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Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse - Valerie (Official Video)

Upon its release, the collaboration of "Back to Black" received mixed reviews by music critics. Critics discussed that the song was already "perfect" to be further reworked. Vernon Coleman of XXL magazine simply described it as "dope". In a more mixed review, AllMusic 's David Jeffries called the song an "icy cold reading" of the original. Winehouse's vocals had a visceral, emotional punch, whereas here, there's little connection between the sound of the voices and the meaning of the lyrics. Mark Beech from Bloomberg L. Scott Fitzgerald , the author of the novel The Great Gatsby on which the film was based, would be "baffled" by it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the song. For the original album, see Back to Black. For its documentary, see Amy Winehouse: Back to Black. Amy Winehouse Mark Ronson. This section may be too long to read and navigate comfortably. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding subheadings. Please discuss this issue on the article's talk page. March Amy Winehouse. Island Records. Retrieved 1 July Retrieved 26 September Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on 8 July Retrieved 20 September Official Charts Company. Retrieved 21 September Retrieved 8 August Amy Winehouse - 'Back to Black ' ".

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Swiss Singles Chart. Retrieved 4 February — via National Library of Australia. I forgot about the poster's one. Yes, that is really offensive. But I think he didn't really mean it like that considering how he said she wasn't the type to show-off. Oh I'm sure he didn't mean it insulting at all. Quite the opposite Oh I thought bing crosby was the first. And I was like that but now I love her. I can find no mention of Bing ever having the moniker " the voice". I do know he for sure was never called " The voice of the century". But Bing and Frank were " competitors" for a while. Frank in all seriousness named Bing as an influence though. You know what I think I was thinking of his Cd the voice of christmas.

Sorry ;. And yeah patti is a belter like whitney though she sustained better through the years. To my ears she shouts rather than belts. As always with such matters Yeah as usual we have differing tastes on most besides Barbra and Shirley bassey, though are you talking about the higher belts or mid belts? Because some of her higher belts now that she has aged sound a bit like that but love the rest of her belting range. All belts, in fact I find her voice has that " shouty" tone when she isn't even belting occasionally. Didn't mean us with "as usual" but generally speaking.

I think "shouty" is much like nasal in that some people experience something as nasal when others won't and some experience something as too nasal when others would call it slightly nasal. LOL Maybe you should also look into the info I gave below? That way not only will you know that I was referring to Frank Sinatra I'm from North America, Michigan. For real I am shocked! Michigan educators need to get their act together!

LOL Well, anyway LOL, you sound like you come from Texas or Louisiana. For real, I have never heard his name spoken before or even knew about him until now. LOL I believe you haven't heard of him. I am just saying that is a sad state of affairs. Since we are talking about a man with his accomplishments. Like I said That's an iconic thing! And Sinatra is a cultural icon. Not just a well known singer. Why would I sound like I am from Texas or Louisiana? If you haven't heard from Frank, I bet loads of people in those states haven't either.

That's so different from Texas and Louisiana, you can't even imagine how different. Your're from the Netherlands? The way you write your sentences and how much character it has is just so Texas and Louisiana like. Yeah, I guess so. Seeing that I have never heard of Sinatra before, it seems that most Michiganians have never heard of him before either. Thanks for the info, and I have not been hiding anywhere just looking up things on Pokejungle and other websites. That is funny to think about because he is extremly adored over almost all of amarica especially in northern states. Ah didn't know he was big outside of the US he gives Elvis a run for his money as king here. Though I like Elvis, for my money Frank was the better singer.

But yeah, both are musical and cultural icons. Known all over the world really. I agree about Frank being better singer but I think youngElvis was the better entertainer. And us teen miss the best things its slightly sad. I have to disagree. I think young Frank was equal as an entertainer. It'll come later. It's good to still have things left to discover. That was meant to be a compliment as your writing or posts are so fun to read especially when you add some side jokes. I think I'm crazy for not knowing who Sinatra was earlier, my bad. Thanks a ton for telling me about him and giving info. Not crazy and now you do know. We all have to hear something for the first time sometime somewhere after all. Nobody is born with the knowledge of who Sinatra is.

I wasn't sure since many people like to use anything related to southern states as an insult. I can't wait to discover new and old music :. Elvis seemed to start a larger revolution a movement that changed rock and country. He was one of those who did yes. And I agree, it's always great to discover new music even if it actually is already old. LOL Now that is not a compliment. To look 16 or 17, that would be good in my book. At my age to sound like that I'm Intruding in the conversation but i think you should hear this too Makes me really sad the new generation has little thought for these geniuses that sang with really passion and emotion. They weren't a produt, like most singers today. Makes me feel old.

Where did music go? How come we don't have talented artists like these today? I didn't know that either about Amy's album. But in my defense, the thought DID pass my mind it might be. It is sad. I find it especially sad because I hear people compare Connick jr and Bubble and the likes be compared to a Frank Sinatra and that obviously is because they compare them to a vague memory of Frank.

Several times she showed up to her club or TV performances too drunk to sing an entire set. In , her management company finally suggested that she enter rehab for alcohol abuse, but instead, she dumped the company and transcribed the ordeal into the U. Top Ten hit "Rehab," the lead single for her second, critically acclaimed album, Back to Black. The fanfare over the release was so great that it started to spill over onto U. The LP charted higher than any other American debut by a British female recording artist before it, and it remained in the Top Ten for several months, selling a million copies by the end of that summer.

Just as in the U. Not long afterward, though, Winehouse canceled her North American tour. Early reports revealed that she was entering rehab for addiction, but her new management denied the claims, stating it was due to severe exhaustion. Her erratic behavior kept her and her new husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, in the tabloids constantly, on and off stages on both sides of the Atlantic, but in late , American fans were finally given a chance to hear Winehouse 's early work, with a slightly abbreviated two songs removed and one added version of Frank. Unfortunately, the next four years were filled with drama, disappointment, and very little music.

Public performances turned into incoherent disasters, the worst of them posted to video-sharing sites for all to see. A track on the Quincy Jones tribute Q: Soul Bossa Nostra appeared in , while a duet with Tony Bennett was announced in early , but a planned follow-up to Back to Black would never make it past the demo stage. Winehouse was found dead in her Camden, London apartment on July 23, The coroner's report, delivered three months later, revealed that her blood alcohol content had reached a potentially fatal level. Nearly two months after her death, Winehouse 's first posthumous appearance was released on Tony Bennett 's Duets II , where she sang with him on "Body and Soul. In the summer of , Amy, a documentary by director Asif Kapadia, told her story through photographs, archival footage in the studio and out , and music.

Much of this material had not been available previously.

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