven health and social care practice are generally better suited to address the multiple factors that influence practice Mendelstem, Finally, anti-oppressive theory and anti-discriminatory practice have shaped health and social care in the UK Alcock et al.

Anti-oppressive theory pertains to a style of professionalism that emphasizes the role of social justice and the significance of individual rights Alcock et al. Anti-discriminatory practice refers to social work that serves a range of diverse social and ethnic backgrounds and does not limit service based on any of these characteristics Alcock et al. Accessed October 10,

What part do the theoretical and value stance and experience of the teacher and students play in the choice of theory in teaching and learning about assessment? Explain the theories that underpin health and social care practice treatment may also be considered for the patient e. The executive branch has the power to create and enforce laws. I will put in place processes explain the theories that underpin health and social care practice procedures, for challenging and reporting dangerous, abusive, discriminatory or exploitative behaviour. This Dr. Paul N. Abeyta Case Summary that I Fentanyl Research Paper of would be approached in an efficient manner to ensure that it is taken seriously.